Mba 532 marketing communications strategy
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MBA 532 Marketing Communications Strategy. The Process: Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion in Business & Society (Ch. 1). with Duane Weaver. OUTLINE. Introductions Course Overview: outline, assignments, site

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MBA 532Marketing Communications Strategy

The Process:Advertising and Integrated BrandPromotion in Business & Society (Ch. 1)

with Duane Weaver

Outline l.jpg

  • Introductions

  • Course Overview: outline, assignments, site

  • Chp 1. The Process: Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion in Business & Society

    • What is Advertising?

    • Definitions?

    • Advertising a Communication Process

    • Audiences

    • Brand Promotion

    • Brand Loyalty

    • Brand Equity

    • Inelasticity of DemandTypes of Advertising

    • From Ads to IMC to IBP

Introductions instructor l.jpg
Introductions - Instructor

Duane Weaver

  • B.Comm., M.D.Ed.(th.pds), IESNA

  • CEO 2Birds1Stone

  • Marketing and Computer Applications Instructor

  • 20+ years management experience (marketing)

  • Industry experience: High-tech, Artificial Intelligence, Telecommunications, Computing, Lighting, Automotive, Fashion, Distance Education, B2B, B2C, E-Commerce, E-Learning, Grocery and Floral.

  • Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail experience.

  • Family, small business, and multi-national corporations

  • Positions: Board ofDirectors, CEO, General Manager, International Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Product Manager, Market Manager, Service Manager, Parts Manager, Acct. Manager, Marketing/Business Consultant, Instructor

  • Enjoy sailing, soccer, badminton, golf and camping

Introductions students l.jpg
Introductions - Students

  • Your name?

  • What do you expect to get out of learning MBA 532 (Marketing Communications Strategy)?What is your personal learning GOAL?

  • Provide an example of one company that in your opinion, manages brand promotion effectively. Why?

The process advertising and integrated brand promotion in business society l.jpg

The Process:Advertising and Integrated BrandPromotion in Business & Society

Chapter 1 with Duane Weaver

The process advertising and integrated brand promotion in business society6 l.jpg
The Process: Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion in Business & Society

  • What is Advertising?“…a paid mass-mediated attempt to persuade”

    (O’Guinn, Allen, Semenik 4Ed., pp. 8-9)

  • Advertising versus Publicity

Definitions l.jpg
Definitions: Business & Society

  • Advertisement: “…a specific message that someone or some organization has placed to persuade and audience.”

  • Advertising Campaign: “…a series of coordinated ads and other promos that communicate reasonably cohesive and integrated theme.”

  • Integrated Brand Promotion (IBP): “…the use of many promotional tools, including advertising, in a coordinated manner to build and then maintain brand awareness, identity, and preference.”

    (O’Guinn, Allen, Semenik 4Ed., p. 12)

Advertising as a communication process l.jpg

Noise Business & Society


Advertising as aCommunication Process


Intended Message

Perceived Message





Communication exercise l.jpg
Communication Exercise Business & Society

  • Groups of 4

    • Sender

    • Receiver

    • Observers (2)

Audiences l.jpg
Audiences Business & Society

  • Target Audience:group of consumers singled out by an organization for an advertisement or campaign

  • Household Consumers

  • Business Organizations

  • Trade Channels (personal selling)

  • Professionals

  • Government

Advertising and brand promotion l.jpg
Advertising and Brand Promotion Business & Society

  • “effective advertising as part of an overall integrated brand promotion is a key factor in the success of brands”

    (O’Guinn, Allen, Semenik 4Ed., p. 20)

  • “advertising…plays a critical role in brand development”

    (O’Guinn, Allen, Semenik 4Ed., p. 21)

  • Brand:“a name, term, sign symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers”

  • (O’Guinn, Allen, Semenik 4Ed., p. 21)

Building brand loyalty l.jpg
Building Brand Loyalty Business & Society

  • …occurs when a consumer repeatedly purchases the same brand to the exclusion of the competitors’ brands.

Brand equity l.jpg
Brand Equity Business & Society

  • …is built when a company builds and maintains positive associations with the brand in the mind of the consumer.

Inelasticity of demand l.jpg
Inelasticity of Demand Business & Society

  • Brand loyal consumers tend to be less sensitive to price increases. Economics calls this inelasticity of demand.

Types of advertising l.jpg
Types of Advertising Business & Society

  • Demand Stimulation:

    • Primary – create demand for entire product category (usually new products)

    • Selective – point out a brand’s unique benefits compared to competition

  • Response Advertising:

    • Direct – act immediately

    • Delayed – develop awareness and preference over time

  • Corporate vs. Brand Advertising:

    • Corporate – to favour the company (stimulates corporate recognition)

    • Brand – heightens awareness of the benefits, features, and values of a particular brand (stimulates brand recognition)

Advertising to imc to ibp l.jpg
Advertising to IMC to IBP Business & Society

  • Advertising is only one component of the promotional tools available in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

  • IMC = process of using promotional tools so that a unified synergistic communication effect is created (an emphasis on communication).

  • IBP has become the emphasis more recently (with a focus on brand over communication).

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MBA 532 Business & SocietyMarketing Communications Strategy

Thank You!See you next week