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South Carolina Grade Two NRT PowerPoint Presentation
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South Carolina Grade Two NRT

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South Carolina Grade Two NRT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2007. South Carolina Grade Two NRT . Purpose of this Testing Program. For selection into Gifted and Talented program Students enrolled in grade 2 are to take norm-referenced aptitude and achievement tests HCSD uses MAP & PACT as the achievement tests

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South Carolina Grade Two NRT

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South Carolina Grade Two NRT


Purpose of this Testing Program

  • For selection into Gifted and Talented program
  • Students enrolled in grade 2 are to take norm-referenced aptitude and achievement tests
  • HCSD uses MAP & PACT as the achievement tests
  • State provides for CogAT as the aptitude test in grade 2
  • HCSD does not use the ITBS test

Who to Test

Regulation 43-220 requires districts to screen all students by reviewing census aptitude and achievement test scores.

For special education students this may mean reviewing existing data to determine if a student meets the criteria to qualify for the gifted and talented program. If data does not exist and a student’s IEP does not indicate any exemptions from additional assessments, then it would be necessary to administer aptitude and achievement assessments. Students cannot be included or excluded from screening because of any disability.


Form B




  • Required for Grade 2 Gifted and Talented Selection
      • Verbal Battery
      • Quantitative Battery
      • Nonverbal Battery

CogAT (con’t)

  • All three tests required by the state
  • All subtests must be administered to obtain a Composite Aptitude Score
  • Roughly 40 minutes for each subtest
  • Grade 2
    • Teacher-paced


  • Individual/Small Group Admin.
  • Large-Print
  • Communication Assistance
  • Repeated Directions
  • Answers Recorded
  • English/Native Lang Dictionary (Word for Word)
  • Administered by ELL Teacher

May Not Repeat an Item Prompt


Scheduling The Tests

  • Tests are untimed
  • CogAT Grade 2 - November 6, 7 & 8
  • Have at most one session per half day
  • No more than one hour of testing per day is appropriate



Estimated Time (minutes)

Day 1


Oral Vocabulary

Verbal Reasoning


Day 2


Relational Concepts

Quantitative Concepts


Day 3


Figure Classification



Day 4




Day 5


Math Concepts

Math Problems


Required Schedule

This schedule has been developed in consultation with the Office of Assessment and the Office of Curriculum and Standards at the South Carolina Department of Education.


Prepare Students for Testing

  • Make Tests Meaningful
    • Tell students purpose
  • Provide Test-Taking Skills
    • How to mark answers
    • Work independently
    • Which answer makes the most sense
    • Persevere
    • Not expected to know the answers to all
  • Motivate Students
    • Special motivation generally not needed
    • Too much emphasis can be counter productive


large print tests
Large Print Tests
  • District ordered 35 Large Print Tests
  • Schools may order from DTC as needed
  • Student answers in Large Print Booklet
  • TA and STC transcribe answers from LP booklet into student’s regular print booklet
  • LP booklet is returned as non-scorable
  • Regular print booklet is returned for scoring
test coordinator manuals
Test Coordinator Manuals

TCMs have already been sent to each DTC

You will receive:

  • One TCM per district
  • One TCM per building within your district
test material shipment
Test Material Shipment

RPC can only send test materials to the District Test Coordinator.

It will be up to each DTC to distribute the test materials to each building.


Prior to Administration

  • Inventory Test Materials
    • Do immediately
    • Packing Slip in box 1
    • Save the boxes
    • Order more materials using the Request for Additional Test Materials FAX ME FORM
    • Report the receipt of materials using the Acknowledgement of Receipt FAX ME FORM
  • Prepare for Test Administration
    • Read TCM and the DFA
    • Schedule tests
    • Arrange for student accommodations
    • Distribute the test materials

Pre-Coded Student Information

  • All information is pre-coded and should be on barcode on test booklets
  • DO NOT use a pre-coded test booklet for another student
  • You will receive one CogAT booklet for each student
  • Birth dates – critical for CogAT
    • Can override pre-code by bubbling “1” in Column O
    • Enter correct birth month and year

Student Identification Codes

  • STUDENT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER GridEnter the 10-digit student identification number assigned to each student when they enroll or transfer into a school. (This is also referred to as the SUNS State ID number.)
  • TEST ADMINISTRATOR USE ONLY Grid (COLUMNS G–L): Enter the 12-digit student identification (SASI#) in columns G–L of the Test Administrator Use Only section. The first two digits in this number are the district numbers. Appendix I contains a list of the codes for the 85 districts in the state.

