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Vocabulary Lesson 1

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Vocabulary Lesson 1
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Vocabulary Lesson 1

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  1. Vocabulary Lesson 1 p. 1 in 504 Absolutely Essential Words

  2. 1. Abandon (v): to leave without planning to come back; to quit. • Only a very bad mother will abandon her children. • I got angry when my daughter abandoned her homework without finishing it. • Recently, the US Navy had to abandon ship when the USS Guardian ran aground on a reef near the Philippines. Abandonment (n): the act of abandoning

  3. 2. Keen (adj): very sharp; eager; intense; sensitive • That knife has a keen edge, so be careful with it. • Dogs have a keen sense of smell. • I love a student with a keen mind and a willingness to learn. • I am keen to hear the stories you can tell about your travels!

  4. 3. Jealous (adj): afraid that the one you love might love someone else; wanting what someone else has. • He is so jealous she has to be very careful about who she talks to. • I love to travel, and hearing about other people’s holidays makes me feel jealous. Envy, the green-eyed monster, Green with jealousy Jealousy (n): the feeling of being jealous Jealously (adv): to do something in a jealous manner

  5. 4. Tact (n): the ability to say the right thing • You must use tact when telling someone something they do not want to hear. • Tact is a useful skill to have as a teacher. Tactful (adj): the act of using tact Tactfully (adv)

  6. 5. Oath (n): a promise that something is true; a curse • When she hurt her foot, she let out an oath of pain. • On Monday, President Obama took the Oath of Office, swearing he would obey all the laws of the United States, and be a good leader.

  7. 6. Vacant (adj): empty; not filled • The classroom is vacant at night. • The hotel has no vacant rooms, so we will have to go somewhere else. Vacancy (n): the act of being vacant

  8. 7. Hardship (n): something that is hard to bear; difficulty • Losing your job can create hardship for your family. • Some students face hardship when they do not have a lot of money.

  9. 8. Gallant (adj): brave, having respect for women. • The gallant knight swore an oath to protect his lady. • Soldiers are often gallant enough to sacrifice themselves for their fellow soldiers.

  10. 9. data: facts or information • Once we have all the data, we can write our science report. • The data shows that people who get the flu shot are unlikely to get sick.

  11. 10. Unaccustomed (adj): not used to something • New students from Saudi Arabia are unaccustomed to seeing women who do not wear an abaya. • When you are unaccustomed to exercise, it is easy to hurt yourself.

  12. 11. Bachelor (n): a man who is not married. • A man is only a bachelor until he gets married. • Many of my students are bachelors.

  13. 12. Qualify (v): become fit, show that you are able. • I hope I can qualify for a PhD program one day. • ESLI students must pass Level 4 with an 80% to qualify for graduation.