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Virtual Financial Group - Global Leader in Electronic Market Making

Virtu is the global leader in electronic market making. We actively make markets across a broad range of asset classes including equities, foreign exchange, commodities, options and fixed income, providing two-sided liquidity on over two hundred market centers around the world.

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Virtual Financial Group - Global Leader in Electronic Market Making

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  1. Virtual Financial Virtual Financial Group

  2. Company Overview Virtuis the global leader in electronic market making. We actively make markets across a broad range of asset classes including equities, foreign exchange, commodities, options and fixed income, providing two-sided liquidity on over two hundred market centers around the world. As market makers, we lower costs for both retail and institutional investors by supplying competitive bids and offers, without seeking to take on risky directional positions. Virtu's liquidity provision plays a vital role in the overall health and efficiency of the global financial markets, especially in times of market turbulence. 

  3. Innovation + Technology Virtu is successful because we focus not just on the trade but on every aspect of the "life cycle" of a trade, from market structure knowledge and execution technology to post-trade processing and relationship management. At the core of our business is the development of innovative, proprietary technology, designed to automate market making and post-trade activities. Virtu is the new model for a financial services company. 

  4. History Our story begins in the trade pits of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) where Virtu's Founder, Vincent Viola, began his career as an independent local market maker. Vinnie recognized the efficiencies and benefits inherent to a transition from the "open outcry" system to the fully electronic markets that exist today. As Chairman of the NYMEX from 2001 through 2004, Vinnie witnessed the shift to electronic trading first hand and formed a company to fulfill the market making needs of this new marketplace.

  5. Market Making A market maker provides offers to buy and sell a security or other financial product throughout the day. While a market maker will tailor the liquidity they provide to the market, he or she is willing to transact with any market participant, offering an essential service to institutional investors, banks, brokers and retail investors. Generally speaking, market makers do not seek to establish directional positions in the market. Instead, market makers are willing to buy or sell an asset, striving to make a profit by collecting some fraction of the difference between its offers to buy and to sell.  Continued….

  6. Market makers compete for transactions based on certain characteristics of their order, such as price, time of placement and order size. This competition narrows the difference between the price to buy and the price to sell, decreases costs, and dampens volatility, which reduces risk and facilitates the flow of capital in the market. 

  7. Designated Market Makers Our Founder, Chairman and CEO, Vincent Viola, began his career as a local market maker on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange. This heritage and commitment to floor trading, combined with Virtu's cutting-edge, electronic market making platform, afford Virtu an unparalleled perspective on liquidity provision. We believe that recent and continuing advances in the distribution of price information and the increased number of market venues highlight the critical need for committed, regulated market makers across asset classes and geographies that fulfill concrete and meaningful obligations.

  8. Customized Liquidity Our expertise in the financial markets and our unique technical abilities have allowed us to work directly with several established firms on a number of exciting projects, and we are able to provide customized liquidity solutions across the full spectrum of asset classes. Virtu's efficiencies and experience create a win/win situation for us and our market making counterparties. 

  9. Working Here We have built a dynamic working environment that combines the rigor and creativity of a tech start-up with the discipline, stability, influence and perspective of a global financial services firm. Essentially, we have taken the best of what is out there and combined it into one unique culture. Benefits We offer some great benefits. They do vary based on each location but include things such as:Extremely competitive compensation Outstanding medical/dental/vision coverage Employee investment and retirement plans Catered meal plans daily Nearby or onsite gym facilities

  10. News Virtudoesn't maintain a large public presence but when something comes up that provides insights or relevant information regarding Virtu and/or electronic trading we will post the links below.  Profit & Loss readers cast record numbers of votes for their preferred market makers and service providers this year, and award winners were on hand to collect trophies at the Profit & Loss Hall of Fame & FoXy’s Readers’ Choice Awards luncheon earlier today. This year, Profit & Loss inducted Citi’s Rafael Quezada into its Hall of Fame. “There are few FX market professionals as respected and admired as Rafael Quezada,” said Profit & Loss’s editor-in-chief, Julie Ros. “I may not have known Rafa as long as others in the industry, but he has truly become one of my favourite people in FX.

  11. Investor Relations Virtu is a leading technology-enabled market maker and liquidity provider to the global financial markets. We stand ready, at any time, to buy or sell a broad range of securities and other financial instruments, and we generate revenue by buying and selling securities and other financial instruments and earning small amounts of money on individual transactions based on the difference between what buyers are willing to pay and what sellers are willing to accept, which we refer to as ‘‘bid/ask spreads,’’ across a large volume of transactions. Continued….

  12. We make markets by providing quotations to buyers and sellers in more than 12,000 securities and other financial instruments on more than 235 unique exchanges, markets and liquidity pools in 36 countries around the world. We believe that our broad diversification, in combination with our proprietary technology platform and low-cost structure, enables us to facilitate risk transfer between global capital markets participants by supplying liquidity and competitive pricing while at the same time earning attractive margins and returns.

  13. Social Profiles https://www.facebook.com/CEOTeam https://www.twitter.com/VirtualFinGroup https://www.pinterest.com/virfingroup https://www.linkedin.com/company/virtual-financial-group-vfg

  14. Virtual Financial Websites http://www.virtu.com https://www.virtual.financial https://www.ceo.vfgpro.com/biz https://www.virtualfinancialgroup.biz

  15. Virtual Financial Group Reviews https://www.trustpilot.com/review/virtualfinancialgroup.com/ https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.vfgpro.com/ https://www.trustlink.org/Reviews/Virtual-Financial-Group-207110340

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