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the gangue hills in ne of estonia n.
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The Gangue Hills in NE of Estonia PowerPoint Presentation
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The Gangue Hills in NE of Estonia

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The Gangue Hills in NE of Estonia
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The Gangue Hills in NE of Estonia

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  1. The Gangue Hills in NE of Estonia The gangue hills consist of wastearisen by mining oil-shale They have changed the landscape and environment in North-Eastern Estonia The oil-shale supplies of Ida-Viru County give electricity to the entire Estonia

  2. Our typical lowland became highland here and there Containing dangerous waste, these hills pollute the environment On the other hand,we are used to see them anduse them for entertainment and joy

  3. The Kiviõli and Kohtla-Järve hills can be compared with the famous Cheops´ pyramid in Egypt which was 147 m high while building it.

  4. Dangerous The gangue hills can be self-inflammable.The hill very near of Kukruse village has been burning for years.So beside the village there is an air-polluting and unpredictable volcano, because even experts can´t say what is really going on inside the hill.Snow melts there in winter.The shape of the hill has transformed.There have been worse periods with stinky air and flames coming out from the top could be seen in the dark. The Kukruse hill

  5. Gangue Hills In Use • Gangue hills are turned into greenery.They can be used as hiking tracks,skiing, sledging and snowboarding tracks and also for ski-jump and slalom • Animals and birds have found indisturbed habitats on the high hills • On the Kiviõli hill a grand cross-country race track has been built

  6. The Kiviõli Hill To Kiviõliascent racesalso Latvians, Swedes and Finns have attended On Kiviõli hill there is also a downhill track The most attractive event with lots of viewers is the grandious cross-country race. There have been day races and also night races.

  7. Gangue Hills Dances Another idea of how to use gangue hills: On the Kohtla-Nõmme hill the gangue hills´winter folk dance party was celebrated the 3rd time. 750 dancers from all over Estonia took part in the dance party this year. Wearing warmer clothes over the traditional costumes,the dancers had fun on the high slopes in spite of the sharp frost and biting wind. The unique dance party propagates both Ida-Viru County and folk dances and becomes more popular with every year.

  8. The gangue hills are dumps of dangerous chemical waste and must be closed according to directives of European Union and also according to the law of Estonia in the future. So in the future a massive work of covering gangue hills will probably change again our landscape and we can hopefully enjoy the cleaner environment in our home region. Future