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UK CONSUMERS. Life styles & Attitudes to eating Eating & Drinking Habits

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Life styles & Attitudes to eating

  • Eating & Drinking Habits
  • Less structured eating times. Long working hours and more pressured working life styles . Household size in decline, Increase in single person households . Increasingly less family members eating together. Growing Obesity and Health concerns
  • Breakfast – Cereal, or pick up food on the way to work or eat at office
  • Manufacturers have responded to the trend with new product development
  • E.g. Kellogg's Nutrigain Quaker , Oats simple
  • Lunch - Shorter lunch breaks sandwiches M&S
  • Snacking and Fast food and convenience food more common place

Evening meal – Less family structured evening meals .Evening shift towards ready meals consumed in the home . Fragmented timing and structure of evening meal. More experimental in kitchen due to endorsements of celebrity chefs

  • Demand for ready to eat , but increasing interest in quality and an awareness of where the food has been sourced
  • Eating out – Trend in International Cuisine . Driven by large immigrant population e.g. Asian, Mediterranean, Latin American . More experimental in choices
  • .


  • 2007 Volume sales of alcoholic drinks declined since 2000. Beer making the biggest decrease and increase in food offered in pubs . Consumers preferring to drink wine and sprits ( Health concerns and fashion)
  • Spend £1,272 per person a year market analysts Datamonitor
  • Shift toward global beers rather than local
  • Consumption patterns shifting to drinking at home . Trend driven by different ways to spend leisure time other than going to the pub. E.g. outdoor activities.
  • Supermarkets and Hypermarkets selling beer below cost and .Ban on smoking in pubic places has also driven the trend.
  • .

Traditional pub declining for more gastro pub styles in urban areas catering for young Professionals e.g. All Bar One , Piano and Pitcher

and families at weekends

Growth in ‘ladette’ women drinking & smoking more . Increase in pubs close to clubbing venues


Health concerns affecting eating habits

The British Nutrition Health Foundation

Supported by Government Initiatives in promoting healthy lifestyles

5 portions of vegetable aid fruit a day. Since 2004 , Obesity continues to rise.

Paying more attention to Health warnings

Growth in organic foods – Remains an expensive option

Functional foods

Blur between traditional food and medicine

Largest growing sector in food market with new product and brand launches in the sector

Benecol – Yogurt lowers cholesterol

Probiotics – Yakult Actimel . Contains active bacteria used to increase immune system and digestive system


Food Standards Authority







Avid followers' of fashion . Clothing shopping popular past time

Growth out of town shopping malls

Increasing the leisure experience within malls cinemas, cafes and restaurants and longer trading laws

UK Clothing market polarised by budget brands and premium brands .

Budget brands - New Look , Premark , supermarket brands

TK maxx & Matalan. Appeal to value shopper branded products at bargain prices

Premium Brands eg Versace, Burberry, Channel , Gucci

Sports clothing high fashion appeal eg Nike , rebook


Primark's success story

Primark targets young, fashion-conscious under 35's, offering them high quality, fashion basics at value for money prices. Almost half of sales are in Womenswear. A quarter of sales is dedicated to Menswear and Childrenswear ,

A strong consumer proposition has been developed for the Primark brand and embodied in the line “Look Good, Pay Less” which communicates Primark's value-based offering in a precise manner,

Market Share . Source TNS World Panel Research March 2008

Marks & Spencer 11.4%

Primark 10.1%

Tesco 9.3%

George of Asda 9.3%

Matalan 5.1%


Primark is successful because it offers:

•  Super-competitive prices (the result of technology, efficient distribution, supply and volume buying)

•  Mainstream market product quality

• High Street locations

• Superior store fit

• Clear focus on the target market.


Grocery Shopping

Less time to shop . Higher proportion woman in the workplace

Seek convenience . Growth in out of town shopping .

One stop shop . Hypermarkets and parking facilities Shopping less frequently . Shop once a week or once a month rather than daily shopping Bulk buying

Buying patterns

Price not the main concern , quality and convenience of shopping experience more important


Grocery Shopping

Top 4 Grocers Tesco Sainsbury Morrison Asda.

Netto, Aldi Lidel small UK market share

Changing supermarket formats in urban areas

Smaller range – Sainsbury Central. Sainsbury Local , Tesco metro , Tesco express

All main chains have Online shopping services

Online food shopping used for stable groceries

Growth in High quality private label brands


Growth in High quality private label brands

The segmentation of consumers according to their food taste, eating habits and lifestyles, and the development of a differentiated offering to meet those various needs, has been one of the success stories in this market.

Most grocery retailers offer a basic hierarchy of own-label ranges, based on price and quality from budget own brand, which are often the cheapest on display, through to premium offerings aimed at the indulgent market.

Beyond this tiered system, there are also own-label brands targeted at different age groups, those with special dietary needs, and, of course, the health conscious. Lifestyle segmentation is also becoming more common.


Environmental Issues – Increasing awareness of global warming Recycling more , Domestic energy consumption up. Energy for cooking falling. Indicating changes in cooking habits e.g. convenience microwave and eating out.


Watching TV the most popular leisure activity . Growth in home entertainment products , electronic games, surfing the net, music

21 % took part on sporting activity. Spending time with family and friends

Cinema popular leisure activity declining due to home entertainment systems

Gambling The Gambling act 2005 Has doubled the availability of gambling

Sport -56% participate in sport e.g. Keep fit , Yoga , walking, cycling martial arts swimming Rugby.

Sport – Football the most popular sport

Eating out 71% Eat out once a month .Visiting cultural attractions remains popular


The UK has one of the largest mobile markets in Europe, served by five major providers which have all launched 3G services,

The market in 2007 was characterised by new developments in advanced data services such as mobile TV, the bundling of mobile as a quad-play service, and regulatory controls on charges and fees.

Mobile penetration reached 117% by mid-2007, yet subscriber growth remains strong as consumers adopt additional SIMs and business-oriented devices such as the BlackBerry.

Fierce competition has forced operators to concentrate on packaging service bundles and line service promotions, and experiment with providing mobile searching and advertising facilities.


10-14 Year olds

Represent 5% of poluation and set to decline by 2015 . Avergae £8 a week peocket money Biggest users of mobile phones, mobile data for downlaoding games , music

15 – 16 year olds drink more than European counterparts

Tweenagers 13-19 year olds

Represent 7.9 % of UK population

Fall in Birth rate Less in this age group in 2015 only 4.9 million of Uk population

Rely on special offer spend on clothes , music and clothing

Do not respond well to direct advertising

Internet savvy an use interactive web pages ‘ word of mouth’ used in promoting products. Use prepay technology in purchasing products and services on the internet


End-Of-Year UK Top 10 Downloads 2007

1 When You Believe Leon Jackson

2 Bleeding Love Leona Lewis

3 Apologize Timbaland Ft One Republic

4 Crank That Soulja Boy

5 Rule The World Take That

6 Call The Shots Girls Aloud

7 Valerie Mark Ronson Ft Amy Winehouse

8 Fairytale Of New York Pogues Ft Kirsty Maccoll

9 Goodbye Mr A Hoosiers

10 Heartbroken T2 Ft Jodie Aysha