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HOUSTON. By MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER. “Mama’s got her babies…”. “…sleeping in a grocery cart”. “Daddy’s eyes are hazy Wondering where they are”. “Waiting for the buses. “Waiting on some providence”. “Once we get to Houston Maybe it will all make sense”. “Praying to…”. “…the father”.

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  2. “Mama’s got her babies…”

  3. “…sleeping in a grocery cart”

  4. “Daddy’s eyes are hazy Wondering where they are”

  5. “Waiting for the buses

  6. “Waiting on some providence”

  7. “Once we get to Houston Maybe it will all make sense”

  8. “Praying to…”

  9. “…the father”

  10. “And calling for the cavalry”

  11. “Look at all this water”

  12. “And somehow not a drop to drink”

  13. “Did you ever hear of nightmares”

  14. “Coming in the light of day”

  15. “Once we get to Houston”

  16. “Maybe they’ll just wash away”

  17. “Roll on Mississippi,…”

  18. “…goodbye Crescent City”

  19. “Les Bon Temps New Orleans

  20. “Never coming back to stay”

  21. “Never been to Texas”

  22. “Hope this bus is on a tear”

  23. “Never seen the President”

  24. “Maybe he will meet us there”

  25. “And I never knew a promise”

  26. “That didn’t break right in two”

  27. “Once we get to Houston”

  28. “Maybe one will come true”

  29. “Roll on Mississippi,…”

  30. “…goodbye Crescent City”

  31. “Les Bon Temps New Orleans

  32. “Never coming back to you”

  33. “Last night I dreamed of rain

  34. “But goldenlight was all I saw”

  35. “I heard my old dog barking”

  36. “I went to see the Mardi Gras”

  37. “And I stood upon the banks and looked out over Pontchartrain”

  38. “I woke up here in Houston Didn’t even know my name”

  39. “Roll on Mississippi,…”

  40. “…goodbye Crescent City”

  41. “Les Bon Temps New Orleans

  42. “Never coming back again”

  43. “Roll on Mississippi,…”

  44. “…goodbye Crescent City”

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