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Perfecting the Art of Fundraising

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Perfecting the Art of Fundraising - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Perfecting the Art of Fundraising. Simple system allowing you to focus on your group’s interests, not endless fundraising activities.

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perfecting the art of fundraising

Perfectingthe Art of Fundraising

Simple system allowing you to focus on your group’s interests, not endless fundraising activities.


I am Dr. Gary Harvey and in the next 3 minutes or so I will briefly overview the newest concept in fundraising. In fact, I hope to prove that the slogan for this program, "Perfecting the Art of Fundraising," is true.


The concept is simple but so astounding effective. What is it? "residual income."

What does residual income mean? It means -- sell once, get paid over and over and over and over -- month after month after month -- as long as the account stays active. It is an incredible concept.


I will start at the bottom line -- the money -- and work my way up to how your organization can get into this program.


The fundraising organization sells "National Discount Plans" for $7.75 per month cost to the consumer, primarily online using a landing page that we provide at no cost. On the website you will see the top quality programs included in the package. Plans are in the works to add more programs to the package without adding to the cost.


From that $7.75 the consumer pays, the fundraising organization receives $2.00 per month per active consumer. Yes, that's right. Your organization gets paid again and again for every single sale, each and every month that the subscription remains active.


An active organization can sign up hundreds or even thousands of consumers with the help of the free marketing materials we provide. Also, this is an evergreen program meaning it is always available for new joiners, not just a one-shot slugfest.


The company providing these products has been in business over 20 years and has over 20,000,000 active customers. After signing up, the average consumer stays with the program over 12 years so they must feel it is money well spent. These are quality programs that your organization will be proud to offer.


There is a lot more of course, but the best way to see if this is right for your organization is to dig into the website. So, just fill in your name and email in the little form next to this video. Then click the SUBMIT button. In less than a minute you will get an email from me with the link to the website and more information about the program.


In addition, you will receive an email with the 3 enrollment forms and some completion tips. The subject line will include the phrase "Perfecting the Art of Fundraising."


After you complete the enrollment forms, just email them back to me. I will review them and call if I have questions. It is usually easier to clear up any questions prior to processing.


When all is well, I will submit the forms for processing and get your landing page started. You will get a draft landing page for review typically within 2-3 days and can make changes so it is exactly what you need. Then your organization can start building monthly income.


Feel free to call me as you are completing the enrollment forms and I will walk you through it. The forms are not at all difficult to complete but questions do come up occasionally.


After your organization is enrolled, I will be your liaison with the home office and in the (very rare) situation where you may have some issue you need resolved, I will be your advocate.


I prefer to communicate using email because it gives us a written record, but I will also give you my toll-free phone number which rings directly to my phone. I can't promise that I will know the answer to every question -- but I will promise that I will get you an answer as soon as I can from a reliable source. Customer service is the name of this game.


Thanks for staying with me. I look forward to seeing you build your organization's fundraising income so you can complete your quality endeavors.

IMPORTANT: Enter your name and email into the form on the right and click the submit button to get started.

Best regards.