Raising the standards in national competitions:
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Raising the standards in national competitions: Cycle Alignment 18 July 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Raising the standards in national competitions: Cycle Alignment 18 July 2013. Aim of the session. To provide a forum for Competition Organising Partners to further develop understanding of cycle alignment and international benchmarking.

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Aim of the session

  • To provide a forum for Competition Organising Partners to further

  • develop understanding of cycle alignment and international

  • benchmarking.

  • Review and evaluate progress in raising standards of competitions.

  • Explore opportunities to further develop competition activities to support alignment and lift in standards.

  • Feedback on developments to support overall strategy to lift and raise standards across all UK competition activities.

The ambition

In our commitment to ensure that the WorldSkills UK competitions programme continues to inspire young people and adults to be ambitious in their pursuit of skills to the highest level, the selection process for WorldSkills will now be fully aligned with the WorldSkills UK National Competition cycle.

WorldSkills UK – The Skills Show in November 2014 will host the finals of the National Competitions at which the selection process for Squad UK for WorldSkills Sao Paulo 2015 will also take place. Aligning the process will provide competitors with a clear progressive journey in order for them to move to the next level.

The ambition

  • To support the ambition we are making significant enhancements to

  • improve the quality of the journey to the UK final for all competitors:

  • LSIS guide

  • Pre—competition materials

  • Competitor Preparation Toolkits

  • Pre-final training grants

  • Master classes

What does alignment mean?

Alignment means bridging the gaps in standards for each skill (leading to WorldSkills) between UK final and the Squad Selection; joining two phases of the competition journey into one single event.

How do we achieve this?

  • Understanding roles and responsibilities

  • Clear strategy and approach

  • Build strong working relationships with TM/Es

  • Review existing test projects i.e. National Final, Squad Selection & WS Technical Descriptions

  • COPs and TM/Es to develop robust plans to support the alignment and lift in standards

  • Submit proposal for the training and development grant (9 August 2013)

  • Support resource: Competition Development Guide

Aligning standards

  • Alignment of standards is the process by which partners and training managers will

  • review the two competitions for a given skill (UK final and Squad selection) and identify

  • gaps required to assess a competitor’s technical ability across a series of tasks or

  • activities.

  • The analysis should include a review of the following aspects:

  • Competition design: Performance standards

  • Assessment criteria: Assessment of technical skills

  • Materials and/or equipment

  • Duration of tasks/competition

  • See page Competition Development Guide page 12 for WSUK Competition

  • Assessment: UK final & Squad.

Competition development guide

  • The guide is designed for Competition Organising Partners and Training Manager/Experts to support the alignment of standards across competition activities. Areas of particular interest are:

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Outlined approach and defined set of activities with milestones

  • Gap analysis template

  • Competitor training and development grant

Competitor training and development grants to support pre-final training

  • This is a one off enabling grant available to support the alignment process for skills competitions with priority given to skills leading to WorldSkills. We encourage Competition Organising Partners to submit a proposal to:

  • Address the gaps in competitor training and development for finalists

  • Significantly improve existing training and development already being delivered

  • To apply for a grant your proposal must demonstrate:

  • Sustainability in subsequent years

  • Added value to your competition programme

  • Suitable delivery models for your industry or sector

  • Review and evaluation process

  • Communication methods with finalists

1. Cycle Alignment Breakout group – 50 minutes pre-final training

Competition Partners who are responsible for competitions that lead to WS will have an opportunity to review project documentation, share early success stories, ask questions and explore opportunities to further develop competitions.

2. International Standards Breakout group – 50 minutes

Competition Partners who are responsible for UK only competitions will have an opportunity to establish the best parts of the international competitions framework and seek to embed where possible international standards in UK competitions.

Q&A to panel – 50 minutes

Each group will feedback on discussion points and will have a chance to ask the panel questions.

Questions? pre-final training