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Five things to do before wedding planning

Congratulations! You

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Five things to do before wedding planning

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  1. Visionary Media Production

  2. 5 Things To Do Before Wedding Planning Congratulations! You’re engaged. Before you dive into wedding planning, here are five things to do! five things to do before wedding planning

  3. Tell Your Loved Ones An absolute no-brainer, but consider giving your nearest and dearest a phone call before announcing it on the internet.

  4. Have Your Parents Call Each Other Traditionally, the groom's family calls the bride's family, but now days one set of parents should make a move within the first few days. Or else, it gets awkward.....

  5. Engagement Party Totally optional, but a great way for friends and family to meet each other for the first time. Etiquette-wise, the couple is not supposed to host their own party. The bride or groom's family or a close friend usually does the honors.

  6. Calling Each Other Fiancé/Fiancée Cherish that precious time between saying or hearing boyfriend/girlfriend and husband/wife. Go on dates, meet new people, and be disgustingly romantic!

  7. Consider Premarital Education If you're marrying at a religious institution, many faiths and denominations require counseling. It's also good common sense. Who couldn't use a tune up on their communication and listening skills?

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