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Metal Detector Application PowerPoint Presentation
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Metal Detector Application

Metal Detector Application

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Metal Detector Application

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  1. Metal Detector Application Cookies and Biscuits

  2. Papushadu is a fourth generation bakery. The Grand-grand father Papushadu started the business in Greece 110 years ago. His sons built the first factory in Tel Aviv , new town in a new country .In the 60's Papushado third generation moved the factory to Holon, neighbor town of Tel Aviv.

  3. The cousins, the 4th generation , are running the factory today. The cousins generation decided to upgrade a line in the factory to "children cookies".

  4. Fortress Technology metal detector was chosen from TMI Barak , since TMI Barak had some former experience in assimilating instrumentation for shelf life applications with Papushado family in the past.`

  5. To add a metal detector, the old line in Papushado bakery, had to be cut before the cooling section of the cookies. Instead of the partly cut old conveyor , a synchronized conveyor with non moving shafts was assimilated. The new conveyor had to use only 1300 mm length, in order not to interfere the cookies line.  

  6. The distance between the conveyors is minimal, so the cookies can pass from one conveyor to the other. After testing the new conveyor, a 1000 mm wide Fortress metal detector was assembelled on it. A rejecting system 1000 mm wide, was designed by TMI Barak, 2500 mm away from the metal detector.

  7. Thanks to Guy Appel from "Maalot Metal Works" Engineer, Rafi Sofer and Gal Hatzor from TMI Barak. Thanks to Tony Tubbs from Fortress Technology for assistance in performance "phone distance support". For their wisdom ,capabilities and team work this project was a success!