sunflowers and arcs rain n.
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Sunflowers and Arcs Rain

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Sunflowers and Arcs Rain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sunflowers and Arcs Rain . Talent 21 Project By: Hope Sprigg Date: 5/8/12 Period: Mrs. Alton/ Mrs. Hopkins . Introduction. The control in this experiment was not that good because our plant didn’t grow.

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sunflowers and arcs rain

Sunflowers and Arcs Rain

Talent 21 Project

By: Hope Sprigg

Date: 5/8/12

Period: Mrs. Alton/ Mrs. Hopkins

  • The control in this experiment was not that good because our plant didn’t grow.
  • The variable in this experiment was to see if vinegar water or water would work on the sunflower seed.
  • It would not work with the vinegar water.
  • Materials
  • Plastic cup
  • super growing pellets
  • Triple beam balance scale
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Water or 10% vinegar water
  • Ruler
  • Data sheet
  • Add super growing pellets to cup.
  • Add 3 tablespoons of water to expand.
  • Plant 3 seeds per cup.
  • Weigh cup on triple beam balance. Record weight.
  • Add tap water or vinegar water to cup. Weigh again and record data.
  • Cup will be placed under grow light.
  • Observe the container daily and note any indications of growth(by observations and measurement) and compare to other containers in the experiment. While observing indicate any special care given to the plant. (Did you need to add more or less water? Did you need to rotate the plant?)
  • Record observations, measurements, and comments in the plant growth diary. Once the plant begins to grow, you will need to draw a detailed picture of the plant including the appearance of leaves and stems.
  • Each day , repeat steps 3 through 8.
scientific method
Scientific Method
  • Ask a Question
  • State Your Hypothesis
  • Identify Control & Variable
  • Test Your Hypothesis
  • Collect & Record Your Data
  • Interpret Your Data
  • State Your Conclusion
ask a question
Ask a Question
  • The purpose of this experiment was to find out … (Include background information about requirements for plant growth and plant needs- your textbook would be a good place to begin gathering background information. Include information about the plant or the variable you used to help make your plant go and its importance in this experiment.
  • My question is: How come when you use vinegar water then it brings in molded in it, but if you use just water in it then it will not do bad things to it because it will just grow and be healthy and a new good plant like always.
state your hypothesis
State Your Hypothesis
  • If I plant a sunflower seed with my group and then I put vinegar water in the plant then it wouldn't grow because it is not just water, if it was just water then it would grow a lot.
identify control variable
Identify Control & Variable
  • The control is the tap water.
test your hypothesis
Test Your Hypothesis
  • If I add vinegar water to my sunflower seed, then it will not grow at all because it is not just water in it. If it was just water then it would be able to grow because just water will not kill the plant or have molded on it at all, and by the way why would anyone use vinegar water like really, but just to make sure, always use just water so your plant can be healthy too.
interpret your data
Interpret Your Data
  • Water is better then vinegar water because it is better and no one has ever been using vinegar water for anything. But there was no patterns in the plant because all their was, was dirt and molded too.
state your conclusion
State Your Conclusion
  • The plant would not grow at all, but if we had just water then it would grow a beautiful plant, and it would be green as ever!.