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Presented by Penelope (Penny) Strong Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate 700 Fort Salonga Road Northport, NY 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Presented by Penelope (Penny) Strong Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate 700 Fort Salonga Road Northport, NY 1

Presented by Penelope (Penny) Strong Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate 700 Fort Salonga Road Northport, NY 1

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Presented by Penelope (Penny) Strong Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate 700 Fort Salonga Road Northport, NY 1

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  1. Presented by Penelope (Penny) Strong Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate 700 Fort Salonga Road Northport, NY 11768 (631) 261-6800 ext 419 (Office) (917) 817-2948 (Cell)

  2. Identifying your goals Marketing your property Establishing a pricing strategy Preparing your property for sale Who we are

  3. The process of marketing and selling your house must match your objectives, priorities and needs. • In order to best serve you, I want to learn more about your plans and needs. The following topics outlined below can help me understand your goals and help us build a strong working relationship: • The agency laws that may apply as we work together in the marketing and sale of your property. • The objectives you want to achieve from the sale of your house and the support you expect to receive from me. • How the homeselling process should be tailored to fit the characteristics of your property.

  4. When real estate professionals work with buyers and sellers, “agency” relationships are established. Throughout the transaction you may receive more than one disclosure form. The law requires each agent assisting in the transaction to present you with this disclosure form. • Buyer’s Agent • Seller’s Agent • Broker Agent • Disclosure dual agent • Dual Agency with Designated Sales Associates • When you agree to have me help you sell your property, I become your “seller’s agent,” which means I will work for your best interests throughout the entire process. • When an offer is presented, the buyers may have a separate agency relationship with their broker.

  5. The following topics will help me understand what is most important to you in the sale of your property. • Communication • Motivation • Time frame • Relocation assistance • Homeselling decisions • Price • Marketing Plan • Previous homeselling experience • Positive experiences • Concerns • Expectations

  6. Each property has special features that may interest buyers. Please tell me about your house. 1. What do you feel are the most appealing features of this property? 2. What features does this property have that differentiate it from other similar properties? 3. What changes or enhancements would you suggest to make your property as salable as possible? 4. What do you regard as the most attractive features of the surrounding neighborhood ? 5. Do you have any special terms or conditions regarding the sale of your property I should be aware of (e.g., items of personal property to be excluded, etc.)? 6. Are you aware of any problems or concerns regarding the property or the neighborhood that will need to be disclosed to prospective buyers?

  7. Selling a house typically includes many of the following elements. I will be your resource and guide every step of the way. Initial Consultation Design and Implement Marketing Plan Review Offer and Reach Agreement with Buyer Complete Settlement Process After-sale Service

  8. To successfully promote your property to the market, a comprehensive plan of targeted activities is essential. Our marketing program has three aims: • Promote directly to prospective buyers • Print advertising • The Internet • Yard sign • Open houses • Other marketing activities • Enlist the efforts of other real estate professionals • The Prudential Real Estate Network • Referral and relocation resources • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) • Direct promotion to other real estate professionals • Maintain communication with you • Review the results of our marketing activities • Consult with you to fine-tune our marketing strategy, as needed

  9. The most important words in Real Estate when selling your home. EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE! Prudential Real Estate has an agreement with Yahoo!, the No. 1 Internet brand globally and the most trafficked Internet destination worldwide. This agreement enables visitors to the Yahoo! Real Estate section of the site to connect directly to the real estate Web site of a Prudential Real Estate affiliate. As of October 2005, more than 411 million unique users worldwide visit Yahoo! each month. Consumers who perform a search on Yahoo! Real Estate will be taken to a search results page co-branded Yahoo! Real Estate and Prudential Real Estate. Source: Yahoo! Media Relations

  10. More than 77% of home buyers begin their search on the Internet*. Online Seller Advantage (OSA) brings together the collective brand strength, marketing clout and technological capabilities of Prudential Real Estate and Yahoo! It’s like an open house with one million potential buyers. • Your property will be highlighted by a distinctive Yahoo! sign rider with an exclusive Web ID. When potential home buyers drive by your property, they can enter the Web ID into the search box on Yahoo!, click on Web Search, and be connected directly to the listing details. • Your property will be showcased with an exclusive Featured Property status on Yahoo! Real Estate. Your home will stand out from the others with this distinctive icon, as potential buyers searching on the Internet will notice your property first. Featured properties are also included on Yahoo! Real Estate’s classified listings. *Source: The 2005 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

  11. Another benefit of OSA is having constant communication and information at your fingertips. • Listing Presentation Reports demonstrate precisely the type of Web activity your property would have experienced on and on Yahoo! Real Estate. • Ongoing email communications will itemize detailed activity in the neighborhood with new and competing listings, including new photos and price or status changes. • You will receive daily or weekly activity emails itemizing online buyers’ interest level and search behavior specific to your home. *Source: The 2005 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

  12. Homebuyers may use several information sources in their search process, but they are most likely to find the home they actually purchase through a real estate sales professional. SOURCE: The 2005 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. Due to rounding, percentage distribution may not add up to100 percent.

