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Periodontal Project WLAC 2010 Betty Tran Ruzan Ayvazyan. Personal History. Name : Pedro Zamora Age : 30 yrs old Sex : Male Race : Hispanic Occupation : Unemployed Marital Status : Single. Medical History. Past History:

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Periodontal Project

WLAC 2010

Betty Tran

Ruzan Ayvazyan

Personal history
Personal History

Name: Pedro Zamora

Age: 30 yrs old

Sex: Male

Race: Hispanic

Occupation: Unemployed

Marital Status: Single

Medical history
Medical History

Past History:

- Pt states having previous malnutrition due to lack of shelter and food.

- Prior physical trauma of head and mouth that resulted in the fracture of tooth #8, #9, #10

Present History:

- Systemic: Uncontrolled hypertension, history of substance use, smokes tobacco for the past 10 years

- Present illnesses: Pt states that he currently has an eating disorder where he over eats and has become obese.

Medical history1
Medical History

Current Medication: None

Baseline Vitals: 134/94 = 1st reading

128/90= 2nd reading

**Refer to physician

Dental history
Dental History

Past History:

Last dental visit: 1997

Previous restorations: #8,#9,#10 PFM

Amalgam #3 O

#14 O

#18 O

#19 BO

#30 BO

#31 O

Present status: New pt for dental hygiene services

CC: Would like crown re-cemented #10

Caries assessment
Caries Assessment

Pt has several clinical caries

- #10 Tx planned for RCT due to recurrent decay. New crown must be made

- Radiographs were undiagnosable

CAMBRA evaluation:

- Pt is at HIGH RISK for caries

Clinical examination
Clinical Examination

Extra oral:WNL

Intra oral:Slight attrition on lower anteriors

Abrasion on #6, #11, #12, #21, #22, #27, #29

TMD Evaluation:Asymptomatic clicking on right TMJ

Mandibular jaw slightly deviates to the right upon opening.

Oral hygiene evaluation
Oral Hygiene Evaluation

Skill level:Poor

Only brushes 1x a day and never flosses

Knowledge of periodontal disease:Unaware

Objective:Educate pt about the importance of stabilizing the present periodontal condition. Provide proper OH aids to best suit his needs.

Aids:Demonstrated modified bass w/manual TB, proper flossing techniques SonicCare toothbrush, floss holder, Antimicrobial rinse.

Barriers:Poor dexterity and motivation, lack of shelter, transportation and employment.


  • Oral Hygiene Index-Simplified= 4.7

    • The range is between 0-6. Level is high.

    • Measures debris and calculus level.

  • Periodontal Index= 3.7

    • Indicates an established destructive periodontal disease occurring.

Pre treatment pi 81 mbi 29
Pre TreatmentPI: 81%MBI: 29%

Occlusal evaluation
Occlusal Evaluation

Bilateral Class I molar and canine relationship

2mm overbite

1mm overjet

Periodontal evaluation
Periodontal Evaluation

Calculus:Generalized medium-heavy tenacious calculus


Restorations:#8,#9,#10 ill-fitting margins

Pocket depths:Generalized 3-4 mm w/localized 5-6 mm on posteriors and #8MB and #9 DB

Mobility:+ on teeth #7-11 and #23-27

Furcations:Buccal Class I #2,#3,#14,#15,#31,#30

Buccal Class II: #19

Periodontal evaluation1
Periodontal Evaluation

Gingival Description

  • Marginal:Generalized smooth, Edematous and erythematic, rolled borders, and glossy

  • Attached:GeneralizedPigmented, fibrotic and stippled

Periodontal evaluation2
Periodontal Evaluation

Diagnosis:Generalized Chronic Moderate Periodontitis modified by smoking and perpetuated by plaque

Prognosis:clinically = GOOD, however…


+ smoking

+ stress

+ poor oral hygiene


Treatment plan
Treatment Plan

4 quads SRP w/ local anesthesia

Re-evaluation in 4 weeks to assess

completed treatment.

Assess OH

Emphasis on Smoking Cessation


Appointment #1 (12/03/09)

Initial exam, FMX, intraoral photographs , full mouth probing, indices were taken, OHI, #10 PFM re-cemented by supervising dentist.

Appointment #2 (12/10/09)

Morning: Initiated smoking cessation, re-assessed OH – brushing & flossing,

LLQ SRP w/ local anesthesia.

Afternoon: ULQ SRP w/ local anesthesia


Appointment #3 (1/21/10)

Morning: ULQ SRP w/ local anesthesia,

re-enforce OH and smoking cessation.

Afternoon: LLQ SRP w/local anesthesia,

2% NaF varnish was applied, CAMBRA Assessment, nutritional counseling

Appointment #4 (2/18/10)

Re-evaluation, full mouth probing, intraoral photographs, case study models, and indices were taken. Fine scaling to remove residual calculus.

Post treatment
Post Treatment

Probing: Generalized 3-4 mm w/localized 5 mm on #8MB, #31DB, #17MD

Gingival description:

  • Marginal: Generalized pink, smooth, firm, rolled borders

  • Attached: Generalized pigmented, fibrotic and stippled

Post treatment pi 18 mbi 9
Post TreatmentPI:18%MBI:9%

Post treatment3
Post Treatment

Patient consideration

- Pt had a good understanding of the tx that was completed and was excited to participate. However, pt’s circumstances made it difficult to maintain compliance.

- Complications during treatment:

* Pt did not have cell phone or number for direct contact

* Pt was dependant on friends driving him to and from appt

* No Show on 2 appts.

Post treatment4
Post Treatment

Operator Considerations:

- We did our best to reschedule broken appts

- Provided pt with Sonicare TB as well as ACT daily fluoride rinse, and other OH aids so pt would not have to buy on their own.

- It was difficult to attain the ideal resolution because pt was not compliant with smoking cessation & medical consults/check-ups.


  • Disease perpetuated & modified by smoking.

    • Evidence based research has shown that the prevalence and severity of periodontal disease is increased in smokers compared to non-smokers.

    • In an ex vivo study comparing non-smokers and smokers, it was suggested that smoking may influence the balance between T-helper cells 1 (Th1)/T-helper 2 (Th2) balance towards Th2, which results in a continuous B cell activation and less protective antibody production, leading to the progression and relapse of periodontal disease during Supportive Periodontal Therapy. ( Torres de Heens et al., 2008).

Research cont d
Research (cont’d)

  • Obesity may be linked to an increase risk of periodontal disease due to the adipose-tissue-derived cytokines (tumor necrosis factor alpha, lentin, and interleukin 6 ) and hormones that will increase the pro-inflammatory response. (Pischon et al., 2007)

  • Chronic periodontitis may play a role in elevating the serum level of anti-cardiolipin antibodies in hypertensive patients, resulting in a increased risk for atherosclerosis. (Turkoglu et al. 2008). Furthermore, the study suggest that both hypertension and chronic periodontitis may be related to exacerbating the other’s condition.


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