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Facebook. What is Facebook ?. Facebook is a social network that has taken the internet by storm. It’s a place for people to connect, share information, promote businesses, and build relationships and credibility.

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  1. Facebook

  2. What is Facebook? • Facebook is a social network that has taken the internet by storm. • It’s a place for people to connect, share information, promote businesses, and build relationships and credibility. • If used properly, Facebook can serve as a great marketing tool and help you get people into your Challenge Groups.

  3. Building Relationships • If you want to become successful in this business, you have to build relationships with people, both online and offline. • Facebook is different than other social networking sites in that when someone adds you as a “friend,” for whatever reason they feel like they now have a connection with you and know you on a personal level. • When you establish relationships, build trust and credibility, over time people will listen to your recommendations.

  4. Selling VS Recommending • Most new coaches have a hard time understanding the difference between selling and recommending. • When you “sell” something, people feel you’re doing it for your own benefit. • When you “recommend” something, people feel you’re trying to help them. • There is a BIG difference! • It’s important that you become a product of the product, meaning you use something, understand the value in it, and then recommend it to others. • Your passion and confidence when talking about a product will lead to others having confidence in you. • Recommend the products and Challenge Groups like you recommend a good movie, doctor, etc.

  5. Selling VS Recommending • If something doesn’t work for you, don’t recommend it. • Approach people with the intent to help them, not sell to them. • Truly believe that Beachbody products can help change lives, and others will believe as well.

  6. Be YOU! • Don’t change who you are just because you’re now a Beachbody Coach. • Show people you’re normal, have flaws, struggle, and fail. • This way people know you’re human. • You can talk about your failures, but mention how you have learned from them and moved forward. • Gives people hope. • The best thing you can do for your business is treat the people you coach and talk to as friends, not customers or potential customers. • Be positive! Positivity spreads like wildfire and makes people feel great. • When posting on Facebook, keep posts positive because nobody likes negativity.

  7. Setting Up Your Facebook Account • If you haven’t already done so, go to Facebook.com, and fill out the necessary information to get signed up. • Next, you will need to adjust some settings. • To do so, go to the drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner and select “Account Settings.” • Once there, the first thing you will need to do is update your username. • Right next to “username,” click “edit,” and then create a short, easy username. • This is important for sharing purposes. • Your Facebook link will become facebook.com/(username). • Next, update your privacy settings. • Under the drop down arrow you will see “Privacy Settings.”

  8. Mobile App • Facebook has it’s own mobile app that’s great when you’re on the go. • You can adjust the settings of the app on your phone and in your Facebook settings.

  9. Connection to Facebook • All of your social media sites and website should be interconnected. • Facebook and your site should serve as the center points for your entire business, the 2 places you direct people too most often. • Whenever you get a new customer, the first thing that you need to do is reach out to them and have them “Like” your Facebook page or send you a friends request, and let them know that Facebook messaging is the easiest way to communicate. • Many emails go into the “spam” folder, and Facebook messaging eliminates that from happening.

  10. Updating Profile • Next, you will need to update your profile with all the necessary information. • Under your profile picture on your “Wall” you will see an “About” section that you can edit. • Update your employer information to include Beachbody and what you do as a Beachbody Coach. • i.e. Help people by putting together Challenge Groups. • Scroll down and edit the “About You” section. • Be sure to include links to your site, making you their coach, your Facebook “Like” page, etc.

  11. Profile Picture • Being a product of the product and getting results with Beachbody products is important for marketing purposes and credibility. • If you have a great transformation, use one of your “after” pictures as your profile picture. • If you don’t, use a picture showing you having fun! • Stay away from any profile pictures that would tarnish your image, such as pictures with alcohol. • If you have a picture with you and a famous trainer like Tony Horton, use that.

  12. Banner • The banner is the main larger picture behind your profile picture. • You want your banner to be something that’s motivational, inspirational, fitness or health related, or of your results and team. • If you have Photoshop,click here for the psd. file that I use to create the banners.

  13. Picture Albums • You’re going to want to create a picture album of your “before” and “after” photos if you have them. • On your profile page, select “Photos,” and then “Add Photos” in the top right hand corner. • The same rule for the profile picture applies to any albums that you create, and you don’t want to upload anything that will tarnish your image. • Be sure to include any photos with Beachbody celebs like Tony Horton, Carl Daikeler, and Chalene Johnson. • Also include pictures of you doing Beachbody workouts and using Beachbody products for credibility.