  13. Potential buyers will have instant access to information about your property through our industry-leading electronic media. • All properties listed with Prudential Douglas Elliman are immediately featured on our website, providing exposure to 56,000 daily visitors. • The Prudential Real Estate Internet sites, and, reach prospective homebuyers worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. • Property may also be featured on other websites such as,,,, and many more. • Yahoo! Real Estate – Prudential Real Estate is now the exclusive provider of real estate listings for Yahoo! Real Estate. Two million viewers visit Yahoo! Real Estate each month can now view your property.

  14. By providing peace of mind to prospective buyers, these steps can enhance the salability of your property: Written disclosure A written property disclosure statement will give buyers a clear understanding of this property and the surrounding neighborhood. Home warranty A home warranty can give prospective buyers peace of mind by providing repair-or-replace coverage of major home operating systems and appliances. Professional home inspections Professional inspections, such as structural, roof and termite, will reveal the current condition of the property.

  15. Market-sensitive pricing can be the key to maximum market exposure and, ultimately, a satisfactory sale. • The existing pool of prospective buyers determines a property’s value, based on: • Location, design, amenities and condition. • Availability of comparable (competing) properties. • Economic conditions that affect real property transactions. • Factors that have little or no influence on the market value of a house include: • The price the seller originally paid for the property. • The seller’s expected net proceeds. • The amount spent on improvements. • The impact of accurate pricing: • Properties priced within market range generate more showings and offers, and sell in a shorter period of time. • Properties priced too high have a difficult time selling.

  16. An impartial evaluation of market activity is the most effective way to estimate a property’s potential selling price. A Comparative Market Analysis considers similar properties that: Have sold in the recent past This shows us what buyers in this market have actually paid for properties similar to yours. Are currently on the market These are properties that will be competing with yours for the attention of available buyers. Failed to sell Understanding why these properties did not sell can help avoid disappointment in the marketing of your property.

  17. An asking price that is beyond market range can adversely affect the marketing of a property. • Fewer buyers are attracted, and fewer offers received. • Marketing time is prolonged, and initial marketing momentum is lost. • The property attracts “lookers” and helps competing houses look better by comparison. • If a property does sell above true market value, it may not appraise, and the buyers may not be able to secure a loan. • The property may eventually sell below market value.

  18. Our exclusive Prudential Value Range MarketingSMcan give your property an advantage over other houses on the market. BENEFITS FOR SELLERS: BENEFITS FOR BUYERS: • Increased marketing exposure for your property • Eliminates the need for price reductions • Accelerates the sales process by encouraging more offers • Optimizes final sales price allowing true market forces to determine maximum price • Attracts more buyers • Introduces a larger selection of properties to view • Eliminates intimidation by a fixed price • Allows searching within affordable price ranges • Optimizes final sales price allowing true market forces to determine maximum price • Attracts more buyers With Prudential Value Range MarketingSM, your property is listed at a fixed price, but marketed within a price range.

  19. Traditionally, property owners desiring to sell their home have been limited to a fixed price when advertising their house for sale. By using the traditional method you run the risk of overpricing which can slow the process of selling your home and limit the number of buyers exposed to your property.

  20. Properties marketed using PVRMSM can appear in many more “range of affordability” searches, exposing your property to more prospective buyers.

  21. Prudential Value Range MarketingSM Requirements 1. PVRMSM does not require the Seller to accept any offer within the range, but the Seller does agree to counter any offer within the range with price and terms acceptable to the Seller. 2. The Seller may only use the Published Ranges. 3. All marketing and advertising materials for the property will read “Seller will entertain offers between (Low Range) and (High Range).”

  22. It is important for a property to make the best possible impression on prospective buyers. The following can interfere with a buyer’s appreciation of a property: • Exterior • Clutter • Lawn needs mowing and edging • Untrimmed hedges and shrubs • Dead and dying plants • Grease or oil spots on the driveway • Peeling paint • Anything that looks old or worn • Interior • Worn carpets and drapes • Soiled windows, kitchen, baths • Clutter • Pet and smoking odors • Peeling paint, smudges or marks on walls

  23. These tips can help your house make the best impression, every time it is previewed by sales professionals or shown to prospective buyers: • Interior • Make beds; clean up dishes; empty wastebaskets. • Remove clutter throughout and put away toys. • Set out “show towels” in baths. • Freshen the air; potpourri or baked bread aroma; deodorize pet areas; set a comfortable temperature. • Do quick vacuuming and dusting. • Arrange fresh flowers throughout. • Fire in fireplace (when appropriate). • Play soft background music. • Exterior • Remove toys, newspapers, yard tools and other clutter. • Tidy up; pick up after pets. • Park vehicles in the garage or on the street; leave the driveway clear. • Add color with flowers and potted plants.

  24. No one has a more important role in the home-selling process than you. Here are some ways your participation can contribute to a successful sale: • Maintain the property in ready-to-show condition. • Ensure that the house is easily accessible to real estate professionals (lock box and key). • Try to be flexible in the scheduling of showings. • When you are not at home, let me know how you can be reached in case an offer is received. • If approached directly by a buyer who is not represented by a real estate professional, please contact me. Do not allow them into the property unescorted. • Remove or lock up valuables, jewelry, cash and prescription medications.

  25. Why Prudential Real Estate can do more to meet your homeselling needs: • Reputation • Commitment to customer service • Advanced technology • Network strength • High standards