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Naval Science 407 Leadership and Ethics

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Naval Science 407 Leadership and Ethics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Naval Science 407 Leadership and Ethics. Followership, Loyalty and Senior-Subordinate Relationships. Naval Science 407 Leadership and Ethics. Followership. Objectives. Know the importance of followership and the role it plays in leadership.

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naval science 407 leadership and ethics

Naval Science 407Leadership and Ethics

Followership, Loyalty and

Senior-Subordinate Relationships

  • Know the importance of followership and the role it plays in leadership.
  • Know the qualities, behaviors, and principles of effective followership.
  • Know how an effective leader encourages correct behavior, suppresses fear, and attends to a subordinate's needs.
  • Know why cohesion and discipline are essential in any command, and how a leader can instill these essential concepts.
  • Know the importance of enhancing technical, tactical, and professional knowledge.
what do you look for in a follower
What Do You Look For in a Follower?
  • Fulfill the Organizational Role Assigned
  • Responsible Behavior
  • Initiative
    • Take Action Even Though Complete Information May Not Be Known.
  • Loyalty to Seniors - Sets the Example
  • If Conflict Exists, Bring It to the Senior's Attention (Moral Courage?)
followership patterns in praise of followers
Followership Patterns“In Praise of Followers”


Yes People

Alienated Followers


Effective Followers

followership traits











Weed Distractions


Thick Skinned

Asks Questions


Followership Traits
the 14 basic traits of effective leadership








Sound Judgement

Sense of Justice





The 14 Basic Traits of Effective Leadership
developing good followership
Developing Good Followership
  • Set a Positive Example for Subordinates to Emulate
    • Are You a Good Follower?
  • Be Approachable. Listen to Your People. Encourage Them to Offer Suggestions:
    • Effective Listening Is a Practiced Trait
developing good followership1
Developing Good Followership
  • Encourage Subordinates to Become Innovative and Self-starting:
    • Task, and Provide the Required Authority
    • Include the Responsibility
  • Develop a Sense of Dedication and Commitment to the Mission at Hand.
    • Share in Creating the “Vision”
honing followership skills
Honing Followership Skills
  • Improve Independent, Critical Thinking
  • Focus on Self-management
  • Learn How to Disagree Agreeably
  • Building Your Own Credibility
  • Aligning Goals and Commitments
  • Acting Responsibly
  • Similarities Between Leadership/followership
  • Moving Between the Two Roles With Ease
naval science 407 leadership and ethics2

Naval Science 407Leadership and Ethics


Senior-Subordinate Relationships

  • Know why naval officers should support the policies and actions of seniors and peers.
  • Know that a naval leader should promptly comply with lawful orders, directions, and decisions of seniors.
  • Know effective use of the chain of command.
  • Know the importance of complete honesty in communicating with seniors, peers, and subordinates.
  • Know the importance of keeping seniors and subordinates informed.
  • Comprehend the importance of feedback to mission effectiveness.
common qualities seen in successful junior officers
Common Qualities Seen in Successful Junior Officers
  • Ego in Check
  • Truly Cares for the Welfare of His/Her Sailors And/Or Marines
  • Tactical and Technical Proficiency
  • Ability to Listen to Criticism Without Being Offended
  • Dedicated and Mature
common deficiencies seen in unsuccessful junior officers
Common Deficiencies Seen in Unsuccessful Junior Officers
  • Operates in Crisis Mode All the Time
  • Fails to Plan Ahead
  • Won’t Listen to Advice
  • Tries to Be Hard Instead of Smart
  • Talks Instead of Does
what role does the snco play in the development of junior officers
What Role Does the SNCO Play in the Development of Junior Officers?
  • Advice on Courses of Action
  • Honest Counsel on How the Navy/Marine Corps Should Really Work
  • Helping Officers Understand the Point of View of their Troops
loyalty hierarchy refined concept versus individual
Loyalty Hierarchy Refined(Concept versus Individual)
  • Country (Patriotism)
  • Duty (Mission)
  • The Service (Esprit de Corps)
  • Seniors in Command
  • Subordinates
  • Self
chain of command
Chain of Command
  • Purpose of …
  • Supposed to be used for two-way flow of communication
  • How do you reinforce it?
informal chain of command
Informal Chain of Command
  • Staff Experts
    • Legal Officer, DAPA, EOO, Ombudsman
  • Command Master Chief
  • Personal Network
  • Suggestion Boxes?
bypassing the chain of command
Bypassingthe Chain of Command
  • Emergent conditions demand immediate attention
  • Unsafe or immoral situation covered up by the immediate superior
  • What do you do if you bypass?
    • Inform on the way up (time permitting) or
    • Advise after the fact
  • Also applies going down the Chain
criticism and counseling
Criticism and Counseling
  • Accepting
    • Listen - No Matter How Soft or Loud the Voice
  • Criticizing Subordinates
    • In Private Vice Public
    • Performance Counseling
  • Criticizing Superiors (Offering)
    • Tact, Knowledge-based
    • “May I Make a Suggestion, Sir?”
  • Complaining Ain’t Criticizing
case studies
Case Studies
  • Damn Exec
next class responsibility and accountability
Next Class: Responsibility and Accountability
  • Naval Leadership: Voices of Experience

-sections 20, 21, 22, and 77

(pp. 153-171 and pp. 390-394)