A new adventure freshmen pioneers
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A New Adventure...freshmen pioneers. Why????. A diploma with meaning Life-ready Habits that last a lifetime. How????. Use the technology Use the best of what we already know Change the system. What has changed. Time – no longer the biggest factor

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A new adventure freshmen pioneers

  • A diploma with meaning

  • Life-ready

  • Habits that last a lifetime

A new adventure freshmen pioneers

  • Use the technology

  • Use the best of what we already know

  • Change the system

What has changed
What has changed...

  • Time – no longer the biggest factor

  • Success – re-calibrated and measure against the skills and knowledge needed

  • Culture – students have choices, but then have added responsibility

Terms to hold on to
Terms to hold on to...

  • MCL – Mass Customized Learning – attempting to have all students reach potential by ‘customizing’ instruction to their needs and abilities

  • MOD – Modular Scheduling – 21, 20-minute sections of time

  • Capacity Matrix – Identifies what a student should know and do, what they practice to develop the skills and knowledge, how they show they have mastered the topic

  • SOP – Standard Operating Procedures

A few more terms to hold on to
A few more terms to hold on to..

  • Tiger Perch – upper balcony in commons

  • SAM – Student Achievement Module

  • IMC – Instructional Materials Center

  • SSS – Student Success Supervisor

  • Triangulated Counseling (TC) – Three adults for every one student

  • TAP – Teacher/Advisor Program

  • EduCate– Software program to track progress, better than Infinite Campus

What will it all mean
What will it all mean...

  • More face-to-face time – more intense relationship with instructors

  • Non-comparative education

  • More opportunity to accelerate and certainty of mastery

  • Maturity and ownership by students

  • More flexibility to pursue any avenue

    The world and all its treasures

Sop s

  • ID’s visible at all times

  • Arrive on time to each module

  • Purposeful movement

  • Computer always open to state email, always charged, schedule on desktop

  • Habits of Mind and Top 20 principles

  • Tiger Perch, Study Area, IMC SOP’s

The first three
The first three....

  • Orientation will last the first three days –

    Laptop and technology information

    Capacity matrix understanding and expectations

    Scheduling and practice

    SOP clarity

    Top 20 and Habits of Mind

    TAP and Triangulated Counseling (TC)

Some announcements
Some announcements...

  • Follow on Twitter at @HarrisburgHigh

  • Follow on Facebook – harrisburghighschool41-2-sd

  • All students will need a graphing calculator by the first Monday – TI-84 or TI-83