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Thaweesak Taekratok

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Thaweesak Taekratok

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  1. The Application of Accident Investigation as a Learning Tool ThaweesakTaekratok Crash Scene Investigation Project, Naresuan University ,Thailand

  2. Risk Taking Inattention Perception-Reaction Time Field of Vision Injury Threshold

  3. A single crash may be a combination of both mistake and error That leads to Prevent Mistakeand Mitigate Error

  4. Crashes will continue to occur in spite of best to prevent them (human error) • Humans should not be killed or seriously injured in a crash (human tolerance to violence) • Safe System involves safe speeds, vehicles, roads and infrastructure, • Safe System approaches aims to manage crash energy to minimise trauma Ref. Brian Fildes et. Al. The Enhanced Crash Investigation Study (ECIS)

  5. This seems Farfetched in Reality 120 km/hr Thai-style Safe System

  6. A new Toolis needed that should help people understanding the two-sided of the coin and select proper actions to alleviate this tremendous lost (in Thailand over 10,000 were killed last year) Asian Institute of Technology

  7. Causations Solutions 5 E ACTION Crash 1 Crash Scene Investigation Human 2 Road Car

  8. Crash Scene Investigation Project This project is sponsored by Thai Health Promotion Foundation and Road Safety Fund

  9. Objectives • To gain a more comprehensive account of the factors involved in road crashes through Accident Investigation Technique • To apply this technique at local level to introduce a Safe System concept as mandate by Thailand Road Safety Master Plan • To establish a comprehensive platform for multi-sectoral organizations both public and private as well as international level.

  10. Automotive Industry New Local Team New Expert Team Conceptual Framework Issue-based Case Automotive and Road R&D In-Depth Expert Accident Causations and Knowledge Area-based Case Policy Analysis Team Seminar Knowledge Transfer Road Standard Local Vehicle Standard In-Detail Law Reform Synthesis Knowledge Transfer Public Awareness Campaign Knowledge Transfer

  11. Crash Scene Investigation Chiang Rai Uttaradit Udonthani BuriRam Saraburi Surin Chonburi Rachburi Trang NakhonSriThammarat

  12. 10 C Steps for Investigation Team Collision Communication First Responder & Case Screening Coordination Team Assembly Collection Crash Scene Investigation Completion Data Integration Comprehension Data Analysis Consequence Data Synthesis & Findings Countermeasure List of Solutions Conclusion List of Actors/contributors Collaboration Shared Responsibility

  13. Data Collection Data Integration Data Analysis Crash Scene Investigation Hospital Data, Driver Data, Vehicle Data Road Data, Interview Report Road Driver Vehicle Interactions Expert Preliminary Findings Comprehensive Findings • List of Solutions • Education • Enforcement • Blackspot Location • EMS Quality Audit • Safe System • Vehicle Standard • Road& Road Furniture Standard • Biomechanics of Injuries • Policy Guidance • Monitoring and Evaluation

  14. Case Study

  15. Single Bus Only AccidentUdonthani Team June 2010

  16. Time of Accident 3.10 PM Location

  17. Crash Scene Investigation

  18. Road Information • 4 lanes Divided Highway • 2.5 Meters Shoulder Width • Asphaltic and worn Surface • Cloudy Sky

  19. Vehicle Information • FACT File : • ISUZU 45 seats • Registered 2001 • Diesel Engine2,400 CC. 275 Horsepower • Power Steering • Drum Brake

  20. Post Crash Condition

  21. Injury Report • 49 Passengers • No Casualty • 2 Severely Injured both Female • 11 Moderately Injured • 36 Slightly Injured

  22. Crash Causation Summary

  23. Action Immediate Action - Warning Sign of Slippery Lane - Inform Bus Drivers Using this Route to be caution Short Term - Re-Surface - Improve Drainage Long Term - Road Improvement - Seat-Belt Requirements for Every Bus

  24. Conclusion • After 12 Months, 10 Pilot Provincial In-Detail Investigation Teams have been trained and worked through close supervision by 5 expert teams from 5 universities. • Several findings in the pilot provinces has lead to many successful interventions , so that the government will adopt and support this project for the next two years. • 15 more teams with high accident rates will be established by next year. • The Director of Center for Road Safety Operation (Vice PrimeMinister) has set up an expert working group to standardize the data collection form, training course and curriculum, and also to synthesize the findings which will lead to more Safe System-oriented policies for road safety in Thailand.