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Public Affairs Resources. Everything a Civil Air Patrol PAO Needs to Succeed. Major Al Pabon, National PA Team Leader Julie DeBardelaben, Deputy Director of Public Affairs, NHQ. Why are we here?. Too many CAP PAOs do not know about the resources available from NHQ and the field.

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Public affairs resources

Public Affairs Resources

Everything a Civil Air Patrol PAO Needs to Succeed

Major Al Pabon, National PA Team Leader

Julie DeBardelaben, Deputy Director of Public Affairs, NHQ

Why are we here
Why are we here?

Too many CAP PAOs do not know about the resources available from NHQ and the field.

Too many PAOs start with no training and do not know what is expected of them.

Too many members give up because they feel they are alone.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Resources people
Resources — People

Your fellow squadron PAOs

Your group PAOs

Your wing PAOs


Other senior members

National pa team leader
National PA Team Leader

Senior volunteer PAO

Liaison between members and NHQ

Works with PAOs nationwide

Mentors, advises

Program management

E-Mail: Phone 763-269-4109

National hq public affairs team nhq pa
National HQ Public Affairs Team (NHQ/PA) 

Julie DeBardelaben Deputy Director 250

Steve Cox Public Affairs Manager 251

Kristi Carr Staff Writer 434

Dan Bailey Editor, VolunteerNow 255

General e-mail inquiries:

Toll free: 877-227-9142

Communications to ols
Communications Tools

PA Essentials blog

CAP PAO listserv

National Public Affairs website

Getting started as a pao
Getting Started as a PAO

The PAO checklist

The How-to Guide

PAO specialty track

How to guide
How-to Guide

This 50+-page living guide for today’s PAO includes all resources available in the PAO Toolkit and on VolunteerNow, plus:

Lots of examples and “how-to’s”

Three pages of hotlinks to PA essential tools and techniques

All information tied to 190-1


All goals are supported by a full-blown PR plan

developed according to the four-step planning

process outlined in CAPR 190-1.


Legislative Day

Wreaths Across America

Winter, Summer National Board

National Cadet Competition

CAP’s 70th Anniversary

Wing Commanders’ Course

High-Profile Missions


NHQ/PA also provides support to the field:

PA planning template

Crisis communications planning template

Training seminars

Sample PA and crisis plans

One-on-one support

Four step process
Four-Step Process

  • The nationally accepted standard

  • used by all public and nonprofit

  • organizations:

  • Situation Analysis to determine PA needs and opportunities

  • 2. Based on needs and

  • opportunities, establish

  • goals and objectives

  • 3. Identify action strategies

  • for implementing goals

  • 4. Envision what you hope to achieve once implementation takes place

Pa planning
PA Planning

Go to PA page, click on PAO Toolkit.

There you will find PA Planning Guidelines:

CAP Public Awareness Plan

Crisis Communications Planning

Public Affairs Planning

Region and Wing PA Plans

What s required in capr 190 1
What’s Required in CAPR 190-1?

Increase public awareness of CAP, its local, state and national missions and its contributions to the nation.

Work directly with military base public affairsofficers in support of CAP activities.

Promote cooperationbetween CAP and other aviation organizations, the military, business, industry and civic groups.

What s required in 190 1
What’s Required in 190-1?

Provide trainingfor subordinate unit PAOs at least annually.

Assemble current media

contact informationto foster working relationships.

Promote key events in the unit, such as training and actual missions, awards and promotions and special unit activities.

What s in 190 1
What’s in 190-1?

Assemble standard materialspresenting the background of CAP that can be given to the media, prospective members, partner agency officials and others.

Use unit websitesto inform the public about CAP.

What s in 190 11
What’s in 190-1?

Regularly submit news advisories and releaseswith photographs to higher headquarters.

Create and distribute a newsletter.

Generate quality still photography, videos and audio materials.

Compliance inspection
Compliance Inspection

Go to

Click on Inspector General.

Click on SUI Guide or Wing Inspection Guide.

The questions for PA follow CAPR 190-1.

Crisis communications
Crisis Communications

Go to PA page;

click on PAO Toolkit;

Crisis Communications

Sign in to E-Services to

see sample crisis communications plans:

Public Affairs crisis policy

Writing a crisis communications plan — PDF

Disaster response coverage

Media relations
Media Relations

National media inquiries

High-profile missions

National news releases





Media relations support
Media Relations Support

Go to PA page, see PA menu on left:

Media relations policy

Crisis communications policy

Hometown news releases

News release prototypes

Online media kits

Media relations support1
Media Relations Support

Go to PA page, click on PAO Toolkit:

Meeting the Media — courtesy of Air University

Media relations instructional videos

How do I write a news release for CAP?

What should I do with my news releases?

News writing tips: Feature writing; human interest story writing; interviewing; news feature writing; personality feature writing

Marketing communications

CAPVolunteer magazine


Financial Report

Wing legislative newsletters

PA Essentials blog

Financial report
Financial Report

Search and Rescue

Chaplain Corps

Disaster Relief

Drug Demand Reduction

Homeland Security



Community Service

Aerospace Education

Cadet Programs

2-page spread on each topic!

Wing legislative day newsletters
Wing Legislative Day Newsletters

Go to and click on 2010 Legislative Day to download your wing’s newsletter.






Communications support
Communications Support

Newsletter links

Unit website links

Public affairs main menu
Public Affairs’ Main Menu

  • NHQ PA contacts

  • Hometown news release program

  • CAP media policy

  • Public Affairs crisis policy

  • CAP Public Awareness Plan

  • Submission guidelines

  • CAP PAO Toolkit

  • CAP unit newsletter links

  • CAP Public Affairs Officer Academy

  • CAP unit websites

  • PA Essentials


PAO Toolkit

PAO checklist

PAO Academy PowerPoints

PAO Learning Labs

Support for wing and region training

Wing Commander’s Course


Go to PA page and click on PA Toolkit to access the PAO checklist.

Go to

to access the PAO Academy and PAO Learning Lab presentations.

Pio emergency services specialty
PIO Emergency Services Specialty

Includes three new PIO levels based on National Incident Management System requirements — (PIO-3) assistant PIO, (PIO-2) local mission PIO and (PIO-1) PIO for a major mission.

All PAOs will be grandfathered in at the basic (PIO-3) level.

PAOs must complete required training to advance to higher levels of the specialty and to recertify as a basic-level PAO.

Pio training
PIO Training

Basic PIO Training (G-290) offered at the 2010 National Emergency Services Academy

Will be offered again in 2011

Keep an eye on for info

Other training on the horizon
Other Training on the Horizon

New PAO Orientation

Revised PAO Specialty Track (CAPP 201)

PAO Resource Store

PAOs Basic Course

Your pa resources
Your PA Resources

PAO Toolkit

PAO checklist

PAO How-to Guide

Public affairs resources
The PAO has many tools and people to help him succeed.Go to Click on CAP National HQ, then on Public Affairsto access many of them.