me 271 strength of materials n.
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ME 271 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS. Associate Prof Dr Bülent Ekici. Example. Example. Example. Example. Example. Example. Example. Example. Example. Example. Example 1.

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me 271 strength of materials


Associate Prof Dr Bülent Ekici

example 1

Example 1

A torsion bar spring is made of ASTM grade A-48 cast iron is load as shown. The stress concentration factors are 1.7 for bending and 1.4 for torsion. Determine the diameter d for the load P=25 N and T=10 Nm, using a factor of safety n=2.5. (Sut=170 MPa, Suc=650 MPa)

Find the diameter

example 2

Example 2

A steel rod of diameter d=50 mm (Sy=260 MPa SUT=280 MPa SUC=350 MPa) supports an axial load P=50R, vertical load of 0.2R at the midspan of 2m long cylindrical bar and vertical load R acting at the end of an 0.8 m long arm as shown in figure. Given of a factor of safety n=2, compute the largest permissible value of R,

example 3

Example 3

Three forces are applied to the machine component ABD, as shown. Knowing that the cross section containing point H has a cross section of 20x40 mm rectangle, determine the principal stresses and the maximum shearing stres at point H.

example 4

Example 4

The 6 kN force is vertical and the force P is paralel to the z-axis.Knowing that tall=60 MPa,, Determine the smallest permissible diameter of the solid shaft AD. Strength of shaft is 200 MPa


T=450 Nm M=573.1 Nm

Assume no stress concentration