  14. Adding Videos • People love videos, especially ones with product reviews, transformation pictures, motivation tips, workout and diet tips, and transformation stories. • Whenever you create a video, be sure to include your website name at the beginning and end. • I use iMovie or my iPhone to create all of my videos.

  15. Status Updates • It’s important that you try to update your status each hour to an hour and a half. • Use Hootsuite to schedule your posts. • There is a separate training on how to use Hootsuite. • Make sure you respond to any comments on your posts in a timely manner. • Remember, the more conversations you engage in, the more relationships you will build. • Be enthusiastic, passionate, and positive! • People don’t like negativity.

  16. Facebook Status Don’ts • Posting links to your Beachbody shop page. • Talking about how others can save 25% as a coach. • Telling people to contact you to learn more about Beachbody products.  • Talking about nothing but Beachbody. • Telling people that they need to join your team. • Saying that you have a business opportunity. • Mentioning how to add you as their free coach. • If you're carrying on a conversation with someone, then you can mention this, but try to do this through messaging. • "Recruit" other coach's customers. • It's against company rules, so be careful with this.

  17. Facebook Status Do’s • Talk about your story and success WITHOUT posting links. • Occasionally post your “before” and “after” pictures and video. • Post fitness, health, and motivational tips. • Talk about other people's success stories, preferably your family, friends, and customers with different Beachbody products. • Ask questions to spark conversation. • For example, "What's on your to-do-list for the day?" or "How many of you are watching Vampire Diaries tonight?" • Keep a balance between personal and business posts.  • People want to know you! • Posting links to your blog posts. • People don’t perceive blogs as “salesy.” • Use bit.ly to keep track of clicks. • Spend about a half hour on Facebook Chat. • Many of my coaches and customers have come from me talking about the opportunity through Facebook chat. 

  18. Status Ideas • Diet tips • Healthy Recipes • Workout Tips • Motivational Quotes • Success Stories • Product Reviews • Personal Development • “Like” this if…. • Results Pictures • Results video • Posting your workouts • Posting your diet • Your Hobbies • Pictures of Family • Travel • Dreams • Goals • ASK QUESTIONS!

  19. Studying the Successful • Something that I did in the very beginning of my coaching career was watch and study those who were successful on Facebook. • I watched their status updates, how they interacted, their positivity, how they supported their customers, and it helped me figure out how to use Facebook the right way. • People you can “Like” and watch include Mike French, Mindy Wender, Chris Balmert, me (Josh Spencer), Hillary Kelly, Barbie Decker, Mike Ryan, and Tommy Mygrant.

  20. Facebook Messages • It’s important that you respond to all Facebook messages within 24 hours that you receive them. • This has been something I have done since day 1, and many people respect that and make me their coach because of doing so. • If not, they will find a coach who will. • Answer them ONCE PER DAY at the same time every day. • There are many questions that people will ask you through messaging instead of posting on your wall because of the fear of being embarrassed. • Good place to talk to people about making you their coach and joining one of your Challenge Groups.

  21. Making You Their Coach • If someone you don’t know reaches out to you and asks you a question, MAKE SURE the first thing you ask them is “Before I get to your questions, am I your coach?” • If you’re not their coach, ask them if they have one, and if not, have them make you their coach. • If they do have a coach, ask who their coach is and if they are currently happy with the coach. If not, they can make a coach switch by emailing Coach Relations. • There will be many people, both other coaches and other coaches customers that will reach out to you for advice. • Focus your attention on your own customers and coaches.

  22. Connecting with Customers • If you already have an existing customer base, run a customer report in your coach office and then look them up to see if they are on Facebook. • Use their email to search for them. • I have found that many customers who don’t respond to your emails will respond to your Facebook messages. • Many times the Beachbody bulk emails go directly into people’s spam folders. • Customers love when you reach out to them individually instead of through a bulk email. • A great way to connect with them is to add them to an exclusive group just for the people you coach. • MAKE SURE you don’t friend request them, but rather send them a message. • Facebook will block you from sending requests if the person says that they don’t know who you are and rejects the friend request. • Sample message on next slide.

