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Quirk Of the Day. Resume errors. BACKWARDS chronological order. Correct. Incorrect. Past to Present Wrong example: November 1995 February 2001 June 2005 July 2008 . Present to past Right example: May 2009 April 2007 August 2005 June 2005. Assist dentist and help with kid .

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Backwards chronological order
BACKWARDS chronological order



Past to Present

Wrong example:

November 1995

February 2001

June 2005

July 2008

Present to past

  • Right example:

    • May 2009

    • April 2007

    • August 2005

    • June 2005

Quirk of the day

  • Assist dentist and help with kid.

  • since 1999 till 2007

  • 3rd place in 7th grade of the whole class

  • The main reason why I want to study architecture in your University, is because is one of the most qualified University from the United States. That will offer me opportunities to be a good and better architect

  • Tostartwriting and directingindependent film works and toobtain a position in a film company as a film director withthepurpose of creating, writing and producing film works

  • translating and giving out medicines

  • Participated Singing at church choir on sunday's celebrations

Quirk of the day

  • My upbringing sets me apart from other applicants; not only in the hardship I had faced in my life but also in the opportunity of being immersed in a bilingual and bicultural academic environment.

  • lessons from basic, medium and high level

  • Painting lessons with acrylics and oleo

  • Worked as a translator of American foreign

  • And I hope motivate those people to come over and change they point of view from a different perspective

  • youth pastor gave me a award to be an example girl and now im the leader of one minister area

  • Creativeness

Quirk of the day

  • Instructing teenagers to walk in the right way throughout the Gospel

  • Increasing sales up the 20% every year

  • 10th - 11th grades Mathematical Contest Won 1st place for two consecutive years; one with a perfect score.

  • Colegio Cristiano Josue (2009-present)

  • I hope to become an engineer on the agriculture industry so I can help the population of my country to produce more crops to a cheaper price.

  • a Group that gives food to the poor person who live in the area and predicate about the love of God. Also we give bibles and clothes to the people

  • As personal skills I can play the piano, I can drive a car, I can swim, and I can give basic first aid

Quirk of the day

  • Fast and comprehended reading diploma the Gospel

  • I hope to enter to your institution to obtain the knowledge necessary in international business for entering into an NGO and being helpful in their mission to help needed people from the entire world.

  • Took care of little children all Sundays

  • sewing, solving puzzles, drawing, painting, crochet, carpentering, quick learning, responsible

  • volunteer in medical bridge helping medical assistance in san jose

  • Volunteer in medical bridge helping translate working to fresh bread minister

  • Serves as a translator for a group of missionaries from USA

  • Experience with the treat of teenagers

Quirk of the day

  • Was the Gospelpart of the social program and fundraise Un Techo Para MiPais”

  • learn from the experiences in your university so that I can come back to my country and help to my country’s development

  • I am a 18 years old , born and was raised at El Salvador. I am willing to work and I currently have availability on schedules.

  • Assisted the owner of the company by handling products, writing e-mails, visiting customers, and more

  • Maintained the order in church, be in charge of the offering and help every possible way

  • Participated in a course of 30 Sundays where I was involved in Mathematic, Physics, Quimics and Biology classes

  • Great proficiency in Mandarin

Sentence error grammar tips
Sentence Error Grammar Tips the Gospel

  • Who and Whom

    • Who: the subject of the pronoun

    • Whom: the object of the pronoun

  • Be cautious when you see “they” underlined

  • Read aloud to find idiomatic errors

    • Idiom: a wide range of commonly accepted combinations of words

Sentence error grammar tips1
Sentence Error Grammar Tips the Gospel

  • Comparatives vs. Superlatives

    • -er compares 2 things and has 2 letters

    • -est compares 3 or more things and has 3 letters

    • Identify what’s being compared by underlining

Common errors
Common Errors the Gospel

  • When the subject follows the verb


    Every night talks Anna on the phone.

Common errors1
Common Errors the Gospel

  • When the subject and verb are separated


    A speaker from Family Services are giving a presentation next week.

Common errors2
Common Errors the Gospel

  • When the subject seems plural but isn’t


    Each of the girls sing well.


Common errors3
Common Errors the Gospel

  • Wrong tenses


    If I have known the truth I wouldn’t be in this situation.

Common errors4
Common Errors the Gospel

  • Incorrect use of past participles


    My friends had spoke with me about the subject.

Common errors5
Common Errors the Gospel

  • Pronoun in the Wrong number


    The student forgot that they had a test.

Common errors6
Common Errors the Gospel

  • Wrong Pronoun Case (subject vs. object)


    Mary gave the flowers to Kelly and I.

Common errors7
Common Errors the Gospel

  • Pronoun Shift


    One must put forth effort if you want to get a good grade.

    If you eat sensibly and watch your caloric intake, most people should be able to maintain their desired weight.

Common errors8
Common Errors the Gospel

  • Pronoun with Ambiguous Reference


    Ethel told Lucy that her pie was wonderful.

    (Whose pie? Ethel’s or Lucy’s)

Common errors9
Common Errors the Gospel

  • Confusion of Infinitive and Gerund


    Mary keeps to talk about her problems.

    Mary needs talking about her problems

Wrong words in context
Wrong the Gospelwords in context

  • ACCEPT= aceptarEXCEPT = excepto

  • AFFECT = afectar EFFECT= efecto

  • CAN = to be able MAY = to be permitted/allowed or possiblity

  • CHOSE = past tense CHOOSE = present tense

  • CLOTHS = telas, trapos CLOTHES = ropas

  • COMPLEMENT = complementar, complemento

  • COMPLIMENT = cumplido, felicitar

  • CURRENTLY = right now PRESENTLY = immediate future/soon

  • FEWER = mass nouns LESS = count nouns

Wrong words in context1
Wrong words in context the Gospel

  • ITS= belonging to it IT'S = contraction of it + is

  • MUCH= mass nouns MANY= count nouns

  • THAN = conjunction for comparisons THEN = time (adj or adv)

  • THEIR = possessive THERE = location

    THEY'RE= contraction they + are

  • FARTHER = physical distance

    FURTHER = metaphorical/figurative distance

  • GOOD = adjective WELL = adverb