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CARI COM. Seminar on the Implementation of the System of National Accounts 2008 (SNA 2008) 14-16 June 2010, Jolly Beach, Resort, Antigua and Barbuda. CARI COM.

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    1. CARICOM Seminar on the Implementation of the System of National Accounts 2008 (SNA 2008)14-16 June 2010,Jolly Beach, Resort,Antigua and Barbuda

    2. CARICOM CARICOM Workshop on the Development of Caribbean Specific Information and Communication Technologies (CSICT) Statistics and IndicatorsClassification of Merchandise Trade in ICT Goods6 - 9 December 2011,ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA

    3. CARICOM CONTENT OF PRESENTATION • Definition of ICT sector • Definition of ICT sector in terms of Merchandise Trade in ICT Goods • Partnership Indicators • Classification

    4. CARICOM CARICOM’s Definition of the ICT Sector • CARICOM, defines the ICT sector, as all technologies and products that process, transmit, and display information electronically, including that section of the content industry that is engaged in the transformation of products for electronic distribution (online or otherwise).

    5. CARICOM’s Definition of the ICT Sector cont’d CARICOM The definition includes the production of ICT Goods and Services; inclusive of the retail trade in ICT goods, (that is accompanied by services incidental to the sale), and other incidental ICT enabling activities. The scope of ICT is further defined to include trade and relates to the international trade in ICT goodsand services.

    6. CARICOM Definition of the ICT Sector in terms of Merchandise Trade in ICT Goods • ICT goods are defined in the following broad groups: • Telecommunications equipment • Computer and related equipment • Electronic components • Audio and video equipment • Other ICT goods

    7. Partnership Indicators on trade in ICT goods CARICOM ICT3 - ICT goods imports as a percentage of total imports ICT4 - ICT goods exports as a percentage of total exports

    8. CLASSIFICATION OF MERCHANDISE TRADE IN ICT GOODS (Based on HS 2007) CARICOM The attached list consists of HS 2007 and SITC Rev 4 codes which reflect the ICT goods classified for international merchandise trade. Corresponding HS 2002 and SITC Rev 3 codes are also provided.