  23. “Hey bro! I’m your Beachbody Coach and wanted to reach out to you on here since it's the easiest way to communicate. Let me know that you got this message and I'll go ahead and send you a friend request. I would send one now, but I've been having some issues with some people that I coach clicking that they don't know me, causing Facebook to send me a warning message. Apparently they didn't know I'm their coach! Anyways, get back to me soon!”

  24. Creating an Event • There is a feature on Facebook that allows you to create an event and invite people. • This is a good way to invite your customers, prospects, and coaches to any Beachbody Events. • On your Home Page, in the left hand column there is an “Events” section, and there is a “Create Event” button in the top right hand corner.

  25. Facebook “Like” Page

  26. Explaining “Like” Pages • A “Like” page is a Facebook profile that allows people to “Like” you instead of adding you as a friend. • Many people feel that they should have a separate “Like” Page for strictly the Beachbody business, but it’s important to still keep a balance between personal and business posts. • There are a few differences between “Like” pages and personal pages: • “Like” pages allow unlimited “likes” while personal pages have a 5,000 friend limit. • “Like” pages are optimized, meaning they are picked up by search engines, while personal pages are not.

  27. Creating a “Like” Page • First, sign out of Facebook. • Next, under “Sign Up,” click on “Create a page for a celebrity, band or business.” • Under “Create a page for a:” select “Artist, band or public figure.” • For the “Page Name” box, put your name or a catchy fitness slogan. • i.e. “Josh Spencer” or “I Want to Get Ripped” • Check the box that says you’re the official representative and click “Create official page.”

  28. Creating Your Profile • You’re going to go through the same process of creating a profile just like you did for your Facebook personal page. • Make sure you upload a good “after” picture and banner. • Make sure you add links to your website, Facebook page, making you their coach, etc. in the “About” section. • When adding links, make sure you use “http://” before the site so that it’s clickable.

  29. Creating Page Username • Creating a page username is very important for promoting purposes. • By creating a page username, your site will become facebook.com/(username). • To create a username, go to this link: http://www.facebook.com/username • Select the page you want to change the username for, make sure it’s spelled right, check availability, and then save it. • You can’t go back and change it once saved.

  30. Analyzing Your Page • Under each status update that you make on your Facebook Like Page you will see something that says how many people saw the post. • By keeping track of this, you can see which status updates are effective and which of those aren’t. • Also, in the “Admin Panel” you will see something that says “Insights.” • This will show you your track record of success or lack thereof with your posts and new “Likes.”

  31. Fan Pages • Fan pages can be TREMENDOUSLY helpful in building relationships with others, just as long as you use them the right way. • Beachbody has a Fan Page for every program, and even though there are a lot of coaches on there hounding people, if you just reach out to people, answer their questions, and show them that you are in no way trying to sell them anything and just trying to help, they will eventually make you their coach. • If you are engaging in conversation with someone on a Beachbody Fan Page, ALWAYS move it to messaging so that other coaches can’t see what you’re doing and try to come in and steal your prospect. • Something that works on Beachbody Fan Pages is posting your transformation, especially if you have a good one.

  32. Fan Pages • There are many other Fan Pages out there that are not affiliated with Beachbody that you can use to establish relationships with others. • What do you like to do for fun? Do you like riding bikes? If so, join a biking fan page. Do you like to snowboard? If so, join a snowboarding page. • There are thousands and thousands of pages that you can join, and many of them are fitness related. • Join pages of hobbies that you enjoy doing, build relationships with people by starting a conversation with them, and then once you get comfortable enough to where you trust one another, you can talk about Beachbody and the possibility of them joining a Challenge Group.

  33. Connecting With Your Team • Because everyone is using Facebook, a Facebook Group Page is a great way to connect and collaborate with your team. • Hillary, Mindy, and I have all created private Team Group Pages where anyone can post questions, concerns, struggles, tips, and really anything that will help the team grow. • If you aren’t already part of the team group page, request to be a part of www.facebook.com/groups/TeamNextLevel/ • *IMPORTANT* Make sure you don’t go out and create your own group for your coaches until you are at least a 2 Star Diamond coach with no less than 500 total coaches.

  34. To Sum it All Up.. • Facebook is a POWERFUL marketing tool, just as long as you utilize it properly. • Establish relationships with people, build trust, don’t seem “salesy,” truly be in it to help others and you will gradually notice an increase in your sales and amount of coaches you sign up.