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Context. Librarians: Jennifer Jones – Goose Creek ISD Lesley Baker - Katy ISD Presenting to Grant Committee Goal: to apply funds toward the purchase of Destiny  Quest. Library Automation Proposal. Lesley Baker Jennifer Jones. What is Destiny  Quest?.

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  1. Context • Librarians: • Jennifer Jones – Goose Creek ISD • Lesley Baker - Katy ISD • Presenting to Grant Committee • Goal: to apply funds toward the purchase of Destiny Quest

  2. Library Automation Proposal Lesley Baker Jennifer Jones

  3. What is Destiny Quest? http://www.flickr.com/photos/16712259@N04/4467481701/ • Destiny Quest is a Library Automation System, or online card catalog, supported by Follett. • The system is K-12 student-friendly and includes Destiny Library Manager.

  4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tobiaseigen/434264025/ Why Destiny Quest? • User-friendly • Easy access • Multilingual • Web2.0 tools • Offers: • Top 10 • Resource lists • New Arrivals

  5. Audience • This system is intended for all students, K – 12. • Students will use this resource for: • Online searching of materials found in the library • Inviting friends to share common interests • Participating in Book Clubs • Sharing book reviews

  6. What can it do? • Library circulation • Cataloging • Searching • Reporting • Management

  7. Who does Destiny Quest help? • Students • Teachers • Technology staff • Librarians • Administrators

  8. Destiny Quest helps students by: • Providing tools for parents and students to help increase organization and presentation skills. • Increasing information, communication and technology skills by encouraging critical thinking and accountability.

  9. Destiny Quest helps teachers by: • Encouraging collaboration between teachers and librarians in preparing students for today’s technology-driven learning environment.  • Providing resources to help develop and enrich curriculum.

  10. Destiny Quest helps Librarians by: • Enhancing their role in students’ development of critical thinking, problem solving and search skills. • Encouraging collaboration and input into curriculum development and lesson plan support. • Sharing and interlibrary loan requests. • Scheduling overdue notices for automatic email delivery. • Locating and cataloging the status and report on any library resource.

  11. Destiny Quest helps Technology staff by: • Eliminating multiple workstation applications through single-server, centralized installation. • Implementing web browser access. • Providing current information on server performance through server health reports.

  12. Destiny Quest helps Administrators by: • Creating reports to help realize state, district and federal requirements. • Making informed curriculum decisions. • Controlling budget with a centralized solution that eliminates servers at each location. • Freeing up faculty to focus on student needs.

  13. References • AASL learning standards for the 21st century learner. (n.d.). American Library Association. Retrieved January 31, 2011, from www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/aasl/guidelinesandstandards/learningstandards/AASL_LearningStandards.pdf • Destiny quest and my quest for destiny library manager. (2011). Retrieved from http://www.follettsoftware.com/destiny-quest • School library standards. (2010, February 9). Texas School Libraries. Retrieved January 31, 2011, from www.tsl.state.tx.us/ld/schoollibs/index.html

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