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i-LIDS. i magery L ibrary for I ntelligent D etection S ystems Luke Sands. Introduction. Who are HOSDB? i-LIDS project Video Evidence Analysis Questions. HOSDB. H ome O ffice S cientific D evelopment B ranch

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I lids l.jpg


imagery Library for Intelligent Detection Systems

Luke Sands

Introduction l.jpg

  • Who are HOSDB?

  • i-LIDS project

  • Video Evidence Analysis

  • Questions

Hosdb l.jpg

  • Home Office Scientific Development Branch

  • Impartial technical advice, support and evaluation for the UK Police and Government

  • Detection and Vision Systems Group

I lids5 l.jpg

  • Collection of real-world Closed Circuit TeleVision (CCTV) test imagery

  • Aim 1: Performance evaluations of Vision-Based Detection Systems (VBDS)

  • Aim 2: Imagery for future system and algorithm development

Background l.jpg

  • VBD systems could help UK Police and Government be more efficient

  • Many systems already available

  • Performance variation between these systems and the applications

  • HOSDB need to quickly assess the suitability of VBDS for typical outdoor applications

Chosen scenarios l.jpg
Chosen Scenarios

  • Sterile zone or perimeter monitoring

  • Parked vehicle detection

  • Abandoned baggage detection

  • Doorway surveillance and monitoring

Consultation and trials l.jpg
Consultation and trials

The i-LIDS specification generated through consultations with:

 Academia


  • GovernmentandPoliceusers

VMD trials have helped develop the specification for the library content

I lids content l.jpg
i-LIDS Content

  • Should allow rapid and consistent evaluations

  • Representative of 12-months live testing at operational sites

  • Contain all plausible variations to calculate an indication of performance for most scenes

  • Relevant for development over next 5 - 10 years

Content example l.jpg
Content example

Test imagery weighted towards the boundaries the capability of VBD systems and the user operational requirements

Scenario contents l.jpg

Event alarms that should be detected

Non-event alarms that

should be ignored

Scenario Contents

Sterile zone monitoring l.jpg
Sterile Zone Monitoring

A typical ‘event alarm’ test sequence filmed at HOSDB premises

Doorway monitoring l.jpg
Doorway Monitoring

A typical ‘event alarm’ test sequence captured from a CCTV camera on site

Parked vehicle detection l.jpg
Parked Vehicle Detection

A typical ‘non-event alarm’ test sequence captured from a town center CCTV camera

I lids sets l.jpg
i-LIDS Sets

Three similar i-LIDS sets of the four scenarios

Two public sets:

  • System training set

  • System testing set

    One private HOSDB set:

  • In-house system evaluation set

Image collection l.jpg
Image Collection

  • Imagery taken from standard PAL output CCTV video cameras

  • Recorded to portable broadcast quality digital Betacam tape recorders

  • Transferred via SDI to PC for editing and tagging

  • Simple editing and limited compression to minimise artifacts

Image storage l.jpg
Image Storage

  • Test sequences of varying length and complexity

  • Accompanied by simple XML ground truth

  • Library sets supplied on large HHD and searchable using the XML database

  • Master copies held by HOSDB on digital Betacam tapes

I lids distribution l.jpg
i-LIDS Distribution

  • Calibrated imagery accompanied by complete glossary of descriptors

  • Available to public in QuickTime Motion JPEG format

  • Demonstration samples and updates may be available on DVD or some other means

  • A complete 24hr set will be available on hard disc drive

Police automatic picture analysis papa l.jpg
Police Automatic Picture Analysis (PAPA)

  • Huge volume of video evidence associated with major investigations

  • Can come in a variety of forms, e.g.

    • Analogue multiplexed videotapes

    • Timelapse

    • DVDs/CDs

  • Need to extract useful information

  • Can technology help?

Slide21 l.jpg

  • Two stage process

    • Video handling

    • Automatic Analysis Tools (AATs)

  • Demonstrator for video handling developed

    • Currently undergoing assessment

  • Implement AATs

    • Have conducted brief literary review

    • Looking to test?