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Industrial Pumps in Punjab PowerPoint Presentation
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Industrial Pumps in Punjab

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Industrial Pumps in Punjab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Industrial Pumps in Punjab

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  1. 4 Basic Types of Pumps and Their Uses Pumps help businesses in moving gases and liquids from one place to another through the use of motorized action. There are three major groups of Kirloskar industrial pumps, namely direct lift, gravity, and displacement pumps. Under these three major groups fall a variety of different pumps, each has a specific function, including vacuum, trash, water, hydraulic, and sump pumps. There are lots of different types of pumps available, but which one is right for you? Understanding which type is right for your application is critical in reducing costs and increases the life of your pump and the entire system. A wide variety of industrial pumps in Punjab is available to choose from, including the four basic types listed below. Vacuum Pumps This type vents the gas from a sealed volume leaving behind a partial vacuum. There are three general methods for achieving this, which includes positive displacement, momentum transfer, and entrapment. In positive displacement, the cavity is expanded through the use of a mechanism that allows gases to flow into the chamber, the cavity is sealed and gas exhaust is vented to the atmosphere, and then the cycle starts over again. In momentum transfer, the gas molecules are moved out of the chamber by high-speed jets of dense fluid. And entrapment pump types capture the gases in a solid or absorbed state. Vacuum pumps are used to create low to high vacuums, which is useful for the creation of electronics, such as superconductors, or any other applications that require a vacuum.

  2. Water Pumps This type is used to pump water. Buyers can find water pumps to fit their vehicle or help them draw water from a bore well to be used in pressure tanks within the location. Vehicle water pumps control water flow through a cooling system if the seal on this system gets destroyed; the whole pump has to be replaced. Well water pumps draw water from the ground to be used in home or business. Pressure tank water pump is located within the premises of home or business and it regulates the water pressure year round and controls water flow to different locations. Hydraulic Pumps This type is used in hydraulic drive systems. These pumps are also called positive displacement or variable displacement pumps. This pump has some basic types as detailed below: Gear pump- this one is the most common and widely used in chemical installations. Screw pump- this pump is used for irrigation and for transporting solids such as grain, it is a positive displacement pump and uses one or several screws to move material along the screw spindle. Axial position pump- it uses swash plate principle and is very reliable. Radial piston pump- the piston on the pump extends around the shaft and is useful in different applications such as making machine tools, injection moulding, and wind energy.

  3. Sump Pumps These pumps are used to remove water accumulated in a collecting basin called sump. It is commonly used in basements and other low- lying areas. It has two basic designs: Pedestal- the motor is mounted above the sump which allows easy servicing. Submersible- the motor is mounted in the sump and sealed which prevents electric shock. Battery backup powered sump pumps are also available to be used in case of power failure. When purchasing pump buyers should know the exact pump type they need and purchase accordingly as each pump has its specific purpose. Source: