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The Nobel Journey Attaining Peace Through Knowledge & Strength of Character PowerPoint Presentation
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The Nobel Journey Attaining Peace Through Knowledge & Strength of Character

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The Nobel Journey Attaining Peace Through Knowledge & Strength of Character - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Nobel Journey Attaining Peace Through Knowledge & Strength of Character. Introduction to the Nobel Journey.

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The Nobel Journey

Attaining Peace Through



Strength of Character


Introduction to the Nobel Journey

The Noble Journey is a year long, theme based, integrated curriculum upon the life and lessons learned by Alfred Nobel. Students will be introduced to the life of Alfred Nobel and learn how he traveled on the journey

of character development

through the obtainment of

knowledge to try to make

himself and the world a

better place.

the students journey
The Students’ Journey

The structure of the Nobel Journey is a theme the covers all the curriculum taught in one year. As Alfred Nobel gained knowledge,

the children will gain knowledge

through reading and analyzing literature in a comprehensive literacy program; the study of language arts; the study of mathematics; scientific discovery and exploration; and examining and contemplating social studies.

the students journey1
The Students’ Journey

Each week of school will have a theme based on character development. All of the curriculum during that week will be integrated into that theme. The journey lasts the whole year and has thirty – six obstacles - one for approximately each week of school. The conclusion of the journey is the next to last week of school. Each student will be awarded a Nobel Prize of Character Development.

the students journey2
The Students’ Journey

The Nobel Journey is not easy. If it were, then everyone would have good character and there would be no war or hate. There are obstacles one must face along the journey. The student journey starts with making a choice….

Are you willing to take the Road Less Travelled By?

the road not taken by robert frost
The Road Not Takenby: Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,And sorry I could not travel bothAnd be one traveler, long I stoodAnd looked down one as far as I couldTo where it bent in the undergrowth.Then took the other, as just as fair,And having perhaps the better claim,Because it was grassy and wanted wear;Though as for that the passing thereHad worn them really about the same.And both that morning equally layIn leaves no step had trodden black.Oh, I kept the first for another day!Yet knowing how way leads on to way,I doubted if I should ever come back.I shall be telling this with a sighSomewhere ages and ages hence:Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference.


What is Peace?

Peace is harmony. It is happiness. It is a feeling of joy within yourself and a feeling of friendship and goodwill towards others. Peace is freedom from strife and turmoil. Peace is the one value that all humans, no matter where we come from or what we look like, all want and strive for.


Why is Peace Important?

The opposite of peace is war. War stems from anger, hate, lack of understanding, greed, struggle for land or power, oppression, fear,

poverty, and self – defense. War does not just occur between nations or groups

of people, war also occurs

within ourselves.


Why is Peace Important?

Consider times when you have struggled making a decision or felt bad about something you did. That feeling is called internal conflict or an internal war because it happens inside one person and that person is you. If the human race could attain inner and outer peace, war would not devastate the lives of so many people. We would be happy and content. There would be no fear in sharing technologies and we would be free to accomplish great things improving the lives of every human being.

how do we achieve peace
How Do We Achieve Peace?

Peace with ourselves and peace with others can only be achieved by freeing ourselves from the chains of ignorance, hate, and, destruction. We are all doves who have been grounded by these chains… But with strong wings of knowledge and strength of character, we can break free of these bindings and soar to that desired horizon. The horizon we call peace!

how do we break these chains
How Do We Break These Chains?

How will we strengthen our wings of education and strength of character so that we may break our chains?

The answer my friend is…

By Completing the Nobel Journey

the obstacles of the journey
The Obstacles of the Journey

Obstacle 1:

At the Road Diverged in the Yellow Wood of Choice, Choose the Road Less Travelled By and Make a Difference.

Obstacle 2:

Build the Bridge of Good Attitude over the Pond of Negativity.

Obstacle 3:

Hack through the Thicket of Ingratitude with the Hatchet of Appreciation.

