the heart of our reality yusef daher jerusalem interchurch centre jic n.
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Jerusalem Universality oppressed by exclusivity PowerPoint Presentation
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Jerusalem Universality oppressed by exclusivity

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Jerusalem Universality oppressed by exclusivity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The heart of our reality Yusef Daher Jerusalem Interchurch Centre -JIC. Jerusalem Universality oppressed by exclusivity. Jerusalem . A city of reconciliation has become a city of discrimination and exclusion… Patriarch Michel Sabbah. Universality oppressed by exclusivity.

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A city of reconciliation has become a city of discrimination and exclusion… Patriarch Michel Sabbah

universality oppressed by exclusivity
Universality oppressed by exclusivity

An occupied city is a city for one people

  • Demography
  • Residency
  • Access and the wall
  • Housing
  • Settlements

…………….Beside other policies!

east jerusalem residency status
East Jerusalem residency status
  • In 1967 Jerusalem Palestinians were

treated as if they were immigrants to Israel,

under law of “Entry to Israel”.

  • Under “Access to Israel” (1952), the law

allows the interior minister to confiscate

identity cards from anyone they deem as a

danger and threat to Israeli security.

  • Later ….Those born to Jerusalemite parents

outside of Israel, in the West Bank, or abroad, for example, will not be granted permission to reside or to work in Jerusalem.

  • Families with West bank parent cannot reside in Jerusalem
residency rights
Residency rights

Trends as per Israeli Ministry of Interior

new policy new scenario

Jerusalem residency rights Case: Palestinian Christians

New policy , New Scenario
  • New Magnetic cards will place the
  • old Blue ID cards
  • Two years grace period for voluntary renewal
  • What will happen after two years
  • Estimated 1/3 of Palestinian Christians will be unable to renew their residency rights due to:
  • Living outside the boundaries of Jerusalem Municipality
  • Unable to prove Jerusalem as center of life ( No bills )
  • Residing overseas
  • Jordanian Jerusalemite



At least 33% of all Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem lack building permits, which are difficult to obtain, potentially placing at least 93,100 residents at risk of displacement. Since 1967, the Israeli authorities have demolished some 2,000 houses in East Jerusalem.


UNITED NATIONS Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

occupied Palestinian territory

house demolitions and confiscation
House demolitions and confiscation
  • since the beginning of 2012, Israel has destroyed 569 Palestinian buildings and structures, including wells and 178 residences. In all, 1,014 people were affected by those demolitions in Jerusalem and area C.
  • Because of settlement activity and eviction, several hundred Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem are at risk of forced displacement. Particularly affected are the Old City and Silwan, and 500 people in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.
  • Since 1967, Israel constructed settlements in East Jerusalem, in contravention of international law
    • A ‘municipal layer’
    • A ‘metropolitan layer’ constructed in wider area of Jerusalem
    • An ‘inner layer’: Land and property also expropriated from Palestinians to create settlements in Palestinian residential areas, the ‘Holy Basin’ area
  • Between September 2011 and 2012 Israel planned at least 11,096 housing units for settlements in and around Occupied East Jerusalem. 44,000 new Israeli settlers over the half a million settlers living in the OPT today.
  • “Bypass roads”, built illegally on Palestinian land for the express purpose of cutting journey times for settlers , mostly off limits to Palestinian cars.
impact of the wall unocha
Impact of the Wall ( UNOCHA)
  • Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem find themselves on ‘West Bank’ side of the Barrier.
    • Now need to cross checkpoints to access health, education and other services which they are entitled as residents
  • West Bank neighbourhoods and suburbs of East Jerusalem, once closely connected to the urban fabric, now walled out.
    • Devastating social and economic consequences.


access to jerusalem
Access to Jerusalem
  • 3.7 million Palestinians from the remainder of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) are prohibited from entering East Jerusalem without Israeli-issued permits, which are limited and difficult to obtain.
  • Palestinians who are able to obtain permits can only use four of the 16 checkpoints along the Barrier.
  • This system of restrictions obstructs Palestinian access, including patients by ambulance, to the East Jerusalem health facilities which provide specialized and emergency services
  • Access to Holy sites, to Education and Family social fabric are other limitations …

UNITED NATIONS Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

occupied Palestinian territory

jerusalem the foundation of our vision
Jerusalem- the foundation of our vision
  • Two Peoples.. Three religions
  • Its Sanctity and its message is the source of inspiration towards a solution – A shared Universal city
  • Palestinians are struggling to reside in their own city of birth and access its holy sites like any other touristwhile

resisting an illegal occupation.