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Disillusioned. The downfall of a young adult. Format. The format of my piece will be a short film I chose this as it is something I am fairly familiar with as a format and therefore can hopefully produce an effective end product. Research.

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The downfall of a young adult

  • The format of my piece will be a short film
  • I chose this as it is something I am fairly familiar with as a format and therefore can hopefully produce an effective end product
  • I intend to research into the problems faced by young adults
  • I want to explore this category as I feel there is much to discuss and a lot of engaging content can be viewed as a result
  • I also want to demonstrate the actual lack of problems
  • I will begin the short film with establishing who the character is and how we fares in society. As well as showing him in everyday situations
  • The middle portion will be filled with his issues such as losing his job, being a social outcast among other thing.
  • The final portion of the film will be dedicated to the break up between him and his girlfriend and this tips him over the edge which leads to the final act of preparing to kill himself
rationale behind the idea
Rationale behind the idea
  • I chose this idea so that people could see that when they feel overwhelmed, in reality their issues are not that big and can be solved with relative ease
  • A drama with meaning and no dialogue is something I see as a challenge to create
  • I hope to create something original which is clever in the way it is filmed and edited and therefore leads to a positive reception
  • The setting will be the town in which the protagonist resides after moving there to get some freedom
  • Lives by himself in a semi-detached house
  • House is a bit rundown which reflects on his attitude
  • Other minor settings also include sports fields and open parks but primarily the house will be the main feature.
character bio
Character Bio
  • Name – Sam Craigan
  • Age – Sam has recently turned 21
  • Class/Status – Derives from the middle-lower but is trying to elevate himself beyond it
  • Personality Strengths/Weaknesses – He tries to be virtuous to others but no one is to him but still persists. He is also largely stubborn but at heart always tries to do the right thing. Can get agitated very easily.
character bio continued
Character Bio continued...
  • Relationships – Had a tough time growing up with his parents, rare cases of abuse. Has been with girlfriend for a number of years but leeches money out of Sam.
  • Childhood/Backstory – Sam grew up in the country but moved into the city to acquire a better job. Wanted to make it big when he was younger. Always trying to impress his parents/girlfriend due to the tough childhood.
  • Physical Description – Tall, fair haired, Not stylish, moderately attractive, well built. Caucasian.
character bio continued1
Character Bio continued...
  • Morality - Sam has always proclaimed strong morals from birth and is something he is always aware of. Wants to get out of where he is in a fair means. He would do anything for his girlfriend.
  • Profession – Insurance salesman but struggles due to his quiet nature
  • Starting scenes will include Sam in several everyday situations in which he finds himself
  • The viewer will quickly get a grasp of who Sam is and how he operates
  • Will show him struggling at work, the sports field and his relationships
  • The housemates will be shown to be partaking in some activity
treatment continued
Treatment Continued...
  • The middle portion will consist of the downward spiral
  • He will lose his job due to not enough sales, the bills will rack up and his friends have had enough of him
  • Will fall out with parents
  • To top if off as he has lost his job his girlfriend who is crazy for then leaves him and this sends Sam crazy and into a dark state
treatment continued1
Treatment Continued...
  • The final portion of the film will be Sam showing his frustration over all the things that just happened
  • His anger becomes to much and he is so upset by the departure of his girlfriend that he prepares to take his own life
  • As Sam is about to commit suicide he is standing on a chair with a rope around his neck but there is a knock at the door and the film will end leaving it up to the discretion of the viewer as to Sam’s fate.
specialist role and personal objectives
Specialist role and personal objectives
  • My own specialist input into the project would preferably be that of the director so I can co-ordinate exactly what I want but obviously with input from the other roles would be appreciated
  • I have set out to achieve creating an effective drama without the use of dialogue
  • I also want the majority of screen time to occupied by ‘Sam’ with minimalist input from outside sources within the film to reinforce the point he is effectively alone
  • I finally want the narrative to unfold in manor that is original and entertaining
intended audiance
Intended Audiance
  • The intended audience I am trying to address is 16-25 year olds
  • I feel this is something that is challenging yet relevant for the particular age group
  • Something which perhaps we hear about in the news bought forward in a dramatic short should appeal to the target audience
measuring the success
Measuring the success
  • I will measure the success of my piece by conducting a short survey to people who view it and see what they have to say
  • The outcome in my short is obviously not something encouraged
  • Its intended to make people realise how petty his problems actually are and how easily they could be rectified