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情态动词. Yucai Senior Boarding School. Hengen Liu. 1 情态动词的语法特征: 1 ) 情态动词不能表示正在发生或已经发生的事情,只表示期待或估计某事的发生。 2 ) 情态动词 除 ought 和 have 外,后面只能接不带 to 的不定式。 3 ) 情态动词没有人称,数的变化,即情态动词第三人称单数不加 -s 。 4 ) 情态动词没有非谓语形式,即没有不定式,分词,等形式。.

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Yucai Senior Boarding School

Hengen Liu


1 情态动词的语法特征:1) 情态动词不能表示正在发生或已经发生的事情,只表示期待或估计某事的发生。

2) 情态动词 除ought 和have 外,后面只能接不带to 的不定式。

3) 情态动词没有人称,数的变化,即情态动词第三人称单数不加-s。

4) 情态动词没有非谓语形式,即没有不定式,分词,等形式。


e. 表示成功地做了某事时,只能用was/were able to, 不能用could。He was able to flee Europe before the war broke out. = He managed to flee Europe before the war broke out.注意:could不表示时态1)提出委婉的请求,(注意在回答中不可用could)。--- Could I have the television on? --- Yes, you can. / No, you can't.2)在否定,疑问句中表示推测或怀疑。He couldn't be a bad man.


2)have to有人称、数、时态的变化,而must只有一种形式。但must 可用于间接引语中表示过去的必要或义务。He had to look after his sister yesterday.3) 在否定结构中: don‘t have to  表示“不必“ mustn’t 表示”禁止”,You don‘t have to tell him about it.

你不一定要把此事告诉他。You mustn‘t tell him about it.



3) must 表示对已发生的事情的推测时,must 要接完成式。I didn't hear the phone. I must have been asleep.4) must表示对过去某时正发生的事情的推测,must 后面要接不定式的完成进行式。---Why didn't you answer my phone call?---Well, I must have been sleeping, so I didn't hear it. 5) 否定推测用can't。If Tom didn't leave here until five o'clock, he can't be home yet.


3)情态动词+动词完成时。表示对过去情况的推测。We would have finished this work by the end of next December.明年十二月底前我们很可能已完成这项工作了。The road is wet. It must have rained last night.地是湿的,昨天晚上一定下雨了。4)情态动词+动词的现在完成进行时。表示对过去正在发生事情的推测。Your mother must have been looking for you.你妈妈一定一直在找你。


5)推测的否定形式,疑问形式用can't, couldn't表示。Mike can't have found his car, for he came to work by bus this morning.  迈克一定还没有找回他的车,因为早上他是坐公共汽车来上班的。 注意:could, might表示推测时不表示时态,其推测的程度不如can, may。


3) ought to have done sth, should have done sth.本应该做某事,而事实上并没有做。否定句表示"不该做某事而做了"。You ought to (should) have been more careful in this experiment. He ought not to have thrown the old clothes away.(事实上已扔了。)ought to 在语气上比should 要强。


4) needn't have done sth  本没必要做某事I dressed very warmly for the trip, but Ineedn't have done so. The weather was hot.5) would like to have done sth  本打算做某事 I would like to have read the article, but I was very busy then.


—— Don’t forget to bring my new books tomorrow afternoon.

  • —— No, I______
  • A. don’t B. can’t C. won’t D. couldn’t
  • 2. —— I hear you’ve got a set of Australian coins.___I have a look?
  • —— Yes, certainly.
  • A. Do B. May C.Shall D. Should
  • 3. He seldom listens to others. He_____answer for what he has done.
  • A. shall B. will C. can D. would

4. —— May I leave the office before 5 o’clock in the afternoon?

  • —— No, I’m afraid you_______.
  • needn’t B. shouldn’t C. mustn't
  • D. won’t
  • 5. —— Shall I tell John about it?
  • —— No, you____. I know his telephone number.
  • A. needn’t B. wouldn’t C. mustn’t D. shouldn’t
  • 6. Mr Bush is on time for everything. How___it be that he was late for the opening ceremony?
  • A. can B. should C. may D. must

5. They must have been here the day before yesterday,____?

A. mustn’t they B. didn’t they

C. mustn’t have they D. had they

6. —— I didn’t go to see her yesterday.

—— Oh, but you _________

A. must have B. ought to

C. should have D. cannot have

7. —— Must I take a bus ?

—— No, you____. You can walk from here.

A. must not B. don’t

C. don’t have to D. had better not to


8. Tom_______show his exam results to his parents.

A. dare not B. dared

C. dare to D. dares not to

9. I don’t think he_______ a new bike.

A. need to buy B. needs buy

C. need D. need buy

10. —— Nacy_________ the letter from her mother.

—— No, she can’t have. The postman hasn’t come yet.

A. can receive B. can have received

C. must have received D. must receive