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Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011

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Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011.

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Presentation Transcript

Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011

Objective : Discuss a major program under the Fatherhood Initiative that provides the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., a platform through “Proud Fathers Marches” nationwide in which Omega takes the lead in promoting and supporting a national call by President Obama for Fathers to increase their roles in being the leaders of their families through active involvement .

Also, to inspire males of all races to assemble together and commit publicly their allegiance to being a positive influence in their children’s development and lives.

Provide tools and resources to assist Fathers with their development as leaders of the family.


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011

Meeting Agenda:

Discuss Concept

Logistical Requirements

Marketing Strategy

Planning and Timeline

March Execution

Follow-up and Impact Phase

Committee Support


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011


Omega 7th District, State of Georgia spearheaded by Phi Kappa Kappa Chapter host a “Proud Fathers March”, Saturday, June 18, 2011(Father Day Weekend) in Atlanta, GA; from Turner Field to the Georgia State Capitol

IHQ host “Proud Fathers March at Centennial Celebration in Washington DC, on Saturday. July 30, 2011 to Howard University gives Omega a platform to take into the next century

Promote positive images of Fathers committed to serving as leaders of the family and challenging Father to be positive influences in their children lives

Assemble 10,000 male marchers with their children at 7th District event and 50,000 marchers at the Centennial March as a public announcement of their commitment; “I am Proud to Be Your Daddy”


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011


March one to two mile from assembly/rally point to designated government site and host a rally with renowned guest speakers promoting positive Fatherhood; approximately two hour program with supporting agency on site to assist

Host on-site legal aid, job recruitment, child support advocacy, judicial, educational, health aid awareness and education support booths

Host entertainment; TV/radio live broadcast on site

Host voters registration education

Have Fathers sign President Petition of their commitment


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011


Commit to Petition Items

1) Spending Quality Time with Children – Minimum of 20 Hours a Week, i.e., teach how to make bank transactions or read with child, teach how to fix a car or drive, teach how to cook, etc.

2) Visit Child School Quarterly (non-athletic events nor for discipline)

3) Be Role Models – take children to the job semi-annually

4) Build Relationship with Child’s Mother (Single Fathers) – take child to the doctor, rotate child transportation, intervention in crisis, etc.

5) Teach values and ethical principals – teach being good neighbors

6) Participate in Neighborhood Watch

7) Provide financial support without child support sanctions

8) Visit the doctor annually to evaluate life ending male related diseases which leave families fatherless

9) Volunteer for one community outreach program with child participating; teaching service

10) Stop youth violence in the community


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011


Solicit other male organizations to participate, i.e., Fraternal, Masonic, Nation of Islam, Bikers, Churches, Athletic Teams, Police/Fire Dept, government and civic agencies, and media entities

Solicit Omega entities/committees to assist with the promoting the march, i.e., Political Actions, Social Actions, Fatherhood Initiatives, counselors etc.

Select March Marshals, i.e., legislator or celebrity to leverage support (IHQ & 7th Dist March Marshal – U.S. Congressman Henry Hank Johnson, D-GA and Rep Wilfred Dukes – State of Georgia

Partner with other government and civic agencies that support the Fatherhood Initiative in order to maximize resources and access expertise

Provide Fathers with morale and tangible support to accomplish goals on the march site through legal advice, job recruitment, anonymous child support advocacy, education support solicitation, judicial system advocacy


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011


Provide follow-up analysis of success through surveys with schools in order to validate impact of the march

Follow-up through social services agency data

Host Fatherhood Seminars in the community to educate and increase awareness, i.e., (1)Fatherhood Expectations, (2) Leading the Family (3) Good Relationship With the Child’s Mother (4) Challenges of Single Fathers (5) Value of Quality Time vs. Only Financial Support (6) Complexities of Being a Teenage Father (7) Father Child Relationship (8) Mending Broken Father/Child Relationships etc.

