Middle school 101 tips for a positive transition to j michael lunsford middle school
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MIDDLE SCHOOL 101- Tips for a positive transition to J. Michael Lunsford Middle School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MIDDLE SCHOOL 101- Tips for a positive transition to J. Michael Lunsford Middle School. What are middle schoolers most concerned with?. Friends --- Self-Image --- School--- Activities. We Are a Team!.

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Middle school 101 tips for a positive transition to j michael lunsford middle school

MIDDLE SCHOOL 101-Tips for a positive transition to J. Michael Lunsford Middle School

What are middle schoolers most concerned with
What are middle schoolers most concerned with?

Friends --- Self-Image --- School--- Activities

We are a team

We Are a Team!

In middle school, the students’ lockers and most core courses are in a “House”. The Dean, Counselor and Secretary work together to keep the House in order.

Deans:Help keep students safe and remind students to follow the rules. They will also work with teachers on instruction and curriculum.

Counselors:Help students in three main ways: individually, small groups, and classroom lessons. Classroom lessons include bully prevention, academic planning and career exploration.

Secretaries:Handle attendance, bus passes, early dismissals and general housekeeping duties.

Middle school teaming
Middle School Teaming

  • 6th Grade- Rhino, Tiger, Panda

  • 7th Grade – Anaconda, Jaguar, Toucan

  • 8th Grade – Penguin, Elephant, Zebra

  • Why do we team?

  • *Meet the needs of all kids and build positive relationships

  • *Establish common expectations and procedures

  • *Collaborative planning for common assessments/assignments

  • *Teacher availability during your child’s Resource

Parent teacher conferences
Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • *HOW? May be requested by a parent, teacher, dean, counselor or student

  • *WHO? Usually will include all core teachers, parents, counselor, dean, and sometimes the student..

  • *WHAT? A good time to communicate about academic successes and concerns, work habits, classroom procedures, and behavior.

  • * WHY? An opportunity for you to ask questions AND provide essential feedback to teachers about your child.

  • *Assume positive intentions: we ALL want what is best for your child, working together to make that happen is the easiest way to get there!

Parent basics academic support
Parent Basics-Academic Support

  • Establish homework routine: check agenda, check websites, provide quiet place-there is always homework!

  • Check Clarity parent portal

  • Expect success! At JML we operate with systems to ensure success.

  • Communicate directly with teachers: if you have questions/concerns about a class, just ask the teacher! Email or phone is fine.

  • Work with us- if you reach out with a problem, we will work together to resolve it, we ALL have your child’s best interest at heart-ASSUME GOOD INTENTIONS 

  • Stay informed of what’s happening at JML: Like us on Facebook: J. Michael Lunsford Official, follow us on Twitter @ JML MS Principal

Parent basics social emotional
Parent Basics-Social/Emotional

  • *Remember that they are little kids in big bodies. They need boundaries, love and patience.

  • *Always listen first, talk later.

  • *Get to know their friends AND their friends parents!

  • *Always call to see if the other parent is home.

  • *Limit technology.

  • *It’s ok to be the bad guy or the ‘uncool’ parent.

  • *Reach out to your counselor-Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help, most of us have been doing this a long time, we have probably helped a family through it before 

They are very quickly moving


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Understand their technology
Understand their Technology

  • -In order to protect and guide your child, learn as much as you can about their technology.

  • -Be aware of Cyber Bullying and how it can effect your child.

  • -Do you know what AskFM, Snap Chat, Kik, Tumbler, and Instagram are? Your children do.

  • **Join us for our Internet Safety Parent Coffee:

    • Friday November 15th 9:00 at JML

Bullying in middle school
Bullying in Middle School:

  • Bullying is the repeated use of one’s strength or status for the purpose of intimidating or injuring another person.

  • *A conflict between equals is notbullying. There must be an imbalance of power*

  • JML Anti-Bullying efforts

  • 6th-Bullying basics: what is it, how to help stop it, what to do if it happens.

  • 7th-Sexual Harrassment

  • 8th- Cyber/online bullying

  • All: Safe School Ambassadors, PBIS

  • Month of October=Bullying Prevention Month-weekly lessons-Resource

  • Silent Strength-October 8th-7pm Parent Presentation

  • -October 9th-student assemblies

6 th grade roar rewards
6th Grade Roar Rewards

Switch Seats for One Block 5

Wear Hat for a Day 5

Outside Fun during Lunch on Monday 5

2 Packs of Fruit Snacks 10

Sit in Teacher’s Chair for One Block 15

50 Cent Gift Certificate for School Store 15

A Pack of Gum 25

Basketball/Kickball During Lunch with Friends 25

Free Manhattan Personal Pizza Certificate 35

Pizza Party During Lunch with 3 Friends 60

Career college readiness
Career & College Readiness!

6th Graders will:

-Visit a college campus! 6th grade students will visit George Mason University April 2014!

- “College Knowledge” - acquainting students with basic information and “lingo”

7th Graders will:

-Current college, military, and vocation students will visit 7th grade students to work on preparing and applying to post secondary avenues

- “Career Corner”- introduce students to basic career information and “lingo”

8th Graders will:

-Be exposed to real life careers throughout our community through “Day at Work”

-Participate in ‘My Imaginary Life’ exercise to get a glimpse into real-world situations

-Meet with high school counselors to make effective course selections for 9th grade

All students will: develop and maintain a 6 year plan of studies, complete interest/skills inventories using a variety of online tools, conduct college and career research relevant to their interests/skills.


Career college readiness1
Career & College Readiness!

It is never to early to start preparing for your future!

Lunsford students will focus on:

  • Recognizing abilities and interests (likes and dislikes)

  • Understanding basic college and career concepts

  • Exploring career options through career clusters

  • Identifying a path for their future and what they need to get there!

    Parents can also help!

  • Help build confidence

  • Encourage students to take challenging courses

  • Go to a college campus

  • Help with organization and time management

  • Instill good study skill habits

    Helpful resources:




    Last but not least, talk to your school counselor 

Kids who use the library succeed
Kids Who Use the Library Succeed!

The library offers:


MP3 players


Reading Incentive Activities

Book Recommendations

Brain Booster Puzzles and Games


Resources for Research

Volunteer Opportunities


Over 30 research databases to help find information easily

An online subscription to The Washington Post

Mackin Via E-Books

Easy to use Pathfinders for guided research

Links to new books and authors

A new visual online catalog

Jml counselor contact info

  • 6th Grade:Ashley.Harper@lcps.org

  • 7TH GRADE:Kelly.Kenworthy@lcps.org

  • 8th GRADE:Sue.Simpson@lcps.org

  • College/Career Readiness and ELL:Jennifer.Calderone@lcps.org

    We all can be reached by calling the main school number: 703-722-2660

Grading and assessment presentation
Grading and Assessment Presentation

10/17 @ 7pm: Neil Slevin