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vivian Innovations 2012 America’s Community Colleges Online – Trusted, Affordable, Transferable SEA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. OnlineCommunityColleges.orgInnovations 2012America’s Community Colleges Online –Trusted, Affordable, TransferableSEARCH∙CONNECT∙EDUCATE

  2. Education Requirements for Jobs, 2018 Georgetown University, Center on Education and the Workforce, 2010 p. 14

  3. Private Sector Online Enrollment Share Source: 2008/2009 Reported by Eduventures *2010-2015 Forecasted by AboutEdu, Using 50% of Current CAGR

  4. OnlineCommunityColleges.orgWhy the Need?

  5. Why the Need? • Increase value to the nation’s community colleges — including online community colleges – positioning for a changing world and future • Respond to shrinking marketing budgets – opportunity for a new market of students • External resources for national brand building campaigns and expertise and marketing • Annually, billions of dollars are being spent on marketing by less cost effective competitors; while the already limited marketing dollars of many community colleges are disappearing

  6. How do students choose a College?

  7. Thanks to new online marketing options like facebook, Twitter and Google -- peer-to-peer reviews carry even more weight than traditional marketing.

  8. OnlineCommunityColleges.orgHow OCC Came About • The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), in collaboration with AboutEdu (a nonprofit online education consumer group), led discussions with online leaders from community colleges across the country. • (OCC) has developed a plan to incubate a new and "trusted“ single access search site for the online program offerings of community colleges.

  9. OnlineCommunityColleges.orgThe Start “We are very excited about this endeavor taking Darton College national. It is an affordable way to get national visibility”. – Renita Luck, Darton College • Conclusions reached by the group: • Online offerings of community colleges are often being excluded from online searches, students are too often “guided” to online education providers with the largest marketing budgets and the higher tuitions. • Community colleges, individually, cannot afford to effectively compete. Collectively, OCC can provide greater visibility and accessibility via a "trusted" national searchable site to low income students, unemployed workers, and other underserved student populations.

  10. OnlineCommunityColleges.orgOCC Members To Date • Who are the OCC members? Anne Arundel CC, Broward College, Dallas TeleCollege Online, Darton College, Foothill College, Illinois Central College, Ivy Tech CC, Northern Virginia CC and Rio Salado CC • Currently, accepting new members • Through Partnerships anything is possible…

  11. OnlineCommunityColleges.orgMembers Collaboratively To Date • TOGETHER: The OCC member colleges jointly: • Serve more than 600,000 students nationwide • Have an inventory in excess of 2,000 online courses (e.g., e-commerce, Fire Science Technology, Counseling, Medical Office Management, Child Development and much more) • Are helping to engage and educate other colleges on the initiative, and its timely importance

  12. OnlineCommunityColleges.orgFocus • One-Stop Access to Affordable Higher Education - a central, “trusted” website that will provide students with one-stop access to online program offerings of member community colleges nationwide • Student Focused Website – a student friendly site that incorporates advanced interactive tools to search, identify and self-select affordable online community college programs • Centralized Marketing and Communications – to increase the presence of participating community colleges’ online programs in online searches • Future Services - for our community colleges and their students - personalized student enrollment services, best practices in student support, and student retention/completion services

  13. OnlineCommunityColleges.orgTo Date • What has been happening? • Building the foundation/infrastructure • Recruiting Community Colleges members • Establishing guidelines for Corporate Sponsors • Building the OCC website…

  14. OnlineCommunityColleges.orgWebsite

  15. OnlineCommunityColleges.orgWhy Now? Opportunity to Partner now to make a difference tomorrow: • Increase visibility and affordable access to: • Traditional students – needing direction and • Retooling • Skills enhancement • Innovate and position community colleges for the future – keep viable and competitive • Together we can make a difference!

  16. OnlineCommunityColleges.orgQ & A Valerie Cavazos, or For more information on the call 214-576-0917