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August 2000

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August 2000
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August 2000

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  1. August 2000

  2. • Launched on April 19, 2000 in Hong Kong • Positioned as a Direct Marketing Portal • Use coupon to establish the most valuable marketing asset – behavioral databases of enterprises and customers • Once you get hold of both supply and demand sides, it is easy for you to make money matching them • For instance, you know who sells good wine and who is willing to pay for good wine, it is easy to make money connecting them together or act as a middleman or go one step further to develop a wine trade without knowing the trade. Besides wine, there are unlimited trade categories that we can tap into.

  3. Why Coupons • Coupons are international classic motivators • Every commercial enterprise around the world uses them -- credit card companies, retail shops, publications ... • Print coupons -- newspaper, magazine, direct mail • disadvantages -- the coupons are not to be found when you need them; they pop up from nowhere when you do not need them • e-coupons, and later mobile coupons through 3G and PDA • You can get them whenever and wherever you want them on a global basis – this could be an avenue for tourism

  4. Business Model

  5. Revenue Model (Already working in the Hong Kong market) • Coupon warehousing • Coupons as content, ICP model, clients include,,, Garden Biscuits • Permission marketing • Strategic partner – • Marketing/Distribution services • Clients include Garden Biscuits, Hong Kong Jockey Club China Light Power, HKNet • Cyber marketing & Web production • Clients include Garden Biscuits, Kath-Man-Du Restaurant, Club Berlin II Café, Igaraslhi Japanese Restaurant, Third Street Car Stereo Company

  6. Other Income Sources • Advertising • Clients include PeoplesPhone • bonus88 internet card – on- and off-line transaction • e-commerce -- both B2C and B2B • Wholesale -- bulk buy and mass trade • e-loyalty program -- eCRM (Customer Relationship Management) model • SME business exchange hub

  7. Highlights for 1st Quarter of • A merchant database of 25,000 • 2,400 registered merchants, the largest coupon site in Hong Kong, with over 100 product categories, and more than 14,000 members • Revenue HK$159,000 • Low burn rate HK$220,000 a month • Strategic partners include, HKNet,,,, • WAP partners include Hutchison Orange, PeoplesPhone and New World Telephone • Marketing partners include Hong Kong Jockey Club, China Light Power, Garden Biscuits, Regal Airport Hotel, Kentucky Fried Chicken • Business partners include,, • A MOU with United Media Group to expand into China • bonus88 is used as a case study in the diploma course in e-commerce offered by the University of Hong Kong

  8. Distinctive Advantage • bonus88 is an extension of BBRD, a direct marketing agency for over ten years • With BBRD transferring knowledge and experience, business network and client base, bonus88 enjoys a distinctive advantage in developing an e-hub for both B2C and B2B business exchange. • Entrepreneur experience and commitment • All directors are not first starters. Their prior entrepreneurial experience puts bonus88 on a distinctive competitive platform especially the success of today’s web site depends more and more on integration of new and old economy experience.

  9. Distinctive Advantage • Scalability of bonus88 • It can scale in terms of content, technology and business models. • Content • Coupons, Web page production, Multi-media presentation, i-store, i-mall, Business exchange hub • Technology • Coupon system, Search engine, Ad banner management, Cyber marketing system, UMS, eCRM • Business Models • B2C • Permission marketing, Commercial sponsorship, Personalized ordering service, Powerbuy service, bonus88 e-card • B2B • ICP model – coupons as content, Web solutions, Cyber marketing, e-commerce, e-tailing, e-media, Business exchange hub, SME solutions

  10. Competitors • e-coupon sites • There are quite a few in every country • However, bonus88 is more than a coupon site. It is a direct marketing e-hub. There is no competitor.

  11. Competitive Edge — International Appeal • The essence of bonus88 is to bring bonus to everybody • For consumers, discounts and free gifts • For merchants, sales and business • For web sites, coupons and strategic partners to enhance site traffic and stickiness • For investors, no-nonsense return on investment. • With these universal appeals, bonus88 can easily and quickly be expanded internationally

  12. Market Size • The primary market will be Asia with focus on • Hong Kong • China • Singapore • South Korea • Australia • New Zealand • Taiwan • India • As researched by IDC and Goldman Sachs (see next slide), these are the leading countries in Asia in terms of internet and e-commerce potential • Secondary market • US, Europe and other parts of the world

  13. Market Development – Year 2000 • Hong Kong • Already the largest coupon site • China • A MOU has been signed with United Media Group; plan to launch before December, 2000 • Singapore • A Joint-Venture in discussion with a coupon site

