everything you need to know about the myers n.
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All That You Need To Know About The Myers’ Cocktail PowerPoint Presentation
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All That You Need To Know About The Myers’ Cocktail

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All That You Need To Know About The Myers’ Cocktail - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vita Heaven offers Myers’ Cocktail in Las Vegas to help people manage issues ranging from a hangover to asthma and migraine headaches. Here’s what you need to know about the IV cocktail. Visit https://vitaheaven.net/ to know more about IV hydration therapy and the Myers’ Cocktail.

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everything you need to know about the myers

Everything You Need

To Know About The

Myers’ Cocktail

what is a myers cocktail

What is a Myers’ Cocktail?

• A cocktail of vitamins administered


• Named for the late John Myers

• Popularized by Alan Gaby for treating

thousands of patients with

the Myers’ Cocktail

what s included in a myers cocktail

What’s Included in a

Myers’ Cocktail?

• Magnesium Chloride

• Calcium Gluconate

• B Vitamins, including B Complex

• Vitamin C

• Taurine (optional)

• Alpha lipoic acid (optional)

how do each of these nutrients help

How do Each of these

Nutrients Help

• Magnesium Chloride – boosts the immune

system, good to treat asthma and migraines

• Calcium Gluconate – boosts blood calcium

• B Vitamins – effective against stress,

good for skin and hair

• Vitamin C – powerful antioxidant

• Taurine – powerful antioxidant

• Alpha lipoic acid – anti-aging properties

and muscle recovery

how does the myers cocktail work

How does the

Myers’ Cocktail Work

• Vitamins reach the bloodstream directly

• Increases concentration of essential

vitamins and minerals

• Nutrients bypass the digestive system and

affect the cells directly

conditions that the myers cocktail can treat

Conditions that the

Myers’ Cocktail can Treat:

• Migraine headaches

• Chronic stress

• Asthma

• Dehydration caused by hangover or

too much exposure to sun

• Fibromyalgia

• Auto-immune disorders

how often to administer myers cocktail

How Often to Administer

Myers’ Cocktail

• Depends on individual patient

• Ideal before high-stress events like

weddings, exams, competition,

performances, etc.

• Preferred before an athletic performance.

why to choose vita heaven for myers cocktail

Why to Choose

Vita Heaven for Myers’

Cocktail in Las Vegas

• Best Las Vegas IV Hydration Clinic

• Helped thousands of patients

• Managed by experienced anesthesiologist

and IV therapy expert

• House/hotel call service – free shuttle to and

from hotel room

to know more about us

To Know More About Us

Call 702 570 3505 for appointments

We’re open seven days a week

Visit - https://vitaheaven.net

to fill in online form