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Symbols of Our Country

Symbols of Our Country. Utah State Core 1 st Grade Standard 2 Objective 3. Photos taken from - http://pics4learning.com. Also known as “The Stars and Stripes”, it represents the United States. American Flag. White House.

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Symbols of Our Country

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  1. Symbols of Our Country Utah State Core 1st Grade Standard 2 Objective 3 Photos taken from - http://pics4learning.com

  2. Also known as “The Stars and Stripes”, it represents the United States. American Flag

  3. White House It has been the home and office to every President except George Washington. It was first used in 1800. There are 132 rooms in the house.

  4. This is the building where the Senate and the House of Representatives meet. Together they are called Congress. This is where they vote for the laws of our country. It is located on Capitol Hill. It first opened in 1800. United States Capitol

  5. This is the building where the nine Supreme Court justices meet. It was first used in 1935. Supreme Court

  6. George Washington He was our first President. He was also a Revolutionary War general.

  7. Declaration of Independence This document was written in 1776 to say that the people were going to form their own country and would no longer be ruled by England’s king.

  8. Bald Eagle This is the national bird. It is unique to North America and is on the endangered list.

  9. This monument is the tallest structure in Washington, D.C. and stands 555 feet tall. It was opened in 1888 and honors the first President of the United States. Washington Monument

  10. Great Seal This seal was designed by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. It was approved in 1782. The eagle holds an olive branch representing peace and the arrows representing war.

  11. The Constitution of the United States was written in 1787. It defines the powers of the government and rights of the American people. Constitution of the United States

  12. Uncle Sam He is a made up character. He was first used in the War of 1812 to get young men to join the army.

  13. Liberty Bell The Liberty Bell was originally made in England. It was brought to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1753 and was rung to mark special events and call people together. It cracked in 1841.

  14. Lincoln Memorial It honors the 16th President and opened in 1922. The statue of Lincoln is surrounded by 32 pillars representing the number of states in the U.S. when he died.

  15. The Statue of Liberty is made of copper and stands on Liberty Island at the entrance to New York Harbor. It was given to America by the people of France in 1884 to symbolize friendship and liberty. Her crown has 7 spikes to represent the light of liberty shining on 7 seas and 7 continents. Statue of Liberty

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