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Top tips for developing you tube influencers PowerPoint Presentation
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Top tips for developing you tube influencers

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Top tips for developing you tube influencers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top tips for developing you tube influencers

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long tail discoverability
Long-Tail Discoverability

YouTube is different from video distribution on other types of social media platforms, which each have their own strengths. Facebook can get more organic “day 1” views, while Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and the various new live streaming apps can each have more bite-sized immediacy and up-front influence in the short term.

the real mccoy
The Real McCoy

Users will go out of their way to seek out unofficial voices talking about your products. And the more authentic and less polished those YouTubers are, the more we trust them in their claims of which products are best, and how to use them.

let the youtuber decide
Let the YouTuber Decide

The YouTuber knows best, and when given control will work very hard to make it work because they will want you to have the best results, and because it’s a reflection of their skill and creativity, it’s personal.

audience size
Audience Size

Contrary to our tendency to gawk over high viewcounts, they don’t matter much and can be easily fudged with paid views to untargeted audiences. Rather, it’s the relevant audience that matters. Would you rather have 2,000 targeted views of people searching for your products

influencers for all
Influencers for All

You may have heard stories of YouTubers with huge followings making big bucks talking about video games and cosmetics industries. But there is also a vast ocean of unsung YouTubers who just happen to love talking about products of all kinds, including, quite possibly, yours.

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