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Baltic Fund for Nature O f St. Petersburg Naturalists Society PowerPoint Presentation
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Baltic Fund for Nature O f St. Petersburg Naturalists Society

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Baltic Fund for Nature O f St. Petersburg Naturalists Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Baltic Fund for Nature O f St. Petersburg Naturalists Society
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  1. Baltic Fund for NatureOf St. Petersburg Naturalists Society

  2. Baltic Fund for Naturewas established in 1995as a structural unit ofSt.Petersburg Naturalists Society -one of the oldest environmental and scientificNGOs in Russia,founded in 1868at St.Petersburg University.Partner to WWF Baltic Program since 1995Member of Coastal Union - EUCC since 1998Member of IUCN since 2000

  3. Baltic Fund for Nature • Scientific and applied projects: studying and preserving biodiversity, rare species and valuable biotopes • Protected Areas network development • Sustainable rural development: nature tourism, nature friendly agriculture • Environmental education, awareness • Environmental information on North-west Russia • Strengthening cooperation in the field of nature protection and sustainable development

  4. Baltic Fund for NatureRepresentative office of Association of Zapovedniks (Strict Nature Reserves) and National Parks in North-West RussiaCenter of supplementary educational programsat the Faculty of Biology and Soil Science, St.Petersburg State UniversityMember of SPSU - UC, Berkeley Center for cooperation in sustainable development and environmental management

  5. Baltic Fund for Nature Main foreign partners and donors: WWF Sweden WWF Denmark WWF Finland WWF Russia WWF International WWF Baltic Program

  6. Ministry for Natural Resources of Russian Federation Department for Natural Resources of North-West Federal District Committee for Natural Resources of Pskov Region Committee for Natural resources of Novgorod Region St. Petersburg city Administration Government of Leningrad region Government of Pskov region Government of Karelian Republic Baltic Fund for Nature Main partners in Russia: • St.Petersburg State University • Karelian Research Center of RAS • Zoological Institute of RAS • Botanical Institute of RAS • Pskov State Pedagogical Institute • Association of Zapovedniks and National Parks of NW Russia • Club “Ecology” • “Green World” • “Neva river clear waters” • Ecocenter “Zapovedniks” • Biodiversity Conservation Center

  7. Baltic Fund for Nature Terrestrial Ecosystems Program Ladoga LakeProgram Marine Ecosystems Program Educational Program

  8. Investigations and long-term monitoring of biodiversity in Pskov and Leningrad regions Terrestrial Ecosystems Program DANCEE Project Protected area co-ordination, networking and capacity building in European Russia in co-operation with Association of Zapovedniks and National Parks of North-West Russia, Nordeco 2001 - 2003 DANCEE project Towards sustainable development of Sebezhsky National Park in co-operation with Nordeco,Sebezh district administration 2000 - 2001 Management Plan for Sebezhsky NP EU LIFE Project “PAs for Life” in co-operation with IUCN, Metsahallitus and Government of Leningrad region 2005-2007

  9. NatureWatch Baltic Environmental education project for schools in The Baltic sea region The program is co-ordinated by WWF Sweden and supported by SIDA Since 1995 Educational Program • Over 30 TV programs produced and broadcasted since 1998 in co-operation with local TV channels • Informational resource centre is opened for public since 2000 • University students are involved into the projects Centre for cooperation in sustainable development and environmental management Initiative of St.Petersburg State University and UC, Berkeley Since 2004

  10. Marine Ecosystems Program TACIS IBPP Project “Promoting public participation in environmental policy making and implementation in the Baltic regions of Russia” Together with WWF Sweden and WWF BEAP 2005-2007 Seals monitoring project in co-operation withWWF, Swedish Museum of Natural History,Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute, Estonian Fund for Nature, Since 1993 Dutch PIN MATRA project Adopting of Integrated Coastal Zone Management principles to Russia in co-operation with EUCC, Kingisepp district administration 1998 - 1999 Environmental Impact Assessmentsin the Baltic and Arctic Seas

  11. Ladoga Lake Program Karelian Research Centre of RAS, Baltic Fund for Nature Long-term monitoring of the largest European aggregations of geese during spring migration Since 1995 Ladoga Lake Region Feasibility Study Together with KRC RAS and WWF Denmark 1999-2000 Improvementof agricultural practices in Eastern Ladoga in co-operation with WWF Sweden, Karelian Research Centre of RAS,State Livestock Farm “Iljinsky” Since 2000 Rural development in Olonets, Southern Karelia in co-operation with WWF Sweden, Karelian Research Centre of RAS, RK Ministry of Agriculture,Olonets district administration Since 2000

  12. Baltic Fund for Nature • 400 000 EUR – average annual operational budget is about • Over 150 people are directly involved into project work + about 300 schools participate in Naturewatch program • 18 Projects were implemented in 2005

  13. Thank you!Baltic Fund for Nature ofSt.Petersburg Naturalists SocietyUniveristetskaya emb., 7/9St.Petersburg 19034