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Learn to cruise, the right way! PowerPoint Presentation
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Learn to cruise, the right way!

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Learn to cruise, the right way! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learn to cruise, the right way!

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  1. Learn to cruise, the right way! We all wanted to own a cruiser; there is no doubt about it. If you had the chance to choose a bike that is within your budget, it would have to be one that completes all the checks in your box. One of the first few things that you need to keep in mind when you are purchasing a bike is to own a bike that gives you comforts, power and the will to drive. The cruiser segment in India has been dominated by foreign players for a long time now. You would have seen so many outside companies making the most out of it and it may not be right, but it has not been equal to say the most. You want the Indian players to enter here too – but have they been able to? The Bajaj Avenger is the single cruiser that have been able to stand the test of time in such conditions, you might have thought about it as a perfect companion on the city roads, but it is equally wonderful on the highway too. You are so sure of being able to ride it in the best possible way and while you are able to do this, you are getting to buy a cruiser bike India that has been a

  2. great city bike too. This is a brilliant purchase for another big reasons too – the revamp that has come for the vehicle. It has become of the most sought after bikes after the much anticipated release earlier this year. People have thronged to see the launch and how well it would do in the Indian market place. To the right call, it has been one of the most successful rides to have entered the market. In a time that the cruiser bikes India market was completely dominated by foreign makers, Bajaj has stepped in and made if for them! How many such marks have you seen in the industry? It is definitely one of a kind. The main reason behind this is the way Bajaj has looked at the Indian market; it is done with the intent to create wonderful bikes for the masses. All said and done, each bike that has come from the Bajaj stable has been pure class and the reason for that is the quality that comes with it. If you need to check a cruiser in India today, it would have to be the Bajaj Avenger – the cruiser is one of a kind!