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Development of Wuxi New District as the reference of Development of Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone PowerPoint Presentation
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Development of Wuxi New District as the reference of Development of Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone

Development of Wuxi New District as the reference of Development of Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone

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Development of Wuxi New District as the reference of Development of Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone

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  1. Development of Wuxi New District as the reference of Development of Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone XU LIQING

  2. Contents 1 A Brief Introduction of WND 2 Develop process and basic experience of WND 3 Suggestions to Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone

  3. 1 A Brief Introduction of WND Wuxi New District (WND) is in the suburban of Wuxi city, approximately 120kms west of Shanghai. Well-developed and diversified transportation systems make it easy to get access to both domestic and oversea markets.

  4. Since the foundation in 1992, WND has evolved to be one of the major industrial parks in China featuring in precision machinery, electronics. A wide variety of components, sub-systems and original equipments are made in WND. Approximately 1200 enterprises have been registered in WND .These manufacturers range from operations with as few as 10 people to 80 Global 500 companies. Besides manufacturing industry, In recent years, software and out-sourcing industries are emerging rapidly in the district.  WND Facts Local Population 275,000, Total Area 220 sqkm, Two expressways and Wuxi Airport, WND Customs/Export Processing Zone, One college, two vocational schools.

  5. In 2005, WND start developing a creative type economy. In order to constructing creative type internationalization science and technology area as target. Through 5 years of development, WND PV industry output value is 40.6 billion RMB,in 2009,70% of the whole country, the output of the solar cell module is the largest in the world; The production value of large scale integration reaches to 23 billion RMB, become the national biggest semi-conductor production base. There are some parks in WMD.


  7. Wuxi Tai Lake International science and technology park (T-Park) • T-Park is the importance part in WND, and is the new strand district with internationalization science and technology, • development, creativity for main function, take high new technique industry as to prop up, with ecosystem recreation, business service for assort.

  8. T-Park include "four parks, one center"-sensor network innovation park, sensor network industry park, sensor network information service park and sensor networkuniversity science and technology park, the feeling knows to read extensively the park demonstration etc. function in center to carry a body.

  9. Wuxi airport park (A-park) • Wuxi highly values the development of the airport and takes airport as core and built up A-park. • The park concentrate a development airport service, logistics, and connection industry...etc. and will become the “airport logistics city" .

  10. Wuxi Export Process Zone (WEPZ) WEPZ is the area from the processing of single manufacturing, to special development in the zone that gathers a forerunner's manufacturing, protects a tax logistics, develop, inspection, maintain...etc. to synthesize business, and develop toward the direction of free trade zone further. WEPZis the special district that the maritime customs takes charge of and practice "inshore pass outside" management and gather production, conduct, the seaport function is at the integral whole, display center and examine center, research & development center, and repair center...etc. and carried out ISO14000, ISO 9000 series system management. Hynix semi-conductor limited company, Seagate, Little Swan...etc. located in WEPZ.

  11. WUXI-SINGAPORE INDUSTRIAL PARK (WSIP) WSIP establish at the end of 1993by people‘s government in Wuxi City and Singapore SembCorp Industries Ltd. There are already over 30 registered enterprises in this district ,each investing over 10 millions U.S. dollars , such as Donaldson, Panasonic, Murata, Sumitomo, etc. In order to satisfy an investor’s need, WSIP established an international school and train center, medical kit items, such as clinic, apartment club and logistics company...etc. Those are popular among the businessman. Good investment service in the park makes the great majority enter area item to go with a swing and invest scale continuously extension, created more than 40000 employment posts. Good investment environment in the industrial park and outstanding development result have already aroused domestic and international extensive concern. The 《the business enterprise measures to review 》 magazine in England reviews WSIP to 25 famous high-tech gardens in the Pacific Asia region to synthesize the best of investment environment continuously for three years.

