florida standards lafs and mafs n.
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Florida standards: lafs and mafs PowerPoint Presentation
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Florida standards: lafs and mafs

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Florida standards: lafs and mafs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Florida standards: lafs and mafs. Presented by Mrs. DeSousa. Why are we replacing the FCAT?. With new, more rigorous standards in place to help Florida students succeed, the FCAT 2.0 no longer serves the purpose of measuring student progress and achievement.

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florida standards lafs and mafs

Florida standards:lafs and mafs

Presented by Mrs. DeSousa

why are we replacing the fcat
Why are we replacing the FCAT?
  • With new, more rigorous standards in place to help Florida students succeed, the FCAT 2.0 no longer serves the purpose of measuring student progress and achievement.
what changes will florida students and teachers see what are the benefits to students
What changes will Florida students and teachers see? What are the benefits to students?
  • It prepare Florida students for success in college, career and in life by emphasizing analytical thinking.
  • The new test will provide a more authentic assessment of the Florida Standards, because it will include more than multiple choice questions.
  • Students will be asked to create graphs, interact with test content and write and respond in different ways than on traditional tests.
  • New question types will assess students’ higher-order thinking skills in keeping with the higher expectations of the Florida Standards.
why was the american institutes for research air selected
Why was the American Institutes for Research (AIR) selected?
  • AIR is a not-for-profit organization that provides research, assessment services and technical assistance. AIR has been delivering online tests for more than seven years and will deliver such tests to nearly five million students across more than 20 states this spring.
vision statement state standards
Vision Statement: STATE STANDARDS
  • Florida’s standards should be rigorous, focused and deep, incorporating critical thinking and application skills. Standards should prepare our students for college and careers in order to be competitive globally.
vision statement state standard assessments
  • State assessments should align with state standards, provide cross-state comparability, and produce accurate, timely results. The results should be used in accountability and teacher evaluations in a clear, fair and timely manner and should assist our teachers and parents to personalize instruction.
where do we begin
Where do We Begin?
  • Step 1: MDCPS Pacing Guides
    • Learning Village
  • Step 2: Grade/Subject Specific Standards
    • Familiarizing yourself- Overview (today), Grade-Level Stallions, Departmental perspectives
  • Step 3: Test Item Specifications
    • Very Similar to FCAT 2.0
    • Use as a planning tool
taking a closer look standards
Taking a Closer look:Standards
  • Your Turn-
  • Select one strand- How does it compare to FCAT?
  • How many clusters in a strand?
  • Select a cluster.
  • How many standard codes in that cluster? How is the information scaffolded?
  • Read in detail and discuss with your team
  • What are your findings?
item specifications include
Item SpecificationsInclude:
  • Description of test
  • Assessment limits
  • Acceptable response mechanisms
  • Task demands
  • Sample item stems (can be used as task cards)
  • Your turn- How can you utilize the item specs as a tool to help guide your instruction?
  • Turn and Talk with your partner
  • Share out!
what is hot text
What is “HOT TEXT”?
  • Requires student to select words and phrases from the text in order to answer questions using explicit information in the text as support
  • Requires student to select an inference and then tot select words/phrases from the text to support the inference (Two part hot text)