  14. Market Development • Year 2001 • South Korea • Australia • New Zealand • Taiwan • Year 2002 • India • Go beyond Asia

  15. Marketing Strategy/Program • Merchants • Recruited through telemarketing • It saves cost, time and efforts and within the expertise of BBRD which has done telemarketing for over ten years • Members • Recruited through sponsorship, joint promotion with partners, exhibitions and email marketing • Advertisers/clients • Through public relations, joint promotion with partners and extensive business network through directors of bonus88 and BBRD

  16. Management Team: Isabella Lee • Founder & Director, Sales & Business Development, trained in Canada, over 12 years in sales and marketing. Before bonus88, Media Consultant for Hong Kong Productivity Council, helping the council to achieve record sales for IT Directories and e-mall; Advertising Director, EVE Magazine; General Manager, Golden Flare Film Limited; Vice President, Mission Hill Golf

  17. Ricky Law • Founder & Director, Marketing & Operation, trained in Hong Kong and New York, United States, over 15 years in direct and database marketing, Founder and Director of BBRD Communication Limited, previously with Reader’s Digest, and leading advertising agencies Ogilvy & Mather, J Walter Thompson

  18. Daniel Wong • IT and Database Consultant, trained in Britain, over 10 years in IT industry, Founder and Director of Delphitech Solutions and Consultant The Privatisation of Lincolnshire Ambulance Service (UK), The Manchester Airport Authority (UK), The Vietnam Airline Booking System (Hanoi), The Provisional Airport Authority (Hong Kong), SFI Technology Ltd (Dongguang, PR China) and The Long Term Strategic Review on IT Policy for Yips Hang Cheung (Holdings)

  19. Andy Wee • Development Consultant for South Asia, born and trained in Singapore, more than 13 years in marketing technology products, worked for Oki and Seagate, both Fortune 500 companies before setting up his own company ALM, specializing in cyber marketing

  20. Danny Hui • Development partner in China, CEO of United Media Group (UMG) which is a multi-media production company producing over 150 hours of programs for China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and our partner in developing bonus88 China.

  21. Finance Projection for Hong Kong

  22. Appendix

  23. Company Profile

  24. Physical Data • Established in 1987 • The longest-standing independent direct marketing agency in Hong Kong

  25. Enhanced Strength • Established as a direct marketing agency and developing with technology and keeping abreast with market trend in the last decade, coupled with our professional knowledge, consolidated strategic alliances and well-developed business network, BBRD has become a strong strategic partner to our clients not only in direct marketing, but also in advertising and lately, internet and on-line marketing.

  26. Mission • BBRD helps clients to • Identify prospects • Convert them into customers • Retain them for life

  27. Major services • Total solution for direct marketing • Concept and production • Telemarketing • Fulfillment services -- lettershop • Database consulting and management • Direct Marketing Audit

  28. Enhanced Services • e-dm -- electronic direct marketing • Marketing consultation • Advertising services • Web design and web marketing consulting

  29. DM Capabilities

  30. Capabilities in Real Business • Generates 4,000 responses for a fund investment company • Brings in 10,000 new telephone lines for a telecommunications company • Sells more than 500 notebooks • Generates HK$4,000,000 sales in mail order • Moves over HK$2,000,000 worth of motor vehicles

  31. Capabilities in Real Business • Produces almost HK$10,000,000 in revenue calculated on a ten-year life-time value for an insurance company • Pushes more than HK$500,000 worth of jewelry • Increase the response rate by 12% by modifying a coupon ad • Brings in 300% more attendants for an IT seminar

  32. Client Profile

  33. Airline Air Canada • Appliances Philips, National • Bank International Bank of Asia, Standard Chartered Bank, Overseas Trust Bank • Cars Land Rover, BMW • Computer Microware USA, AST, Dell • Courier Federal Express, UPS, TNT Express Worldwide • Chemical DuPont China

  34. Charity Community Chest, Oxfam Hong Kong bonus88, speedinsure, hidden-money, merrymaids Funds GT Management, Manulife Funds Direct Insurance CIGNA, CMG Asia, AXA Sime Mail order International Collections Limited, Hong Kong School of Motoring, HongkongBank

  35. Media Cable TV Publications Reader’s Digest, Business Week, Asian Wall Street Journal, Hong Kong Economic Times Public bodies Hong Kong Productivity Council, SME Centre, Hong Kong Jockey Club Retail Johnson & Johnson, Parker Pen, Watson’s Distilled Water, Slumberland mattress

  36. Restaurant Nanbantei, Spaghetti House Salon Private I Salon Software Chevalier, Novell, Microsoft, Aldus Supermarket GrandMart Telecommunications New T&T, Hong Kong Telecom, CTI, AIC, Lucent Technologies Transportation MTR, Hong Kong Peak Tram Travel agency Hong Tai Travel