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Zašto je Deda Mraz tako dobar???  PowerPoint Presentation
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Zašto je Deda Mraz tako dobar??? 

Zašto je Deda Mraz tako dobar??? 

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Zašto je Deda Mraz tako dobar??? 

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  1. Zašto je Deda Mraz tako dobar???  Zato što živi na tako lepom mestu!!!  Pogledajte!

  2. Santa`s Resort Kakslauttanen is now open. The resort includes Santa's own house, where Santa receives visitors. Elves serve hot drinks and ginger biscuits during your visit. • Near Santa's house there is a large reindeer pen, where you can see some of Santa's and his elves' reindeer and even drive a reindeer-drawn sledge in winter! In summer reindeer roam freely in the area, which has two peat shelters for them to use in hot weather. This is a good place for visitors to see and take pictures of reindeer. • Santa and his elves have built a 50 metres long and 10 metres high bridge over a bog to Gold Creek, where Gold Elves live in their own hut. Near the bridge there is a 10 metres high tower, home to the Bridgekeeper Elf. In summer Gold Elves dig for gold together with the other elves in Gold Creek. • Santa, Gold Elves and the Smith Elf have a secret recipe that allows them to create millions of presents from the gold dug by the Gold Elves. You can see the light sparkling, when the Smith Elf pitches gold nuggets into his forge and presents fly around the world just like text messages. • In summer visitors can pan for gold at Santa's resort under the direction of Gold and other elves. You can keep any nuggets you find. The Gold Elves guarantee that everybody will find at least one nugget and often more. The Gold Elf “Räyhä” has found several large nuggets in Gold Creek with the biggest one weighing 30 grammes! In winter Santa's Resort offers a perfect hill for sledding, located just beside the cafe and souvenir shop. If you are eager to see Northern Lights, look no further, as Santa's Resort provides an excellent spot for watching Aurora Borealis. • You can experience all this for two hours with elves as your guide. Santa's Resort Kakslauttanen is conveniently located just 15 minutes drive from Saariselkä area, west of Hotel & Igloo Village Kakslauttanen. You can come by car and also by snowmobile or with a husky team in winter.

  3. The ancient Finns regarded the sauna as a sacred and healing place. The first saunas in Finland were smoke saunas, in which Finns used to combat harsh realities of the climate both for the enjoyment and for its physical, mental and even spiritual benefits. The process of heating a smoke sauna is lengthy. When sauna is being heated up it is filled with smoke, which is ventilated out through an opening in the wall. A smoke sauna is the purest sauna alternative because it is disinfected by the smoke during the heating. The steam is soft, honey-flavoured and sweeet and after the visit one is endowed with an incredibly pleasant feeling for many days. Nowadays sauna is an integral part of Finnish Culture and is part of Finnish identity. Like a spiritual experience, it is something that cannot be described with words, but instead has to be experienced. Sauna in ice. Hotel Kakslauttanen.

  4. World's Largest Snow Restaurant

  5. World's Largest Snow Restaurant

  6. Glass igloo provides an one of a kind opportunity to admire the northern lights and millions of stars of the crystal clear Lapp sky in a comfortable room temperature. Built from a special thermal glass the temperature inside the igloo always stays a normal level. It also prevents the glass from not getting white frosted, hence keeping the view clear even when the temperature outside drops to under -30°C. Every igloo is equipped with a toilet and luxury beds.

  7. Glass Igloos and KammiLocated on the Levi fell in Utsuvaara region, 350m above sea level kammi and glass igloos are surrounded by forest and offer magnificent views of nature and the Arctic surroundings. Perfect for couples and quiet family retreats, but still with an easy access to ski slopes, restaurants, golf course and snowmobile routes. The igloo's heated glass roof and the rotating bed allow you to follow stars and Northern Lights.

  8. Igloo Village Kakslauttanen**** • Hotel Kakslauttanen provides a unique experience in the Saariselkä Fell area of Finnish Lapland. It offers accommodation in traditional wood cabins and has the world’s largest smoke sauna. • Each cabin has its own kitchenette, garden area and private sauna. Free Wi-Fi is available in the hotel’s public areas. • Kakslauttanen Hotel has 4 restaurants, including 2 in a traditional Laplander hut. Each restaurant serves Laplandic specialities such as reindeer and char-grilled salmon. The hotel’s smoke sauna even has its own restaurant, Savusauna. • 2 other saunas are located in adjacent log cabins, which share a terrace. Each sauna has a relaxation room with open fireplace. The nearby ice hole is the perfect place to cool off. • Guests can also rent cross-country skis, Nordic walking sticks and snow shoes. Urho Kekkonen National Park is 50 km from Kakslauttanen Igloo Village. This hotel provides a unique experience in the Saariselkä Fell area of Finnish Lapland. It offers accommodation in glass igloos and has the world’s largest smoke sauna. Price: from 300EUR per night per person

  9. Kakslauttanen Holiday Village

  10. Ice Gallery