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The Atascocita Raiders Youth Football and Cheer Organization PowerPoint Presentation
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The Atascocita Raiders Youth Football and Cheer Organization

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The Atascocita Raiders Youth Football and Cheer Organization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Atascocita Raiders Youth Football and Cheer Organization. Parent Guide 2012. Greetings.

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The Atascocita Raiders Youth Football and Cheer Organization

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First let me start by stating, Thank You and Welcome to The Inaugural Season of The Atascocita Raiders. For any organization, we believe that a successful football team is about our kids, parents and relationships they develop by working together. Teamwork creates individuals into a community and motivates them to strive for the best.

The first and foremost important thing to do, as an organization, is to work very closely with each player and parent to achieve our goals. The second is to motivate them. By putting these two factors together, you have the potential for a High-Performing Football Player as well as a Team. Once we understand how the players will relate, we can then inspire team spirit and increase the motivation that will drive our Atascocita Raider Players..The following steps are how we intend to promote our Organization:

1: State a clear defined goal and purpose.2: Give the Coaches and our Staff the opportunity to make decisions and act on them.3: Be supportive and Do what you say you will Do.4: Let the team take ownership in finding solutions for winning and overcoming a loss.5: Create and Nourish Team Spirit and Team Pride.6: Make the most of every circumstance.7: Have an opportunist’s mindset.8: See the end, not the beginning and grasp it with both hands wholeheartedly and passionately.

One of our goals, as an organization, is to emphasize Education on and off the field, Basic Football Skills, Leadership, Position Perfection, Discipline, Integrity & Synergy. Atascocita Raiders has to be cohesive, energizing and compelling. It brings everyone together to work toward a common goal. By working together, sharing ideas and implementing those ideas, Atascocita Raiders will be able to provide a focused effort in achieving and maintaining the intended goal. We believe the most important focus is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.

In closing, We know that there are other teams you could have chosen for your child and I want to say Thank You for choosing our organization The Atascocita Raiders. Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. Here at Atascocita Raiders we hope that our mission will create Diligence, Leadership and Team for our Players, Parents and our Staff.Sincerely,

Aldrin L. GaleraAtascocita RaidersFounder & President

registration fees
Registration Fees
  • Football………………….$250
  • $125 by May 1st……$125 by June 1st
  • Cheerleaders……………..$300
  • $150 by June 1st……..$150 by July 1
  • Football Equipment……………..$140
  • (Includes helmet, shoulder pads, practice pants, practice jersey and pads for the pants)
  • Snack Fee……………………………$10

Please make an effort to pay all fees by the due date. Paying fees will ensure the smooth operation of the football season. In some cases, there may be fundraising opportunities.

  • The main line of communication for the Atascocita Raiders is our website and e-mail. It is asked that during the football season every member sync their main e-mail to their cell phones. This will ensure that you will receive all communications in a timely matter. E-mails are sent out every week by Wednesday. Rain-out emails will also be sent if weather will not permit practice.
  • In addition to e-mail, our website, will have updated information weekly for you to review. All events, player stats, game times and locations will be on our website by the following Monday.
  • If you have any questions, you can always reply to the e-mail or contact your coach. That information is listed on our website.
  • Practice will be held 3 times a week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8pm. (At the discretion of the Football Director)
  • During the season when time falls back, practice will be from 6pm to 7:15, with a possibility of being only two days a week.
  • Practice is a must! There are only specific excuses for missing practice. Those excuses will be discussed with your head coach.
  • Please arrive to practice on time so that the game plan will not be affected on game day.
  • It is recommended that you stay and observe practice to ensure that your child is following directions.
  • If you have to leave, we require you to be back 15 minutes before the end of practice.
team goal
Team Goal


Our goal is to learn the game, learn a few life lessons, learn and live sportsmanship, but

mainly to have fun. Our goal is to have fun every time we get together, however to have the

most fun we have to be organized and use our time wisely.


Football is a team game, every player has a job on each play. For us to succeed, every player

must know his job and how to do it. To play the game safely each player must understand

how to safely perform blocking and tackling. In order to do this, we need good listeners. We

have all kinds of kids - big, small, fast, slow, athletic, clumsy, aggressive, and passive.

We have been able to teach them all how to play the game, play it well and safely.

The one common thread for those that did well is they were all good listeners and came to

practice. Those are the only two requirements we have, as well as of course being a good



Websites to remember


I want to thank each of you for your support of the Atascocita Raiders Youth Football Program. So

far, the parents have been great. As you are aware, the program teaches young men the

fundamentals of football, the importance of achieving good grades in school, the importance

of overt sportsmanship and the opportunity to pray.

I am asking that each of you get involved in our program by encouraging your son to be on

time for practices and games and making sure he is picked up after practice or games on time.

Help him complete and turn in his school grade report on time each week.

This will also assist him in in getting an academic award also.

Support your coaches; we are all here voluntarily for your boys.

Be your son’s biggest fan. Show your support by attending his games and cheering for the

team. I ask you as a Youth Raider fan that you conduct yourself in a positive manner at

all times during games. As parents and fans, we have to set an example for the boys that show

them good sportsmanship on and off the field. We will not tolerate actions such as foul

language, unruly behavior and hollering at an official within our program. Our fans will be

examples for all other programs to follow and look up to. We set the standard.

Thanks again, for your support. I look forward to seeing each of you at our games this year.


Byron Qualls

Vice President

Atascocita Raiders