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Spine Treatment done at The Spine Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Spine Treatment done at The Spine Center

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Spine Treatment done at The Spine Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Back pain and serious spinal problems are treated uses the latest procedures and technology at The Spine Center. Location 1 Surgical Spine Solutions - Houston TX 14450 TC Jester Boulevard, Suite 400, Houston, TX 77014 (281) 292-1121 Location 2 Surgical Spine Solutions - Clear Lake TX 14903 El Camino Real, Houston, TX 77062 (281) 292-1121

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surgical spine solutions


The Spine Center

surgical spine solutions6
Surgical Spine Solutions

The Spine Center is a Texas-based spine surgery clinics that uses the latest procedures and technology to relieving back pain and serious spinal problems, offering minimally invasive back surgery and spine treatment.


Don’t postpone. Take action now!

Postponing back surgery can actually cause your problems to worsen, and when that happens, the pain increases and your quality of life decreases. Don’t spend another day dealing with serious back pain!

get it back your pain free life
Get it back! Your pain free life!

It is a lot easier to fix than you think and a visit to The Spine Center in Houston could have you back enjoying the things you love the most in no time.

enjoy your life
Enjoy your life!

With this revolution in spine surgery, people are able to break free from the shackles of back pain, owing to the highly advanced minimally invasive surgery.


Houston Spine Center, with its most experienced surgeons, is determined in delighting the customers by using latest technologies to get the patient back to his schedule in the least time possible.

back pain won t hold you back anymore
Back pain won’t hold you back anymore!

We’re committed to helping you get back to your normal life as quickly as possible, and our minimally-invasive spine surgery techniques can help reduce downtime and eliminate common complications so you can get on your feet faster than ever before.

contact us today
Contact us today!

Location 1:Surgical Spine Solutions - Houston TX  14450 TC Jester Boulevard, Suite 400Houston, TX 77014(281) 292-1121

Location 2:Surgical Spine Solutions - Clear Lake TX  14903 El Camino RealHouston, TX 77062(281) 292-1121