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Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Group | Neeraj Kochhar Wikipedia PowerPoint Presentation
Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Group | Neeraj Kochhar Wikipedia

Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Group | Neeraj Kochhar Wikipedia

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  1. Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Profiles, Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Group Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Profiles

  2. Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Group Details • Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Group is one of the prime groups of the metal industry. So, as to demonstrate our responsibility for world-class standards, we work with the best and most recent innovations to make a wide assortment of a hardened metal item. We have presently developed ABP Acceptance Framework in Germany with three high power acceptance heaters. neeraj raja kochhar wiki

  3. Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Profiles Information • Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Profiles plant situated at Odisha is in Sambalpur. This branch involves in manufacturing of different ranges of stainless-metal product such as wire, wire rods, fasteners, bright bars and more. We also have an in-house heat treatment shop and well-equipped laboratory facilities for mechanical and metallurgical testing, PMI testing with X-ray and optical emission spectroscopy. We also have fully equipped radiation Contamination monitoring facilities at our plants. Today we are the biggest exporters of alloy items in India and trade about 90% of our creation. neerajkochharviraj group

  4. Viraj Group Office

  5. Neeraj KochharWikipedia • Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Group is ruling the world in stainless steel flanges products. Our flange fabricating division includes all latest equipment which produces all type of flange in various determinations, for example, ASME, EN, DIN, AWWA and for us, sky is not the limit. We manufacture flanges of size range from ½" to 40". Flanges manufactured by Viraj are well known across the PVFF Industry for their reliability and quality. neerajkochharwikipedia

  6. Neeraj Raja Kochhar Wiki • We have sophisticated, state-of-the-art machines employed for production and stringent quality controls that ensure flawless quality. At our plants, we use SPC analysis tool to supervise the ongoing processes.

  7. Viraj Steel Products Details

  8. Neeraj Kochhar VirajProfiles • Neeraj Kochhar VirajProfileshas built up a severe quality framework with 90 endorsements and accreditations. We deliver products of superior quality to our clients which makes us prominent name in steel industry. At Sambalpur branch, we are assembling product that lasts long as it is our duty to furnish you with the best quality item. For stainless metal, items contact us at our website.

  9. Contact Us For more information about Viraj Stainless Steel Fasteners, Neeraj Kochhar VirajProfiles, Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Group andNeeraj Kochhar Wikipedia so, you can visit our website: - Email: Tel: +91 22 6276 6200