welcome to kindergarten n.
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Welcome to Kindergarten….. PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Kindergarten…..

Welcome to Kindergarten…..

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Welcome to Kindergarten…..

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  1. Welcome to Kindergarten….. Kindergarten Rocks!!!

  2. Welcome to Kindergarten!! • Our Kindergarten Pre-Screening will be held the 2nd week of August. • This will give us an idea of where to start instruction with your child.

  3. Arrival & Dismissal… • School begins promptly at 8:00 A.M. If students arrive after this time they will be marked tardy. All students arriving after 8:00 A.M. must have a tardy slip! Please make every attempt to be on time each and every day! • We start our day with bell work, independent reading and journal writing.

  4. Lunch & Snacks • Your child can purchase a lunch from our school cafeteria or bring their own packed lunch. • We traditionally are the first lunch period, so we will also have a snack in the afternoon. • There will be a rotating snack calendar that will go home.

  5. Common Core State Standards 2012-2013 was the pilot year for our Nationally Aligned Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten and First Grade. • Become familiar with the Kindergarten curriculum standards and benchmarks by visiting • The new Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten have changed dramatically. Our academic rigor has greatly increased. For example, in language arts, students will be required to know all letters and sounds out of order by the end of October 2013.

  6. Classroom Rules…. 1. We keep our hands and feet to ourselves 2. We listen when others are talking and we raise our hand when we want to talk. 3. We use our inside voices and walking feet in the classroom. 4. We use our best manners. 5. We treat others the same way we wish to be treated. 6. We always try to do our best. (Never say “I can’t.”– Always say, “I’ll try.”) **The classroom rules and behavior policy will be further explained in the welcome packet. 

  7. Kindergarten Curriculum… • The subjects we cover during in Kindergarten are…. • Reading and Writing • Math • Science • Social Studies • Music and Art

  8. Reading • Reader’s Workshop • Guided Reading Groups • Literacy Centers • RP Program (formally known as AR) • Library book check out • Learning sight words!! • Reading books & book reports

  9. Writing • Writer’s Workshop • Handwriting • Journal Writing

  10. Math • Calendar Math • Numbers 1-100 • Addition/Subtraction • Number Sense • Number Writing • Think Central and FASST Math are available for enrichment.

  11. Science • The practice of Science • Earth Science • Matter • Energy • Life Cycles

  12. Social Studies • Me and My world • Cultures • People, Places, and environments • Traditions • Holidays

  13. Music and Art • We will have fun with music! • We will have fun with different art mediums.

  14. Classroom Community • Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other. • Our class rules are: • Be respectful and responsible. • Follow directions. • Be on time. • Be prepared.

  15. Other Student Responsiblities…. • Learn to tie their own shoes! • Learn their full name, address, and phone number. • Students will be required to learn their student ID number which is their lunch number. The student ID number is located on the front of the daily folder under your child’s name.

  16. School Uniforms & Class Shirt…. • Hammond has chosen to be a uniform school. Please adhere to the uniform policy as stated on the Hammond website and student handbook.

  17. What can I do now? • Begin practicing letter names and sounds out of order. The following website is a great tool: • Practice fine motor skills such as cutting and holding a pencil in the tripod grasp. • Practice counting numbers to 100. • Practice self help skills such as opening packaging, tying shoes, buttoning clothes and zipping jackets.

  18. Let’s Have a Great Year!