  12. Wuxi New District Innovation & Creation science Park (i-Park) i-Park has house near 500,000 square meters, will reach 1.600,000 square metersin the near future, the Software Industry Development limited company in Wuxi is responsible for carrying a management work and have investment, public technique, comprehensive service and education training four platform, and Chinese telecommunication international IDC in the data center. The honors are successively given such as high technique industry of the national lighted torch plan software industry base, micro-electronics industry the base and national comic and animation game industry develop base and national animation industry base and cultural creativity industry in Jiangsu and international out resource model area in Jiangsu province, and become one of local famous software zone with a special feature at Yangtze River delta etc .

  13. China Wu Culture Expo Park (CWCEP) CWCEP,insists the principles of history and modern combine, culture and ecosystem combine, economy and society combine, gather together culture, ecosystem, recreation, travel, industry five main factor, with South-Yangtze agriculture for foundation, creating national culture tour function area with person and nature harmonious, the person and society is harmonious as feature. 3200 years of Wu Di civilization Hongshan big ruins to an intact natural ecoenvironment at the WUXI east region

  14. Si.Park establish in August, 1998, is the first national innovation park for return abroad personnel to start science and technology innovation and further business, with 150,000 square meters, successively acquire "high new technique in the national innovation service center", "the national high new technical zone forerunner incubator service organization“, the excellent science and technology business enterprise incubator" in Jiangsu province etc. • in the last years, in park on the average there is every 2 days one S&T achievement be converted into productivity, a new S&Tenterprise for every 3 days to grow up, have a new patent for every 4 days, that the S&Tbusiness enterprise has become another important resource of finance and tax. Wuxi Science Innovation Park (Si-PARK)

  15. More than 1000 business in the park, 420 under incubation Si-PARK more than 17000 personnels to start a business here Among business, SUNTECH which became available in the in New York stock market, the biggest world PV industry predictor; MEMSIC semi-conductor company in Wuxi becoming available in the market in American Nasdaq,ZHONGXING photoelectron company is whole country biggest, the world fifth ex- of fiber-optic enlarger profession development company.

  16. As one of the eight expo parks in Wuxi. CIEP is a nice place for shopping and entertainment, covering a 8.66 square kilometers and including Wuzhou International Industry Expo City, New World International Textile & Clothing City and Orient International Auto Park. China Industrial Expo Park (CIEP)

  17. Title in here conceive the innovation atmosphere in the early 2 Develop process and basic experience of WND Develop process SUNTECH phenomenon causes to turn a track toward"the innovation drives" Title in here throughout the life cycle of building materials and equipment manufacturing "530 plans" speeds a creative type economic development step. Title in here

  18. Basic experience " Pour to force a mechanism+ push forward a mechanism" combine, formation to innovate the pressure of type economic transformation. "Talented person+ S&T" resources gathers together and sets up strong engine of economic development of creative type. "Adjust structure+ foster industry" double round drives and speeds a creative type economic transformation step. "Important item+ group leader business enterprise" double leads and cultivates an economic development growth of creative type.

  19. 3 Suggestions to Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone The government values, good social milieu and policy environment, Good geography environment and infrastructure Main Factors of Successful SEZ Human resource of the superior quality includes the local labor force resources and advanced technique and management professional Form industry cluster Value ecosystem and environmental protection value creation based on cooperation among government、enterprises、university and research institute

  20. The leadership highly values, and help enterprises in the SEZ to solve problems on practice Build up a talented Person train base and research organization in the park at the certain stage of development Programmingin advance, design infrastructure based on science, construction earlierare cheap and better than later suggestion Pay much attention to ecosystemprotection and environment construction Valuing cultivation and introduce intellectual resources,particularly those the technique and management professional with international visual Gather enterprises into Park rationally so as to forming industry cluster

  21. Conclusion SSEZ can definitely get success under help of governments both in Cambodia and China,and the efforts by all the enterprise of will lay the foundation for strengthening the friendship between China and Cambodia! WND‘s today,will be SSEZ’s tomorrow! WE EXPECTATION.