Obstacle 4:

Ignite the Torch of Conscientiousness to guide you through the Cave of Oblivion.

the obstacles of the journey1
The Obstacles of the Journey

Obstacle 5:

Move the Boulders of Contrary with the Muscle of Cooperation.

Obstacle 6:

Pick the fruit from the Orchards of Contempt to brew the Nectar of Kindness.

Obstacle 7:

Offer the main course of Community to the Potluck of Citizenship

Obstacle 8:

Use the brush from the Bush of Unresourcefulness to create the Shelter of Adaptability.

the obstacles of the journey2
The Obstacles of the Journey

Obstacle 9:

Mush the Dog Sled of Diligence through the Tundra of Sloth

Obstacle 10:

Climb the Alps of Apathy with the gear of Perseverance

Obstacle 11:

Propel down the Canyons of Disloyalty to reach the Valley of Devotedness

Obstacle 12:

Wave the Colors of Pride at the Academy of Rivalry

the obstacles of the journey3
The Obstacles of the Journey

Obstacle 13:

Scale the Mountain of Mediocrity to reach the Peak of Leadership.

Obstacle 14:

Be the Gladiator of Sportsmanship in the Coliseum of Unscrupulousness

Obstacle 15:

Steer the Ship of Courage through the shark infested Sea of Trepidation.

Obstacle 16:

Jump from the Waterfall of Restraint into the Pool of Creativity.

the obstacles of the journey4
The Obstacles of the Journey

Obstacle 17:

Treat the downtrodden stranger with the Elixir of Compassion

Obstacle 18:

Give the Canteen of Generosity to the wandering nomads of the Desert of Greed.

Obstacle 19:

Free the Beast of Blame from the Trap of Guilt.

Obstacle 20:

Melt the Glacier of Cruelty with the Fire of Mercy.

the obstacles of the journey5
The Obstacles of the Journey

Obstacle 21:

Drop the Anchor of Justness in the Harbor of Inequality.

Obstacle 22:

Wield a Shield of Honor with the metal from the Mines of Disgrace.

Obstacle 23:

Plant the Tree of Humbleness in the Forest of Conceit.

Obstacle 24:

Rest on the Banks of Displacement and look through the Album of Love.

the obstacles of the journey6
The Obstacles of the Journey

Obstacle 25:

Roam the Savanna of Anxiety in the Vehicle of Patience.

Obstacle 26:

Ride the River Rapids of Distain in the Raft of Respect

Obstacle 27:

Cultivate the Fields of Foolishness with the Plow of Responsibility.

Obstacle 28:

Kneel before Mother Nature’s Splendor and procure her Plethora of Gifts

the obstacles of the journey7
The Obstacles of the Journey

Obstacle 29:

Ring the Bells of Punctuality in the Village of Dawdle.

Obstacle 30:

Forge the Sword of Self in the inferno of the Volcano of Ridicule.

Obstacle 31:

Wade through the Swamp of Animosity to emancipate the Flowers of Tolerance.

Obstacle 32:

Dock the Boat of Ignorance on the Shore of Wisdom.

the obstacles of the journey8
The Obstacles of the Journey

Obstacle 33:

Wash your soiled hands in the Lake of Sterility.

Obstacle 34:

Pull yourself from the Quicksand of Default with the Vine of Commitment.

Obstacle 35:

Attend the Ceremony of the Presentation of the Nobel Peace Prizes of Character Development

Obstacle 36:

Choose the Next Road in Life at the Fork of Choice…

Go Peacefully and Make a Difference!

alabama state standards targeted k grade 12 character development standards 1 25
Alabama State Standards Targeted:K – Grade 12 Character Development Standards 1- 25

1. Courage 2. Patriotism 3. Citizenship

4. Honest 5. Fairness 6. Respect for others

7. Kindness 8. Cooperation 9. Self-respect

10. Self-control 11. Courtesy 12. Compassion

13. Tolerance 14. Diligence 15. Generosity

16. Punctuality 17. Cleanliness 18. Cheerfulness

19. School pride 20. Respect for the environment

21. Patience 22. Creativity 23. Sportsmanship

24. Loyalty 25. Perseverance