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Hands on experience with AG setup PowerPoint Presentation
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Hands on experience with AG setup

Hands on experience with AG setup

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Hands on experience with AG setup

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  1. Dr. JongWon Kim 2003/ 8/ 26 Networked Media Laboratory Dept. of Information & Communications Kwang-Ju Institute of Science & Technology Advanced Network Conference/16th APAN Meetings in Busan, Korea APAN Access Grid Training Workshop Session 3 Hands on experience with AG setup

  2. Contents • Step 1: Hardware Checkup • Laptop PC, Web camera, Headset, Network connection. • Step 2: Software Setup • Downloading of software. • Installation and setup for Python, Globus component, AGTk2.0 • Step 3: Test Run

  3. Step 1: Hardware Checkup • Prerequisites • Laptop PC, Web camera, Headset (headphone & mic). • Network Connection (100Mbps Ethernet) • Preparations • System OS: Window XP/2k. • Connect Web camera & setup (install device driver). • Connect headset including headphone and microphone & check its operation.

  4. Step 2: Software Setup • Download the followings: • ActiveState Python 2.2 • wxPython (links Python and windows GUI) • AGTk Prerequisite Bundle • Including Windows Globus, pyGlobus, Globus Configuration Tools, pyDNS, OpenSSL 0.9.6i, pyOpenSSL, Loggings • Access Grid Toolkit 2.0

  5. Step 2.1: Python-related Installation • Install ActiveState Python 2.2 • ActivePython-2.2.2-224-win32-ix86.msi • Install wxPython • wxPythonWIN32- After installation Check this box!!

  6. Step 2.2: AGTk Globus bundle Installation • Install AGTk Prerequisite Bundle • WindowsGlobus-2.0.exe After installation Check this box!!

  7. Setting up WinGlobus • After installation of winglobus, • Check 'set up Globus runtime environment' and finish. You can see Missing part! (certificate and key) Click!

  8. Setting up WinGlobus (cont.) • Obtaining certificates and Initializing the grid proxy • It is for each person, not for each node • Uniquely identifies a user (O=Access Grid/ CN=ag-training) (Training WS ONLY) • O= Associates certificate with an Organization • OU=Associates certificate with an Organizational Unit • OU: is the signing CA’s address • OU: is your domain • CN= is the unique name of the user Note: You need to obtain your own certificate and use it!

  9. Setting up WinGlobus (cont.) • Obtaining certificates and Initializing the grid proxy • Run ‘Get a Certificate’ in your program folder => will create userkey.pem & userreq.pem • Mail the created userreq.pem to ANL MCS ( • From the mail reply (after 2 business days), save the usercert.pem into C:/Documents and Settings/user_account/Application Data/globus folder • Run “Globus Configuration” for setup • Gird proxy initializing (before running venue client or server) • Creating the grid proxy with usercert.pem and userkey.pem

  10. Setting up WinGlobus (cont.) • Run ‘Get a Certificate’ in your program folder PEM password: ag-training Identifies user [O, OU, OU, CN] Mail the userreq.pem to for certification

  11. Setting up WinGlobus (cont.) • Run ‘Globus Configuration’ in your program folder Before, receiving the certification You will see missing part!!

  12. Setting up WinGlobus (cont.) • Download certificate (Training WS ONLY) • • Save certificates in • C:/Documents and Settings/user_account/Application Data/globus • Run ‘Globus Configuration’ Everything OK!

  13. Step 2.4: AGTk 2.0 Installation • Access Grid Toolkit 2.0 • AGTk-2.0.exe After install you can see this box. Check "Setup what video devices will produce video stream" and finish If you want to setup your own venue server, check server software part

  14. Step 3: Test Running • Certificate handling: Run Grid-Proxy-Init • Run Venue Client & Operate • (Optional) Local Venue Server

  15. Step 3.1: Test Running (Grid Proxy Init) • Run the Grid-Proxy-Init • Every user and service in the Access Grid is required to have a valid identity certificate issued by a trusted certificate authority. • A certificate is basically used to assure your security when connected to the Access Grid. • Grid Proxy: You are not actually using your certificate for authentication. Rather you have to create a grid proxy certificate, which is used for authentication without requiring you to enter your pass phrase. Once you have initiated the proxy with your password you will not have to enter it again until the proxy is invalid. However, longer validity means less security. • Before running VenueClient

  16. Step 3.1: Test Running (Grid Proxy Init) • Run the Grid-Proxy-Init • At first, there is no proxy • Click ‘create’, you can see the information of certificate • Setting the hours what express proxy validation time, click ‘OK’ • Preferable value of ‘hours’ is 15. • Created time is Greenwich mean time (GMT) • Good till is bigger than current time. • Enter the passPhrase: ag-training  Originally made in requesting globus certificate procedures • Click ‘Done’

  17. Created proxy information Enter the PassPhrase “ag-training” Grid Proxy Init (cont.) There is no proxy Set ‘Hours’ 8  larger • Set proxy validation time and click ‘OK’ • Preferable value of ‘hours’ is 15. • Created time is Greenwich mean time (GMT) • Good till is bigger than current time.

  18. Step 3.2: Test Running (VenueClient) • Run the VenueClient • You can see the message box "Please, fill your profile“  Fill them. • Then, you can see the venue client....Click the go~ • If this is first time, you can see this message box.  Fill your e-mail address and click ‘Accept’.

  19. Venue Client (cont.) • VenueClient • run venue client • run node manager (Menu bar/Preferences/Manage My node) • Add video producer service with your own video device • Default services: audio, video consumer service • Connect to venue server • Default address: • Own local venue server:https://localhost:8000/Venues/default

  20. VenueClient (cont.) Connect to venue server Created venues Vic (video) Venue client Adding ‘VideoProbuceService’ to send your video Rat (audio) Node manager

  21. VenueClient (cont.) • Vic control • Auto place • Number of column in small vic: Number key • Size of each vic: • Large(L), Middle(M), Small(S) • Video Mute control • Rat control • Select audio source / Mute control • ‘Listen’ – speaker, • ‘Talk’ - microphone, • Volume control using ‘Gain’

  22. (Optional) Venue server • local venue server • run venue server • run venue server manager • Connect to venue server that you (administrator) want to manage • Create/Destroy/Modify venues (conference room) • Each venues have to connect with other venues using ‘exit’

  23. VenueServer (cont.) Local venue server address & port Venue server Connect to venue server Creating/Deleting/Modifying Venues Connecting each venues in venue server Venue server manager

  24. Additional References • AG Documents from Access Grid Official WWW • Venue Client Manual, Venue Management Manual, HowTo build a Room Based Node • • How To Install and Configure AG 2.0 on a Single Machine Node (PIG), for WindowsXP • • AG 2003 Retreat - AG Installation and Packaging • • AG 2003 Retreat - Hardware Setup •

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