Mileage + Power = Perfect 150 cc bike!
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Mileage Power = Perfect 150 cc bike! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Check out how to choose a 150cc bikes in India when you want to get a balance of mileage and power. Have a look at the top few bikes on that you would have to choose from.

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Mileage power perfect 150 cc bike

Mileage + Power = Perfect 150 cc bike!

We are all confused on the balance we should have on a

bike today. There are so many options to pick from and you would be thinking

about the kind of bike that would suit you in 5th gear always. Have you thought

about the need you have on a single bike though? Would you really need to

power through a 250 or a 300 cc bike on Indian roads? And even if you do, are

you sure of affording both the initial bike price as well as the running and

maintenance costs? Well, it is not an easy scenario. There is plenty for you to

think about when you want to buy a bike and with the many 150 cc bikes India

has produced, you would be spoilt for choices. So, what would be the top few

bikes that you would have to choose from when you want to get a balance of

mileage and power?

1.Bajaj Discover: Move away, this is the one bike that beats all others

when it comes to performance and power! It comes as no surprise that

this bike from the Bajaj household is one of the highest selling bikes

present today. It has amazing power for the kind of price you are paying

and ranks in as one of the best 150 cc bikes in India today. It does have

ample power on the road and makes plenty of ground in initial gears

too. If you had to make a pick between this or any other that is present

in the market, it would be an easy choice to be honest. The Bajaj

Discover is a tried and tested product in the Indian market and does

justice on your pocket too. From the different options present in the

market, the Discover moves way ahead in the mileage section too with

plenty power from its 150 cc engine.

Mileage power perfect 150 cc bike

2.Bajaj Pulsar 150cc: If there is one bike that has powered its way to the

top of the chain, it has to be this. Just look at the sheer domination this

bike has had on our roads today, it is a marvellous achievement to say

the least! The better of all 150cc bikes present today; it does present

itself quite well on paper and road too. A huge advantage present with

the Pulsar is the benefit of maintenance too. You would be able to give it

for a quick service effortlessly too. This makes out to be a big advantage

when buying a bike today. You have to never worry about having to buy

a bike ever again.

3.Bajaj Avenger 150cc: If styling does take an edge over the things you

need and want in your ride, then the Avenger should be on that list. It

powers brilliantly and is a super choice. You would never have to worry

about making a long journey every again. The Avenger is one bike that

you would be able to boast about anywhere you go making it one of the

best 150 cc bikes India has seen.