Omegas serve a mentors and advisors to Fathers; involve fathers in existing Omega mentoring programs

Host father/children activities; father daughter dance


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011


Verify job recruitment success; Omega host job announcements on websites and survey employees

Validate with judicial system participants ratios of child support infractions

Continuous promotion and dialogue of positive Fatherhood initiatives on TV/radio talk shows, at least quarterly


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011

Logistical Requirements

Grand Basileus & Supreme Council Sanctioned

1)Announcement on IHQ web site and Oracle

2) Letters to March Marshals, i.e., Rep Hank Johnson (D-GA) soliciting support and leverage support from congress and civic leaders

3) Letter to other organization leaders, i.e., clergy, fraternal, lodges, male oriented organization advocating support

4) Letters to Omega celebrities soliciting support

5) Appoint date/time to host Centennial March, July 30, 2011

6) Participate in TV/Radio Promotions as needed

7) Place on the IHQ, District & State of Georgia agenda as an action item for chapters to implement program

8) Include Fatherhood Initiative data in annual social actions reports


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011

Marketing Strategy

Nationwide media bliss with emphasis on Atlanta TV, radio, news paper and magazines:

1) Identify and appear on scendicated and local talk shows; Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Frank Ski, Good Morning Atlanta, Fulton County TV, etc.,

2) Write news articles and press releases

3) E-mail blast and use internet networking

4) Publish flyers – 10,000

4) Send invitation letters to organizations and make announcements at church and organization meetings

5) Place on the websites

6) Invite local dignitaries, i.e., ministers, government officials etc

8) Market collegiate organizations, i.e., Fraternal, student government, athletic teams

9) Leverage Omegas serving as elected government officials


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011

Planning and Time Tables

Mail out Grand Basileus Letters by March 15, 2011

Place Fatherhood Information on IHQ Website – March 15, 2011

Implement District & IHQ Cmte Actions – ASAP

City Ordinance/permits approved for District March Routes and Police/Fire Dept and EMT Support – April 15, 2011

District Marketing/Media Bliss – March 15 – June 18, 2011

City Ordinance/permits approved for IHQ March Routes and Police/Fire Dept and EMT Support – May 15, 2011

Confirm District Guest Speakers and On-site Agency Support– April 15, 2011

Confirm District on-site diagram and program – May 15, 2011

Perform program rehearsal and walk-thru three (3) days prior to event date

Have all program required equipment in place the day prior, i.e., booths, sound systems, literature, etc


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011

Execution of the March

8:00 – 9:00am: Assemble at Turner Field Parking Lot; designated March Rallying Location

9:00am – 10:00am: March to GA State Capitol site; 1to 2 mile march

10:00am – 12:00pm: Host Fatherhood Initiative Program with renowned guest speakers, entertainment, support agency booths, hand out Fatherhood Initiative literature, have participants sign petitions/pledges and complete surveys with social services agencies, accept resumes, hand out health care literature and perform minor health screenings, accept employment resumes, etc.


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011

Follow-up and Impact Phase

Survey schools to validate participation

Analyze Social Services data to validate compliance

Conduct Fatherhood Seminar

Appear on radio talk shows and community TV programs feedback

Collaborate with government agencies and non-profit organizations to combat non-compliance

Serve as Fatherhood Mentors and Advisors

Collaborate with White House, Congressional and State Legislators on Fatherhood issues

Annual Omega Day on the Capitol agenda item

Provide annual report to White House representatives


Fatherhood Initiative – “Proud Fathers March” 2011

Committee Support

City /County/State Government Employees

State Capitol

Religious Leaders/Clergy

7th District Omega Chapters

NPHC Affiliates

Masonic Lodges

Media Coverage & Support

Celebrity Contacts

Police & Fireman Lodges

Athletic Programs

Professional Athletes

Colleges & Universities

Night Clubs, DJ Announcements

Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Bibb, Henry, Cobb Teachers Assoc

Questions & Comments