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2006 Menghai 7572 Dayi Ripe Cake

Menghai 7572 Dayi Ripe Cake is the classic Pu-erh made by Menghai tea factory from 1970s. It use the Jin Hao Xi Cha on the surface and use the Qin Zhuang Cha Jin inner.It is reddish-brown, Moderate Fermentation, Mellow taste, red and bright tea soup, and unique 'Menghai' flavor.It is so popular and high-quality that people choose it as the standard product to judge Pu-erh tea.This tea cake is made in 2006, you can find other years Dayi 7572 in our store.At the same time also has the longer the better quality characteristics.

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2006 Menghai 7572 Dayi Ripe Cake

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  1. 2006Menghai7572DayiRipeCake-Pu-erhTea US$56 Size&Price: 1piece-357grams-US$56 FreeShippingonOrdersover$30 Description Menghai7572DayiRipeCakeistheclassicPu-erhmade byMenghaiteafactoryfrom1970s.ItusetheJinHaoXi ChaonthesurfaceandusetheQinZhuangChaJininner.It isreddish-brown,ModerateFermentation,Mellowtaste,red andbrightteasoup,andunique'Menghai'flavor. Itissopopularandhigh-qualitythatpeoplechooseitasthe standardproducttojudgePu-erhtea. Thisteacakeismadein2006,youcanfindotheryearsDayi 7572inourstore. Atthesametimealsohasthelongerthebetterqualitycharacteristics. Othernames: Menghai7572,DaYi7572 Brand,Manufacturer: MengHaiFactory Pu-erhType: Ripe/Cooked/Black HarvestPeriod: 2006 TeaLink:http://www.chineseteaart.com/2006-menghai-7572-dayi-ripe-cake-puerh-tea-p-91.html Picturecomefrom:http://www.chineseteaart.com/

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