Student Information:

New Students

  • Complete back cover of CogAT booklet
  • Race/ethnicity – enter up to two using state codes on p 44 of TCM
  • Student Identification Number:
    • Make sure to enter both student identification numbers (SASI & STATE ID)

After Testing: Column Z

  • Complete absent, excused, damaged, or moved
    • Complete Column Z
      • Absent - 1
      • Moved - 2
      • Excused - 3
      • Book damaged – replaced – 4
  • Please make sure to return all test materials with the Column Z code with the Scorable Materials

After Testing: Accommodations

  • For students who used an accommodation.
  • Teachers should fill in code under column A:
      • 0 = Was tested individually or in small groups
      • 1 = Used large-print edition
      • 2 = Was given communication assistance
      • 3 = Had directions repeated
      • 4 = Had answers recorded by an assistant
      • 5 = Used a word-to-word dictionary for translation
      • 6 = Had the test administered by ELL teacher

After Testing: School Test Coordinator

  • Verify teachers have returned all test materials
  • Separate materials
  • Verify that a Class Identification Sheet is completed for each class
  • Verify Pre Slugged Building Identification Sheet is correct
  • Verify Security Checklists have been completed and placed in White Return Envelope

After Testing: School Test Coordinator (con’t)

  • Test booklets were completed with No. 2 soft-lead pencils
  • Gridding of all student information is complete and correct
  • Erasure of stray marks has been completed
  • Check that all test booklets are assembled with the demographic page facing up

Packing Scorable

Materials at the Schools

  • Pack materials in original shipping boxes from (top to bottom):
    • Building Header Sheet
    • Grade/Class Identification Sheet
    • Completed ITBS Tests
    • Completed CogAT Tests

Packing at the Schools

  • Return all test materials to District Test Coordinator
  • Fax the Summary of Test Materials Returned to your District Test Coordinator (Herb needs this to complete OSS)

Packing Non-Scorable

Materials at the Schools

  • Pack materials in original shipping boxes from (top to bottom):
    • CogAT Directions for Administration
    • All CogAT test booklets
    • Large Print Test Booklets
    • Security Checklist White Return Envelopes

After Testing:

District Test Coordinator

  • Verify that School Test Coordinator has returned all materials
  • Complete the Order Form for Riverside Scoring Services (OSS)
scorable and non scorable return labels
Scorable and Non-scorable Return Labels
  • Attach Scorable (orange) and Non-scorable (blue) labels to boxes
  • Please make sure the Box __ of __ is completed

UPS ARS Shipping Labels

  • PLEASE schedule to have UPS pick up your test materials!!!
  • If your district has regular UPS service, UPS can collect the boxes during your regular pick-up time.
  • For your convenience, arrangements have been made to “Bill 3rd party” for this shipment. Therefore, do not pay UPS.
ups ars shipping labels con t
UPS ARS Shipping Labels (con’t)
  • Test materials should be picked up no later than Wednesday, November 21.
  • Districts can send test materials back to RPC as soon as they have completed testing.
  • Please call Chantel Jackson, RPC Customer Service, at 800.323.9540, extension 7080 if you have any issues with returning test materials.

Test Security

  • Once again, DTCs must account for ALL of the tests and the DFAs
  • RPC will telephone districts if missing documents
  • Don’t forget! Please return
  • the security checklists
  • return envelopes with
  • test materials

Grade 2 Reports

  • ASCII file format
  • Import into other software
    • Ex: GIFT program
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file format