How to implement quickbooks training in your practice
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How to Implement QuickBooks Training in your Practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Implement QuickBooks Training in your Practice. Course Objectives. Why offer QuickBooks Training to your clients? Client Needs Analysis 1 on 1 Training versus Group Training Training Resources available to QuickBooks ProAdvisors

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Course objectives
Course Objectives

  • Why offer QuickBooks Training to your clients?

  • Client Needs Analysis

  • 1 on 1 Training versus Group Training

  • Training Resources available to QuickBooks ProAdvisors

  • Guidelines for Establishing QuickBooks Engagements and Proposals

Why offer quickbooks training1
Why offer QuickBooks Training?

  • To Market your Practice

  • Provide a Turnkey Accounting Solution

    • Monthly Visits to Client’s Premises

    • Update QuickBooks

    • Correct Client Errors and Provide Product Training

    • Uncover Other Revenue Opportunities

Quickbooks needs analysis
QuickBooks Needs Analysis

Begin with a Client Interview to Determine:

  • How much setup information the client has readily available

  • Trial Balance

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • What QuickBooks version is right for their needs

  • Management reporting requirements

    Data File Setup Complexity:

  • Level 1 – COA, Customers and Vendors Only

  • Level 2 – Add A/R and A/P

  • Level 3 - Add Inventory, Sales Tax and/or Payroll

  • Level 4 - Add Customized Reports & Forms, Industry Specific Configuration

  • Level 5 – Add Integration with Other Solutions

Quickbooks training needs analysis
QuickBooks Training Needs Analysis

  • Interview the client to assess their current QuickBooks skill level and condition of QuickBooks file

  • You may need to re-visit the interview regularly

  • Initial meetings with a prospective client are bi-directional

    • clients are also evaluating you-- your reputation, your experience, your personnel and your skills

  • Make sure the organization is the type you want to do business with

1 on 1 training versus group training classes
1 on 1 Training versus Group Training Classes

Training options
Training Options

  • Onsite Training (One on One)

  • Group Training

  • Web Training

  • Outsource

  • Bill client based on training time, not learning objectives

  • Use a published training resource

Quickbooks training classes
QuickBooks Training Classes

Hands on versus Lecture Style

Training assessment
Training Assessment

From your Client Interview determine:

  • Number of trainees in organization

  • Current level of QuickBooks and accounting expertise

  • Group class or 1 on 1 training recommendation

  • Onsite or offsite training required

  • Hands on or lecture style training needed

Training assessment1
Training Assessment

Course Length

  • Full Day Seminars – 1 or 2 Day’s

  • Half Day Courses

  • Other - weekly, quarterly, semester series

    Considerations for Scheduling training -

  • Scheduling –Daytime or Evening Courses

  • Avoid holidays including school holidays and dates close to tax deadlines

    Time of Day

  • Daytime (make sure to provide lunch or breakfast)

  • Evening options

  • Weekend classes

    Training Rates

  • For 1 on 1 training offer blocks of time instead of hourly rates

  • For group classes, vary the pricing for onsite (per person) versus offsite training (daily pricing)

Quickbooks support services
QuickBooks Support Services

Remote Client Support

  • Telephone Support

  • Email Exchanges

  • QuickBooks Remote Access

    • Journal Entries and Adjustments

    • Shared Bookkeeping Responsibilities

    • Small Training Objectives

    • Small Troubleshooting Objectives

    • Report Customization

Acquiring necessary skills knowledge
Acquiring Necessary Skills & Knowledge

E-learning Modules

  • Basic and Advanced (soon to be Expert and Payroll)

    Intuit Education Program

    QuickBooks In the Classroom (Instructor Book and Student Guide)

  • 15 Lessons with data files

    Discovery Tours

  • Accounting Conferences and trade shows

    Third Party TextBooks

  • CCI, Pearson Publishing

Pre engagement strategies
Pre-Engagement Strategies Proposals

Engagement Letters and Proposals

  • Avoid any misunderstandings and protect yourself

  • Have one of the following written agreements for every consulting service you perform:

    • Engagement Letter -- fairly simple and narrow in scope

    • Proposal -- a more detailed engagement letter

Pre engagement strategies1
Pre-Engagement Strategies Proposals

Engagement Letters are appropriate for:

  • QuickBooks Data File Setup of Easy Start, Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions

  • QuickBooks Data File Analysis

  • Annual or Monthly QuickBooks Support Plans

  • QuickBooks Training

    Proposals are suitable for:

  • QuickBooks Data File Setup of Enterprise Solutions

  • Integration of QuickBooks with Third-Party Software Solutions (Inventory Control, Time & Billing)

  • Extensive Repair of the Client’s Existing QuickBooks Data File

Engagement letter
Engagement Letter Proposals

The Engagement Letter confirms:

  • Terms & objectives of engagement

  • Nature & limitations of the services provided

  • Financial information

  • Setup & installation of QuickBooks software

  • Fees for service

  • Onsite training & remote support

  • Licensing, permissions & third party disclosures

  • Agreements and signatures

Engagement Letter

Proposal Proposals

  • Overview of Service

  • QuickBooks Assistance

  • 3rd Party Software if applicable

  • Crossover Services

  • Estimate of Software & Implementation Costs

  • Remote Support Overview

  • Disclaimers, Privacy & Legal Information

  • Authorization


Remote engagement strategies
Remote Engagement Strategies Proposals

  • Special Strategies for Specific QuickBooks Consulting Engagements

  • Clients will call you with QuickBooks questions

  • It is not a matter of “if” but “when”

  • Establish the value proposition for telephone (remote) support before the client’s first call

  • Include remote support time in each engagement helps establish the value proposition

Pricing and promoting quickbooks support services
Pricing and Promoting ProposalsQuickBooks Support Services

Pricing quickbooks services
Pricing QuickBooks Services Proposals

  • 1 on 1 Hourly training rates range from $60 hour to $150 hour

  • QuickBooks Group Training Class Rates range from $129 to $375 for a 1 day class, depending on what is included

  • Use fixed fees instead of a hourly rate if you think you can be profitable

  • Include one hour of telephone support with initial engagement or Group training class

Remote engagement strategies1
Remote Engagement Strategies Proposals

Ways to bill for ongoing remote support

  • Pre-paid blocks of time

  • Monthly support plans

    Differentiate Billing for Remote Services vs. Onsite Services

  • Pre-Paid Blocks of Time

    • Remote Support (4, 6 or 10 Hours)

    • Onsite Support (4, 8 or 16 Hours)

  • Benefit from the time value of money

  • Businesses use 60-70% of the support pre-purchased

  • Thank you
    Thank You Proposals