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Vlad & Natalia Gold - Real Estate Agent in Beverly Hills, CA PowerPoint Presentation
Vlad & Natalia Gold - Real Estate Agent in Beverly Hills, CA

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Vlad & Natalia Gold - Real Estate Agent in Beverly Hills, CA

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  1. Vlad Gold & Natalia Gold B B u u y y e e r r ' ' s s A A g g e e n n t t , , L L i i s s t t i i n n g g A A g g e e n n t t , , S S h h o o r r t t - - S S a a l l e e , , C C o o n n s s u u l l t t i i n n g g

  2. Vlad Gold and Natalia Gold are both multilingual, with the ability to communicate in more than one language; they have the ability to understand client’s needs more specifically. Natalia Gold is from Ukraine originally and is familiar with 3 dialects – English, Russian and Ukrainian. On the other hand, Vlad is bilingual and can speak English and Russian languages.

  3. With more than 15 years, Vlad Gold and Natalia Gold along with other agents has taken part in a wide range of transactions, from hi-end private property deals and rents to extensive, complex modern property deals and rents.

  4. Natalia Gold has lived in West Hollywood for over 10 years. She started her profession as a leasing agent in New York City where she worked with prominent real-estate clients and agents, and has also catered the needs of biggest clients including the Big Apple.

  5. Subsequent to working for quite a long while in the leasing field in NYC, Natalia Gold moved to Los Angeles. Before this, she has had worked in the fashion industry with the greatest names in the business and has made astounding associations in the high style and entertainment fields.

  6. After she got her real estate license in California, she utilized these associations and connections to start a fruitful profession in the extravagance residence LA market. Natalia Gold is an authorized Real Estate Broker and a pleased mother of 3 wonderful young ladies. Vlad Gold also endeavors to keep up a progressing association with his customers and client base, ensuring their necessities are constantly met long after a deal or transaction closes.

  7. Vlad Gold has lived in West Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills territory for over two decades. He is a lawyer by education. Vlad Gold began his professional career as a tax lawyer in the Los Angeles office of Skadden Arps Slate Meagher and Flom, LLP.

  8. THANK YOU For more information about Vlad Gold & Natalia Gold visit their official site http://vladnataliagold.com